The Top 3 Best Digital Cameras!

When talking about the advanced technology that has brought a prominent wave of change in the tech-oriented world, one cannot deny the significant role that has been played by the Digital Cameras.

They not only have stepped into the world of photography but also have managed to transform it from every dimension giving it a whole new professional outlook. It has also replaced the grainy and bushy images that previously came with them.

One of the major reasons of their immense popularity is that a wide range of digital cameras is available in all sorts of prices making it possible for the people to buy the suitable one for them without breaking their bank.

Not only this but they also come equipped with W­i­­-Fi and Bluetooth options which allow everyone including even amateurs to capture good quality images and post them using Wi-Fi over their social media accounts.

Therefore, if the arena of photography inspires you and you are constantly counting your pennies to invest into the best yet affordable digital camera to harness your creative instinct then this article will help you find the digital camera that can actually transform your dream into a reality.

On the other hand, if you are merely looking to capture some of your memorable moments with family and friends or to snap some great quality pictures while on your vacation or simply take them for your blog and social media accounts then a good digital camera will do the job for you.

Now the real question is that with so many options available in the market which one should you be investing in? This article will talk about only three but the three best Digital Cameras that one can consider buying if they are looking forward to snapping some amazing memories!

The List of Top Three Best Digital Cameras Available in the Market

Below mentioned is the list of best three digital cameras that you must get your hands on for not only amazing but fruitful experience:

  1. Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Digital Camera
  2. Vivitar 20.1MP Selfie Camera with 1.8″ Preview Screen Red
  3. Kodak AZ251 Digital Camera

Now here are all the details that you need to know about the best Digital Cameras available in the market.

1. Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera is the best amongst all!

The Canon PowerShot SX530 is a complete package that is equipped not only with the best resolution but also with some cool features and convenient picture sharing options.

With a great zoom power of about 50x (24-1200mm) which is a lot more than even the most expensive digital cameras out there in the market, the Canon PowerShot SX530 ensures that you get the best close up shots from a distance.

For the accurate focus and perfect shot, it comes with the self-guiding systems such as the Zoom Assist features and the Intelligent IS that are perfectly developed to help you snap the picture in an awe-inspiring quality.

In addition to that, the user-friendly ergonomic grip is designed to assist you in maintaining a stable hand at one position, and a wireless connection option is available to make it possible for you to share your pictures instantly over your various social media accounts right after snapping them.

Moreover, the amazing resolution of 16-megapixel with the high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and a smart and the DIGIC 4+ image processor assist in generating high-quality images even in dim lights.

The Canon PowerShot SX530 can also be used to snap the highest quality 1080p HD videos. It also has a three-inch color TFT LCD screen with a user-friendly menu and has an inbuilt lithium-ion battery which is chargeable.

All in all, the Canon PowerShot SX530 is the best amongst all with its top-notch features that are light on your pocket but heavy on the quality.

2.  Vivitar 20.1MP Selfie Camera with 1.8″ Preview Screen Red is best for social networking!

The Vivitar 20.1MP Selfie Camera is the best pick for those who love taking selfies and posting them every now and then on various social media sites. This digital camera is not only user-friendly but also comes with a highly affordable price making it a hot-seller.

Equipped with the180-degree screen rotation feature, this digital camera is the perfect solution to save your energy, time and resources in snapping shots instantly with just the right quality needed to post on Instagram and Facebook.

With the Vivitar 20.1MP Selfie Camera, you can get everything you need to capture the most detailed, high-quality images and videos using its breathtaking 20.1 megapixels resolution and a manageable 4X digital zoom that comes at an extremely affordable price.

Furthermore, it has a user-friendly 1.8-inch preview screen display with an option for self-timer that can capture group photos without you having to miss out the group photo behind the lens. Even when the Vivitar 20.1MP Selfie Camera is designed especially for taking the perfect selfie, it actually can do much more than just taking selfies with its impeccable design and features.

This digital camera can help you create makeup tutorials, DIY videos or even your karaoke videos all with the added benefit of viewing how you look on the screen while creating the video.

This saves you a lot of time and energy by providing an error-free process where you can avoid making mistakes or have to do reshoots later on when you are finished filming anything.

Lastly, it has a good storage space with the SD Memory card slot that allows you to save maximum numbers of pictures and videos while you are away on your vacation and unable to transfer them into your laptop.

With these great features that come with affordable price, you must consider buying the Vivitar 20.1MP Selfie Camera to make your social media networking experience more happening and worthwhile.

3.  Kodak AZ251 Digital Camera is best for an under $200 budget!

The highly affordable Kodak AZ251 Digital Camera is designed for those who simply like the art of taking photos and want to cultivate this further. This digital camera is all that you need to take good quality pictures in less price.

Known as the “bridge camera”, the Kodak AZ251 allows you to pursue your passion for photography at a price that is not a burden on your pocket before you actually plan on investing in a professional digital camera.

With a remarkable resolution of 16.15-megapixel, this digital camera comes with a smart 25x optical mega zoom that includes a wide angle lens for all the crafting during the photography. With a price of less than $200, this camera has a lot of fun-filled features for you to explore.

Some amazing features that it offers include the Panorama option, Indoor photography and a movie recording at a 720p HD resolution along with the face recognition software and the sensor for blinking.

Moreover, it has three-inch color TFT LCD screen display which conveniently allows you to make choices and even perform edits there and then on your photos such as shadow adjustment and brightness tool, etc.

If you just want to enhance your photography experience then the Kodak AZ251 Digital Camera can make a good choice to nurture your passion.

Written by Hina Akram


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