5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Transferring Money Using Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer

Whether you are owed money from a family member or friend or someone in your inner circle needs quick monetary assistance for an emergency, you will want to have a reliable money transfer service in your arsenal.

Ria is the third largest worldwide money transfer service. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider transferring money via Ria Money Transfer.

1. You Can Pay Using Multiple Options

Ria Money Transfer allows you to send money to family, friends, and colleagues using multiple types of payment options.

If your recipient does not need the funds as fast and is not under a time constraint, you can choose to send money from your bank account and it will arrive to him or her in up to 4 business days. This option costs less than utilizing a debit or credit option.

2. Quick and Reliable Transfers

If you want a faster and more convenient money transfer for the recipient to get funds within 15 minutes or less, you can utilize a debit card or credit card as the payment option for transfer. While this option costs a little more than transferring money from your bank account, it allows your recipient to receive funds quicker if he or she needs them under a time constraint.

3. Various Ways to Receive Money

The recipient who receives your transfer is able to get it in various ways. While most money transfer services only allow you to receive money on a bank account or money service card, Ria Money Transfer allows the recipient to pick up the funds from a local Ria agent location or have it sent directly to his or her work or home location via snail mail.

4. Ria Beats Bank Rates

Most banks charge an arm and a leg for transferring money of one currency from one bank to a different currency at a foreign bank. Plus, bank-to-bank transfers can take upwards of 7 business days to complete when Ria transfers only take a maximum of 4 business days to clear in the recipient’s account or be delivered in another format.

Ria is a third-party money transfer service that cuts out the need for banks to facilitate transfers. Hence, there are lower currency transfer fees and lower transfer fees in general when sending money to a recipient using Ria Money Transfer.

5. Safe User Experience

When utilizing your Ria account and sending and receiving money through its service, you will have a safe user experience.

As you log into your account, there will be identity verification prompts for you to answer. If Ria sees that your account is being accessed from multiple IP addresses, these identity verification prompts will keep your account protected from hackers and thieves.

Ria’s security team is on the clock 24/7 monitoring all Ria transactions to be sure there is no suspicious activity. If a suspicious transfer is detected, further steps will be taken to stop the transaction until verification has been garnered.

If you have to transfer money using a credit or debit card, Ria Money Transfer does not keep this information on file. This means additional security for you so that your financial information stays safe. The only information they keep on file are your personal identifiers such as name, address, phone number, email, and SSN for when you must complete the identity verification prompts as you login to your account.


The age of giving out cash and writing checks are not as prevalent anymore. Start sending and receiving money in the more modern day way by trying out Ria today!

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