The Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Residing in a world driven by work and busy schedules, we all have become accustomed to take outs and fast food for survival which although saves time but has proven to be detrimental to health hence working out and staying healthy has never been more important than now. Even though we all are well aware on how crucial it is to maintain a good health still we don’t pay any attention to it and frankly many at times it is because we don’t even know where to begin from however technology and age of smartphones have solved this problem for us as well.

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In this age, our smartphones can perform tasks that we couldn’t even day dream of doing including giving us the motivation for a proper health and workout routine hence making the process of staying healthy and fit an easier one. So instead of spending heaps of your hard earned money on a fitness trainer or expensive gym, all you have to do is get the Best Fitness Apps for iPhone and get going!

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With the Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, all you need is your finger and the touch screen of your iPhone. You can simply set your target goal which could be to lose weight shed fat, increase weight or anything and your iPhone will get the job done. The following article contains the Top Best Fitness Apps for iPhone that you can fetch from the App Store and get going towards a healthy life.

1.     MyFitnessPal

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In a world full of Best Fitness Apps for iPhone with tons of competition, the top one on the list is none other than our famous MyFitnessPal and that too rightly so. This stands out to be the most famous and user friendly app that is fully equipped to monitor the progress of the user’s fitness including setting up reminders for your exercise and fitness goals. There aren’t many fitness apps out there that can get as many tasks done as this one hence this is a highly useful tool to have in your fitness arsenal. While the best part about this app is that it can be accessed completely free of cost.

All you have to do is visit your Apple App Store and simply download this app without having to pay a single penny but you can even enjoy elaborated perks by purchasing a premium membership with essential two price points. You can either pay $9.99 each month, or simply pay $49.99 for a whole year. The premium version offers a layout that doesn’t get disrupted by annoying advertisements and also has an option for VIP customer service and support including many other features such as health recipes, tips and a lot more.

2.     Map My Fitness

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Although Map My Fitness is that fitness app in th list of Best Fitness Apps for iPhone that doesn’t come on the top of the list but definitely has a place in top three at least. This app is a great product from a company that has proven itself before and to reveal the secret it is the app from the same company who made Map My Run, Map My Ride and many more other apps. All these apps have been amazingly successful in aiding millions of individuals out there on their health and fitness goals however now the company has combined the services of all their individual apps into a single platform by launching this one “mega-app” which will cater to all the needs of the user set out for a fitness journey.

The core highlight of this app is its capability to keep a track and map out every single workout that one can do. It also keeps a record of your vitals such as burned calories, speed of running and distance you have covered in a stipulated amount of time.

3.     Pact


As we have mentioned earlier that many people do not work out or go to the gym or exercise for a lack of motivation and hence this is the only reason that they stay out of shape. Individuals are involved in all kinds of unhealthy activities instead of exercising

If you are also a victim of lack of motivation then Pact is the real Fitness App for you and it definitely can be ranked in number three in our list of Best Fitness Apps for iPhone. This is that app where you can bet money on if you will find the strength to go the gym or get a workout done. You can verify into this app by location check ins and when you reach your goals you can even earn cash! So friends, what can be a better motivation to go to the gym then getting money for it?

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