Align your budget with your needs to get the most suitable HD projector for your home theater

When setting up a Home Theater, the HD projector makes all the difference in the viewing experience. A variety of models and makes of HD projectors are available in the market with various features that make it easy for everyone to buy a model according to the budget.

Moreover, the 1080p HD projector‘s purpose, whether for movie viewing or just official presentation, influences the choice that impacts the cost.  

Watch movies at home in the way you would do at the theaters

Most home theater projectors belong to the HD category. The 1080p resolution is your best be to reap the full benefits of the technology and ensure an exceptional viewing experience. A lower-priced variant of 720p projectors are also available, which are HD too, but the image quality and the viewing experience is much lesser than the 1080p projectors. The popularity of HD projectors is the result of the popularity of Home Theaters that heavily rely on the equipment to replicate the experience of seeing a picture in a movie hall from the comfort of your home. It is indeed a great feeling to view movies in the way you would do in movie halls without moving out of your home. 

Mind the aspect ratio when setting up the home theater

Although the focus is on image quality, consider some other factors when selecting a projector for your Home Theater.  Projectors are devices with fixed display resolution. To get the best results for projecting high-quality images that look lively, you must focus on the aspect ratio that plays a critical role in the image’s quality projected on the screen. The aspect ratio impacts the chip selected for the projector, and for home theaters, the chosen aspect ratio is 16:9. The aspect ratio is critical because it supports the various signals that the projector receives. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is compatible with a wide range of signals like Blu Ray and widescreen DVD, as well as HDTV signals encoded in the 16:9 formats. Moreover, the 16:9 aspect ratios bear the closest resemblance with the 35 mm film format

Mind the type of screen too

Although the projector being the central equipment, hogs all the limelight as it is responsible for high-quality projections based on the chosen technology, the screen’s choice is no less critical. The screen must complement the projector’s ability to produce outstanding images that enhance the viewing experience many more times.  Whether you want to project the image on a screen, a variety of choices are available to meet your space requirement, or on the wall, you must be careful about the screen’s reflectivity, which is a critical factor. The surface must be non-reflective, meaning that it must reject light so that the image is visible in the room even if it is not completely dark. 

For easy buying, fix a budget, and ascertain the kind of viewing experience you want to achieve to get the projector that meets your expectations in all respects.

Written by Faraz Butt

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