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    How to Block Text Messages?

    Sometimes it’s a need of time to block people so they can’t contact you on the cell phone and there is a proper procedure to block text messages. It does no sound as simple as it seems because block text messages vary from phone to phone and carrier to carrier. There can be multiple reasons […]

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    Android Jelly Bean

    Are you satisfied with your current Android device? Or you think that your device needs some added features and a great update? If you think this is the case then you are literally in for a “treat” because this article intends to cover everything that you need to know about the Android Jelly Bean update. […]

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    An Introduction to Android Root Access

    Gaining Android Root Access essentially means to open up Android software at the rooting level which will provide the user total control over their Android smart phone. You may be under the assumption that because the Android operating system has an open source background it would grant the user total control over their device however […]

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    How to use the Android File Manager?

    You must have been in a situation where you would have badly craved to download your favorite picture editing app, video editing filter or any other utility app only in the end to face the utter disbelief that your phone is out of storage space the moment you hit the Install button. Or it may […]

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    How to close Apps on Android?  

    Too many apps open at the same time can slow down your device and can consume a lot of your phone battery, so it’s better to close apps on android. If you switch from one app to another app might allow apps to keep running in the background and if you check the battery option […]

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    The Laptop buying guide

    The technology has changed over the past decade or so, with the invention of the smart phone and the smart watch, but there’s one thing that has remained a constant for some time is the computer and specifically the laptop. But Buying laptop is not an easy task as it comes with a mighty price […]