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Social media applications are different and within them they have categories. You have Facebook which is a whole network and a community and it includes posting pictures, videos and statuses as well as creating your own page. It includes sharing thing on your timeline and then adding other profiles to your friend list and then sharing your opinions and so on with people who are your friends, people who follow you and people who can view your public posts. Similarly, we have Twitter where you tweet out messages and you get likes, comments and re-shares by other Twitter users regardless of whether you know them or you do not. You simply make new connections on top of existing connections. But then you have messaging applications that are not so far-fetched and stretched. Instead they are more focused and they simply include instant messaging and calling your friends without getting out of money and draining your account. These type of instant messaging applications also allow you to make long-distance calls and send as many messages as you want through your wireless connection because previously it was hard to talk to someone you know who lived in another country through your mobile number. But things have really taken a turn and now you can create a communication network that is continuous, smooth and without any barriers. So, one such application that allows you to send instant messages and chat with your friends and family is called KIK. But while it allows you do that, you should understand that not all of your friends and family members are online all the time. And that there are differences in time zones and the jobs or daily engagements that you all have. So, you might be sitting on your couch with your smartphone in your hand, staring at your KIK messenger to check whether or not your message has been read and then you will wait for the other person to reply. This situation can get really boring if you keep on at it. Luckily, KIK has something in store for you that can keep you entertained while you wait for your friends to come back online and talk to you. In this article, we will be mentioning best KIK bots that will help you stay busy. Discover them with us!

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KIK is a messenger that was discovered back in 2010 by a group of Canadian students from University of Waterloo who wished to help create a mobile application that allowed people to connect with each other. KIK messenger provides you with a fast and reliable instant messaging service and today, KIK messenger has millions of users from around the world but about forty percent of these users come from America alone. What makes this fairly recent application so popular is its unique way of sign up. Now other instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram, KIK messenger does not require you to use a phone number to create an account. This is especially useful when you are  in a foreign country and you do not have a phone number to connect with help and so on. KIK messenger then only requires a working email address, username and password and they use your IP address to track you instead of your number. However, while this feature has been praised a lot by its users, it has also become part of a rising controversy. There have been cases on KIK where sensitive information regarding children was being shared and they were being victimized. And so it became hard to track the culprits down because they never used a phone number to register. It became impossible to confirm their identity and so forth. Regardless of the problems however, the team of KIK messenger is working on finding the best solution to this problem and if you are a parent who would like to keep their underage children safe, you can use services by KIK messenger’s team to delete their account yourself. This makes KIK secure for use. And now KIK messenger has taken its service up a notch by providing its users with the option of using some of the best KIK bots so that they never get bored and leave using KIK. In the following section now, we will be discussing some of the best KIK bots that we have.

On KIK bots have become a celebrated part of their community because these bots are clever and witty and they can indulge in a very interesting automated instant messaging chat with you and this allows you to sigh in relief when your friends are away and you are alone on KIK. KIK messenger now gives you a chance in engage in a conversation with bots from top brands, channels and so on as well. You also have bots from a lot of websites and blogs that are readily available to you and so you can use these bots for something useful. In KIK messenger’s context, a bot is a robot that is basically producing an automated response based on the script of responses that it has been storing. This way they respond to your chat messages very intelligently. Other platforms on social media have bots as well, so what makes these bots any better or different? Well these best KIK bots are different and they do not pretend that they are real persons and then they do not ask you to provide them with anything in return. Now some of these best KIK bots from our list are a creation of KIK while others were created by individuals and companies.  So give each of these best KIK bots a few minutes from your time and see which one clicks with you the right way.

Best KIK bots: Funny or Die!

Best KIK bots

This is one of the most popular KIK bots out there. When you will engage with @funnyordie on KIK, they will begin to send you a lot of images, GIFs and videos. All you need to do is sit back and relax and then engage by checking these media files out and then respond this bot with what you find best regarding the content. Now some images that you will get might just be plain dumb but then it will send you these other media files that are actually really funny. You will develop a good sense of humor with Funny or Die so do not forget to check them out with you are on KIK.

Best KIK bots: Joke Bot!

Now Joke Bot, as the name suggests, is another one of these amusing KIK bots that is worth your time. will send you jokes when you begin interacting with them and you can also request them to send you jokes. The will send you one-liners mostly but they will be actually very funny and you will have heard about some of these jokes before as well. They do not engage you a lot but they do make you laugh and you might even forget that you were waiting for your friends to come online.

Best KIK bots: The Notifications Bot

Now this bot is basically responsible for sending you alerts regarding new movies, RSS feeds, the restaurants near you, daily tips, breaking news, music, new television shows, upcoming games, Twitch streams, video game releases, sports results, announcements and a whole lot of selection. All you need is ask, really. They will not actually talk to you in return but these bots will surely accept and fulfill your requests and they can also remind you of things that you might forget.

Best KIK bots

Best KIK bots: Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion bot is basically a game bot which will remind you of text adventures that are old. This is actually a scripted game and similar to a board game where it will describe you a situation and you will decide what you need to do in order to escape such a situation. The messages it sends you are descriptive, engaging and good and each instruction will arrive as a new message and you can reply to them with an action you choose. So this bot is pretty engaging.

Best KIK bots: Lingio Quiz+ Translate

This bot is perfect when you are travelling to places where the populations usually interacts with a non-English language. So, this bot actually speaks over fifty languages and will ask you about your knowledge to help you understand what you have gained as a learner. Begin a chat with this bot and type the language you wish to learn or a phrase that you wish to translate. Then, it will reply you with an answer.

Best KIK bots: Sensay

Now this bot is especially fun because this bot connects you up with complete strangers to begin a chat regarding any topic. It will use your location to find you a complete stranger who is also a KIK user and so it holds for you a great way to meet new KIK users and people. This will not identify your username so you do not have to worry about privacy!

Best KIK bots: Sensay


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