11 Appropriate Gifts For Your Employees

Getting gifts for your employees is definitely difficult. Determining what to get and how much money to spend is a total struggle in itself. And how do you know if they’re even going to like the gifts? How do you ensure that you keep the gifts appropriate and strictly professional?

When you’re the boss, sometimes gifting is just inevitable, especially if you’re trying to keep the morale in the office high. Maybe everyone has done an exceptional job growing the business recently and you want to treat them all to something nice. Or, maybe you just want to say thank you for having been there from the start and for all their hard work. Regardless, gifting is hard, but you can never go wrong with these 11 appropriate gifts for your employees.

1.   Personalized Coffee Mugs

The best part of coming into work is the free coffee, right? A personalized coffee mug for each of your employees is a simple yet thoughtful way to give everyone an equal gift. Plus, they’ll be no more fighting over who gets which mug.

2.  Noise Cancelling Headphones

The perfect gift for the employee who is always complaining that everyone is being too loud. Noise cancelling headphones are a great gift to give to your employees so they can concentrate and get work done in the office.

3.  A Watch

A watch is a timeless gift that any employee will appreciate. Leather watches for men are not only stylish, they’re a perfect way to subtly tell your employee they need to be more on time without actually saying it.

4.  Charging Station

For that one employee who is always peeking their head through your door to ask for a phone charger, get them a charging station. They can charge their phone, smartwatch, and headphones all on one handy device.

5.  Gift Cards

When in doubt, gift cards are the way to go. You can never go wrong with a gift card, and at least that way, your employees can choose what they want to spend the money on. It’s a win-win situation!

6.  Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is the perfect gift for the employee who is always looking for a way to make their space more zen. Not only will a bonsai tree make them feel calmer, it requires little effort to maintain and just looks adorable on a desk.

7.  Wine Gift Basket

 During these times, you can never have enough wine, so why not give your employees a nice wine gift basket? Get them something that comes with a bottle of wine, some glasses, and maybe even chocolate.

8.  A Blanket

There is always that one employee who constantly is complaining about how cold it is in the office. No worries, next time you’re giving out gifts, get them a nice blanket. They’ll be thanking you in the long run.

9.  Workout Equipment

If you have that one employee who constantly talks about fitness and tries to squeeze in a quick workout in-between meetings, get them some workout equipment. A weighted ball, workout bands, or dumbbells are all great options.

10.  Electric Massager

Work is stressful. When you’re feeling stressed, nothing makes you feel better than a massage. An electric massager is a great gift that your employees can use in the office for those days when tensions are especially high.

11. Books

Books are a classic gift that any employee will appreciate. Whether it’s a fictional book, a self help book, or even a cookbook, you can’t go wrong with giving your employees a book. Just make sure you get them something that they will actually read.

Getting gifts for your employees is hard, but this list of 11 affordable and appropriate options makes it a little bit easier. Make your office smile and give them something nice to tell them just how thankful you are for all their productivity with one of these great gifts.

Written by Casim Khalid

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