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Do you like traveling on a motorcycle and taking pictures of the views? Motorsport is your strong point, but should YouTube wince at the tricks you do? Or a motorcycle is your main means of transportation, so you are looking for a convenient and reliable DVR for it? Whether you are using a motorcycle action camera, our tips will come in handy.

Motorcycle Action Camera: Choice Made

Dynamic shooting, details in shadows, viewing angle, frames per second, quality of mounts – if it is important for you that all this is at the highest level, the question of choosing an action camera for a motorcycle should be decided in favor of GoPro.

Go Pro and motorsport are made for each other. These gadgets are not afraid of falls, shocks, dust, dirt, water. Attaches easily to anything on either the bike or the rider’s body. They are distinguished by high-definition recording, and if you prefer the GoPro Hero 5 Black , you can enjoy a stable picture in whatever conditions you shoot, since this model has a built-in image stabilizer. This version is protected from mechanical damage and waterproof up to 10 meters without a box. In addition, any of the Go Pro motorcycle models can be used as a wonderful video recorder that captures every little detail.

However, if you need an enduro action camera, go for the GoPro Hero 5 Session : features are almost the same as in the Black, but there is no built-in display, which is more necessary for less extreme filming, and the body is much smaller, which is especially important when mounted on a helmet. …

General Tips on How to Shoot a Motorcycle Action Camera

  1. In any mounting option, if there is no direct access to the gadget or there are significant vibrations, use a special wrench to tighten the bolts. Be careful not to overtighten the fasteners, especially the plastic ones, otherwise they can be damaged. Check periodically to see if the fasteners are loose from vibration.
  2. Keep an eye on the angle of your motorcycle action camera at all times. This can be done not only visually or through the display, but also using the GoPro App.
  3. Take extra batteries with you so that the device does not run out of power in the most interesting place.
  4. When shooting many action scenes with an action camera for high-speed motorcycles, the following settings are suitable: from 1080p (except for situations where 240 fps is required, in this case only 720p); 50-60 frames per second for clearer video; in low light conditions, the frame rate must be reduced to 30 per second.

How to mount an action camera for a motorcycle?

As mounts, you can use accessories for the handlebar , pipes, side Side Mount, rotary or outboard for the helmet, for the chest, suction cup, Velcro on 3M tape, quick-release fasteners, safety cables and a bolt wrench.

When choosing how to mount “Go Pro” for a motorcycle, give preference to aluminum fasteners, since plastic ones can deform under the influence of loads. This is especially true when using a motocross action cam. Aluminum accessories are fixed with a tool, so they fit much more tightly than plastic ones. In addition, they do not need to be constantly removed to avoid being stolen.

Mounting options for “Go Pro” Moto

On the steering wheel.

In this case “Go Pro” should be attached to the motorcycle as close to the steering axis as possible. With this setting, the gadget will turn less when you turn the steering wheel, so you will not fall out of the frame.

Gas tank.

Use 3M Velcro and quick release fastener. A suction cup will also work. Remember that the Velcro should be placed away from the gas tank cap, because if at least a drop of gasoline gets on the ZM when refueling, the base glue can be hopelessly damaged.

Swingarm (profile or tube of L- or U-shape, suspension and fastening element of the rear wheel).

If you want to mount your motorcycle helmet camera to the pipes, be sure to use a wrench to tighten the bolt. Also, before setting off, tilt the bike to its side on the side where you attached the gadget and check if it touches the ground when tilting. Otherwise, you can easily damage an expensive “toy”.

Remote mounts.

This option can be called universal, since it is good for installation on various elements of the bike: steering wheel, trunk, front fork, gas tank, frame. At the same time, the longer the length of the outrigger, the more interesting the angle for shooting from an action camera for a motorcyclist.

Side on the helmet.

The fastener is installed on the side surface of the helmet. Try to fix it as high as possible, preferably at the level of the temple.

On the chest.

This option is ideal for stable shooting. The GoPro for motorcyclists can be very conveniently strapped to your chest. Moreover, the view from this position is no worse than from a helmet.

How NOT to mount an action camera for shooting motorcycle trips

Never, under any circumstances, especially if you use Go Pro in motocross or other motorsport, do not fix it on wobbly structures, for example, on loosely fixed fenders, linings or casing. Otherwise, due to shaking, you may be left not just without video material, but without a video camera at all.

Do not mount your GoPro on a motorcycle muffler! No kidding. There were such cases. The mounts melt in no time.

These simple tips will help you capture exciting footage with a camera that’s optimal for all kinds of motorsport. Show your friends the real class!

Written by Casim Khalid


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