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24 Apps Suspected of Stealing Personal Data

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A list of dangerous applications for your personal data has been confirmed. It is advisable to delete them as soon as possible.

According to reports, Cybersecurity company VPNpro on Monday released a list of 24 apps suspected of stealing personal data. Rather popular, since totaling nearly 400 million downloads, these applications are suspected of containing spyware.

Some applications collect data which is sent to China, others have subscribed to their users to premium-rate numbers. Behind these apps available on the Google Play Store is Shenzhen HAWK, a Chinese company. There is a very popular Sound Recorder or Super Cleaner.

Suspected Apps

Digital company Google said it removed these apps from the Play Store. If you download one of these applications before this decision, it is better to delete it from your phone.

Here is the complete list

  1. Calendar Lite
  2. Candy Selfie Camera
  3. CandyGallery
  4. Dig it
  5. File Manager
  6. Hi Security 2019
  7. Hi VPN Free VPN
  8. Hi VPN Pro
  9. Joy Launcher
  10. Laser break
  11. Music Roam
  12. NetMaster
  13. Private Browser
  14. Puzzle box
  15. Soccer Pinball
  16. Sound recorder
  17. SuperBattery
  18. SuperCleaner
  19. Turbo Browser
  20. Virus Cleaner 2019
  21. Weather Forecast
  22. Word Crossy!
  23. World Crush
  24. World zoo

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