The Top 8 Active Directory Tools!

Active Directory (AD) is a beneficial tool that any administrator or network engineer would love to have at his/her disposal for all network set ups in business these days. There are multiple Active Directory Tools out in the market but most of the time gets consumed when one has to figure out the configurations in terms of settings or customization which can be streamlined if one knows what Active Directory Tool to aim for.

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1.     Solarwinds Free Active Directory Tools

Solarwinds has designed and manufactured a complete Toolset built on 20 different Tools that can prove to be handy for Network Administrators and Engineers. The company has released multiple tools, free for access in order to manage any active network or other sensitive online tasks one is performing on a particular network. Solarwinds is a name that doesn’t need much of an introduction so you can pop on their official website and download what you need.

2.     Admin Bundle for Active Directory

The Active Bundle for Active Directory is an impeccable Scanning Tool that can be used for keeping tabs on users and devices that are in use. It can also restrict users and computers in the Active Directory and then make users using the CSV file! This Active Directory Tool also has the capability of revealing “Last Login Time” for any user and has an amazing, user friendly interface as well.

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3.     Permissions Analyzer

The Permissions Analyzer is one of the Free Active Directory Tools which has the capability to access Permissions details for a specific user or group according to the NTFS Files and the Shared Folders. They show permissions on a hierarchy to make it more streamlined in order to access the permissions that are given to a specific user or any group making an amazing tool for looking at specific permissions granted to specific people!

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4.     Active Directory Search – Server Admin

This particular Active Directory Tool is one of those in our list which has a narrow spectrum of activities that it can perform but what it does is so accurate and specific that it can pass out as a genuinely food tool for monitoring.  This tool is based on the search aspect but the flexibility in terms of how and what exactly it can search in addition to generating smart scripts is worth to be noted!

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5.     Active Directory Telephone Book (ADTB)

This is that tool in our list of Top 8 Active Directory Tools which makes things as simple as they can get and it exactly does what its name sounds like! It has tools that can actively comb through your Active Directory set up and then generate a of sorts of all users in the Active Directory, making it convenient to search and locate people, address or a phone number just like your Telephone book would.

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6.     Active Directory Topology Diagrammar

Are you someone who likes to use Visual Graphic? If you are then this Active Directory Tool was designed for you. This is that tool which lets you put a filter by combing a huge range of options and then will generate a visual topological map of the overall Active Directory structure according to the set filter.  It is highly useful when trying to get a hold on how things are configured without any mistakes.

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7.     Bulk Password Control

The name of this tool may suggest a more specified approach but don’t let it deceive you because it can accomplish a tons more than controlling bulk passwords. This Active Directory Tool is a great program running on GUI and gives a huge range of features for changes, resets, generating passwords, locking accounts and a lot more.

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8.     Group Manager

Group Manager is a strange tool for a list of Active Directory Tools because it is more equipped to cater to user needs then to that of the admins but can be beneficial if you simply hand it over to your users. It streamlines the changes in the Exchange groups that are done by the group managers without going through the Outlook.

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