All that you need to know about the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test!

Speakeasy Internet Speed Test is one of the simplest connectivity tests available out there to test the strength of your bandwidth between your home connection and with any of the servers based in United States. Their website is highly user friendly and saves the history of all your previous Speakeasy Internet Speed Test results and even allow you to convert them into an excel file which you can share later on over email or social media.

The Yays and Nays for the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test

There are many internet speed test services available out in the market however if you are choosing the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test here are the advantages and drawbacks which you need to be aware of before you opt for it:

Yays of the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test

  • Highly user friendly and easy to get acquainted with
  • Graphically attractive user interface
  • Will select the location of the server according to which one is the nearest in your vicinity
  • Will keep a detailed record of your previous test results
  • The results generated can be transferred to a CSV file format

Nays of the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test

  • Needs Flash and Java plugins in order to operate
  • Has the capability of accessing a handful of servers only
  • Sharing results may not be an easy task

Some Comments on the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test

If you have any experience using other Internet Speed Test websites and have experienced difficulty in reading the graphical representations of the results then it is prudent to opt for the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test.

In the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test, you have to select any one of the locations of the US based servers present at the bottom of the display and click Start Test to instantly begin the download speed tests which will follow the upload speed test. The results of these tests will be saved to compare it with the past test results.

Then a CSV file will be generated from your past tests which would also have a time stamp and date as to when the test was conducted, the location of the server and the speeds for the download and upload test. This is an efficient way of keeping a track record of your previous tests over the span of time.

However a major drawback of the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test is that it requires Flash to operate which essentially means that web browsers that are not compatible with Flash such as Safari will not be able to support Speakeasy and not to mention that tests based on Flash cannot be relied upon.

Also some other internet speed tests have an easy way to share test results which can be beneficial when you wish to send your ISP or your connection provider with your bandwidth results. Speakeasy Internet Speed Test only allows you to save the excel file of the generated results while other test sites also gives you a URL that you can use.

Another major drawback is that Speakeasy only operate tests for the servers based in United States so if your accessing websites that are outside of the United States, then it is prudent to use tests in those countries that support their own servers.

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