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Indulge In Some BAE Memes for Facebook and Instagram!

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cant get fired if you don't have job

Many of us have someone particularly special in our lives. If the relationship is not romantic, it can be flirtatious. It can even be based on friendship and mutual love for each other. But these relationships, whether or not they involve passion are truly bonds that keep you together. When our live gets tough, we can look forward to falling on these cushions because we know they will help us in our hard times. While such category and intensity of relationships has a serious element to it, it can also include humor, fun, being whimsical and so on.  And that is really how your someone special (unofficial or official) can contribute to your happiness. Now on the social media there is one popular way that allows you to share your funny and silly side with the rest of your online friends. And this includes sharing posts; particularly memes. And when we mentioned relationships, there is a particular category of memes that come under it; BAE memes. In this article we will explain to you what BAE stands for, what memes are and since we are going to share some interesting BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram, we should begin with the introductions of these two popular social media platforms! Stay tuned because the giggles will come soon.

Facebook is perhaps one of the oldest social media application you can connect with over the internet. Facebook was established by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. Today Facebook is an application that is developed by Facebook Inc. and it has reached the maximum success when we compare it with applications of its time. Unlike many applications that began back in the day, Facebook was able to walk through time without falling down. Even if it, it was able to establish its downfalls and work on them. Facebook was not always open for public, however. Instead when Facebook first began its operations, it was application that was only accessible through its webpage. Other than that, it was exclusively for Harvard students in order to help them connect with each other. Still, as it was released and nearby schools came to know about it Facebook immediately became popular and the demand increased. So, Facebook was released for access to other prestigious universities as well. But the public could not hold back and as soon as Mark Zuckerberg received his grant, he was able to release Facebook for everyone. Today you can access this application from anywhere in the world. You can also access this application in any language you want to and so Facebook is able to attract a very diverse population. On Facebook you have the ability to connect with your long distance friend, family and even relationships. You can even connect to people from your childhood. All you have to do is search for them using a common link and soon you will be able to renew long lost friendships. Other than that, you can share statuses, add friends, change your settings to more public or private, you can share your pictures, videos, posts that you like and now you can share memes! Later in the article you will get a hint one some BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram!

This brings us to giving Instagram its own brief introduction as well. Instagram is a fairly recent application and it was established in 2010. However, even after being a new application when compared with Facebook, Instagram was able to reach the heights very soon. Unlike many other applications, Instagram brings with it its own unique brand. While in the beginning, Instagram was only able to function through a set of twelve employees in total, Instagram was able to expand when in 2012 it was bought by Facebook Inc. That marked the period of its success even more boldly. So why is Instagram so famous among people? Instagram does not include using words to describe who you are, what you like, who do you want to be, where are you from and so on. Instead of all that, Instagram includes picture posts and with its latest update it also allowed users to share glimpses of their talents through videos. Instagram initially did not include the ability for people to send instant messages to each other. However, with the latest version of Instagram, you can connect with people on the same platform. Now, you do not have to involve another social media application to be able to chat with each other. Instagram also includes stories that you can upload to share with the world some glimpses of your day. These stories, however, get deleted after 24 hours of your day. You can use Instagram for running a business, blogging about beauty, blogging about travel, blogging about DIY products, running a social media campaign, or simply for sharing entertainment content. A new trend that has marked Instagram is memes. And later in the section you will surely see some BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram! But for now what does BAE stand for and what is a meme?

BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram: What is BAE?

BAE are three initials that stand for the phrase “Before (B) Anything (A) Else (E). Now while that is clear, you might wonder what does it actually mean? When people use this acronym they are referring to their romantic partner, a potential lover, a crush they have and now this term can be exchanged between friends as well.

BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram: What is Meme?

A meme is a cultural symbol or an innovative social idea that is transmitted on a viral level. In the modern world, these memes come in the form of pictures with texts. The intention on the other hand has also been modified. This generation’s memes are intended to be comical, weird, funny and sarcastic as well. Memes can also come in the format of videos or verbal expressions. While many memes are easy to understand; some memes require for you to have prior knowledge of a context because they are deeper and philosophical in nature.

Without any delay now we should head over to our set of BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram that you can share on your social media or just read for fun!

Well this BAE meme for Facebook and Instagram shows you the true picture of a relationship!

image with a quotation

You can try to compete with Puss in Boots when you try to make a cute face for your BAE!

cat asking for glass of water

Well this meme truly depicts how your day goes when you are unable to cuddle with your loved one, let alone see them for one hour of your day!

when you had bad day you finally see bae

Now in this BAE meme you truly see how you look like when you are single, in a relationship. engaged and then married. Well, this is just symbolic!

four statuses in one image

Who turned up the heat here? Because that’s surely how you must look like when you are waiting for BAE in bed.

cat in an image

We are sure that when you have a fight with your BAE, this is really how they look like!

cats with statement in image

Sure you can get angry at your BAE for taking your things and not returning it, but that anger is mostly hidden inside you. Because you do not want to scare away your BAE now, do you?

where is it? !

Well this meme really depicts how hard it hits when your BAE and you have different taste in music. This might be a sign that you need to find a new BAE perhaps?

when your S.O does not like the same song

Do not be fooled by this meme. Your before and after dating life is not always like this; for the most part!

dating and marriage gaps

Well here you can really see how its like to live with the fear of disappointing your BAE. But, really you can put on some weight and not care about your BAE at all!

now i can get that

Do you wish to find a funny way to propose to your BAE? Well whether its going to happen on Facebook or Instagram, this meme is your way to go!

brace yourself ! a ring is coming

When it comes to sharing a bed, things are not always sweet and cuddly. It can get really rough because you have got to relax yourself after a long week!

sharing a bed

These are the side effects of living with your BAE. Share this one out of these BAE memes for Facebook and Instagram and let them know!

image showing laundry day

Well we have all had dreams about living with the love of our life for the rest of our life but maybe after this Meme you might want to give it a second thought!

Are you going to be meeting the parents soon? Oh boy, this is what is going to happen to you!

dogs loving each other

Well we all get annoyed by people who do this. But you just might get yourself into this situation soon!

goodnite baby

You cannot break your BAE’s heart now, can you?

when bae buys you a gift you dont like

You know that when there’s love, you cannot get out of it so easily!

rats sleeping in an image

We all find BAE to be romantic but that is just the outer layer. From the inside your BAE just might be a goof!

relationship goals

Can you relate with this meme every time things hit the roof?

person catching rat

Well you just have to pay extra attention, alright!

an image with qoute

This is how things mess up with you decide to watch things together? Say no to that each time!

person in snow

We hope you had fun!

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