An Introduction to Android Root Access

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Gaining Android Root Access essentially means to open up Android software at the rooting level which will provide the user total control over their Android smart phone.

Sounds like a control freak right? But we ensure we mean it in a good way.

You may be under the assumption that because the Android operating system has an open source background it would grant the user total control over their device however in reality it doesn’t. Android just like any other operating system has its significant limitations. It gives you less choice on the kind of apps you wish to install, the tools your Android phone can have and how rapid your device can operate. If you gain Android Root Access to your device these limitations would no more be an issue. To make your life easier, we have prepared this article for your better understanding as to how you can reboot the android system. Keep on reading folks!

Now if you are new to the Android Root Access concept and are wondering as to why one must consider opting for it then let us give you a quick summary about what you should be actually looking for. Sometimes there are apps which are manufactured by third party companies and aren’t licensed by the Google Play Store hence to be able to download and use these apps on your Android device you must gain root access to your device.

Why not to gain Android Root Access?

There are multiple reasons as to why you would want to gain Android Root Access but let us start with why one must avoid rooting their Android device. If you root your Android device you will render its warranty totally useless which means if something goes wrong with your device there aren’t many options you would be left with.

However what are the chances that something can go horribly wrong with your phone? This is hard to judge. It is also highly likely that gaining Android Root Access will “brick” your smart phone which means that your expensive device will have no more value than a used paper. However Android devices are hard core and your Android device may need a total retrieval in case the rooting procedure dramatically fails.

Even if the Android Rooting process goes down smoothly it will still void the warranty of your Android device and unfortunately if your device suffers any physical or technical damage then you cannot use your warranty as a support to rectify these errors. Hence if you particularly purchased a brand new Android phone then it is prudent to consider gaining root access at least a 100 times because you might end up regretting it later and there would be no going back to gain your warranty.

Why to gain Android Root Access?

One of the most obvious reasons to gain Android Root Access is to gain capability of installing any custom ROM which is a different type of Android operating system which has been personalized to operate in a specific manner. Custom ROMs comprise of all that you require to make your smart phone operate just that it has been configured to operate at a higher efficiency.

More efficient performance is the core reason that many Android users choose to root their Android device because gaining Android Root Access will overclock the system of your phone which will make it run much rapidly.

A rooted Android device will be able to install apps that haven’t been given permission by Android so that you can reap off the benefits of tools which aren’t available on your phone for instance the tethering option.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have seen the ad of any app while scrolling down your Facebook or Instagram feed and have badly wanted to download it in the end only to realize that it is not supported by the Android Operating System? If you have been in such a situation that you would know how annoying and frustrating this can be hence to avoid this situation from erupting later on the only way out of this is to gain Android Root Access.

How to gain Android Root Access?

In most cases you would come across, installation of the software device, if you carry a hand held device with you. However this process may not be applicable for all the android phones. Bear in mind that not every rooting software will be operational on every android phone. In case it does not match your operating system, you would need to switch to some other rooting system which will be compatible with your android system. For the best compatible rooting system for your device, ensure that you have done enough of research.  It should be in accordance to your android make and model.

You would be surprised to find a tons of forums and platforms online guiding you through about what can be the best rooting system for your android device.

our tip;make sure that all of your options are open. look out for discussion forums, maybe visit Quora or LinkedIn  to find people with similar workings. XDA-Developers forum would help you out with experienced and realistic advice. you might be able to find many such users who have gained Android Root Access before.

Written by Hina Akram

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