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  • Natural or Synthetic Wig


    Things to Consider before Buying a Wig Online

    Wigs in the USA have become a style statement for many women. The fashion industry has made it an essential part when it comes to dressing up and buying important hair accessories. There are some important things you should consider before you buy wigs. Wigs are great for people who have bad hair, and who […]

  • Instagram image


    How to Save Instagram Videos to Your Phone or Tablet?

    Instagram does not need any formal introduction pfft! (make way for the best picture app of the year please) A major hit among make-up bloggers, photographers, personal bloggers, media marketing; Instagram has been out top favorite ever since from the start. Let it be about setting trends, or following one of them, without a doubt […]

  • Stock Illustration

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    24 Apps Suspected of Stealing Personal Data

    A list of dangerous applications for your personal data has been confirmed. It is advisable to delete them as soon as possible. According to reports, Cybersecurity company VPNpro on Monday released a list of 24 apps suspected of stealing personal data. Rather popular, since totaling nearly 400 million downloads, these applications are suspected of containing spyware. Some […]

  • Kik App on Mac


    Get the Kik App on Mac for Easy Communication

    What is the best way to message your friends? How do you stay in touch with your family and provide constant update to your mom about where you are and who you’re with? You can go the conventional way and use your phone’s messaging option, but why use your phone’s credit when you have something […]

  • passcode for VPN


    Android VPN Handbook 2020

    There is no denying the fact that the free Wi-Fi facility is something that everyone enjoys and applauds. However, as much as free Wi-Fi opportunity fascinates us, they are rarely ever secure. When you are exposed to free Wi-Fi facility at any of the local coffee shop, airport or other public places, there is a […]

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    Top free online streaming websites

    Living in an era where everyone is so caught up with insane working hours, academic commitments, campus life, family and friends, people hardly get a chance to spend their quality time at some recreational and entertaining places like a movie theatre. Even when the most anticipated movie gets released or the movie that has our […]

  • online-dating


    Is Social Media and dating a perfect fit?

    There is no reason why out of every tech areas we try to improve, dating should be an exception. Perhaps it might need help the most, considering how meeting other people has changed over the years. Naturally, the internet is the primary responsible factor. While the traditional way of hooking up has not completely died […]

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    How to use the iPhone Voice Control?     

    Siri does indeed have all the attention from all the iPhone users because let’s be real Siri is the best digital assistant out there for iPhones and other iDevices. However what came before Siri was the iPhone Voice Control. iPhone Voice Control was launched back when iOS 3.0 was released and gave permission to its users […]

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