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Hacks related to productivity have been incredibly famous in a world where everything is bound by technology and the technique recognized as Pomodoro is highly useful in productivity that will help you sift in the clutter. The name of this technique is inspired by a timer that is shaped in tomato and was founded by Francesco Cirillo who used this timer to keep a track of his work progress back when he was a student, his goal was to increase his attention and take over all pending tasks. So anyone who hates being a procrastinator or feels overwhelmed by deadlines then it is time to download the Best Pomodoro Apps.

Pomodoro Apps

The Pomodoro Technique is very convenient, you have to take huge tasks and then jot them down into smaller components and set them across certain time intervals which would be called the Pomodoros. In the middle of these Pomodoros will be your scheduled timely breaks which you can use to eat something, relax, exercise or watch TV. You can read further details about this on app manufacturer’s websites however this article intends to bring you the details on Top Three Best Pomodoro Apps that you can instantly download.

Pomodoro technique

1.     Pomodoro Tracker- The Desktop App

The Pomodoro Tracker App  is a desktop app which has an easy to learn user interface and comes equipped with a timer and a procedure using which you can label the time and log on to each Pomodoro. You can even reset this to begin a fresh Pomodoro after every break that you have availed or you can begin a break after a specific Pomodoro. Once the Pomodoro or break has finished, you can also select a sound for an alarm or any other notifications.

In the middle of every Pomodoro, you will be given the option to put a sound of a clock ticking given that it doesn’t disturb your during work. If you register for an account, you will be able to keep the Pomodoro details safe including the notification settings. A Stats tab will continuously display your activity across time and will also show the average amount of Pomodoros you can finish in a day and the total time you have spent completing each Pomodoro.

2.     Marinara Timer- The Desktop App

The Marinara Timer is another Pomodoro timer app in the list of the Best Pomodoro Apps which comes equipped with a kitchen timer and a customizable timer. This Pomodoro comprises of a basic 25-minute Pomodoro session with breaks of not more than 5- and 15-minute.

If this is something you are not comfortable with then the option for the custom timer will allow you to configure your own time segments that suit you. You can assign each of these intervals a particular name and then measure them down to every second. The drawback is that you will not be able to register for an account or keep the details of your Pomodoro or custom timer safe anywhere. Marinara Timer also doesn’t display your activity progress or reports.

Marinara Timer- The Desktop App

3.     Focus Keeper: Work & Study Timer for iOS

This app that we have included in our list for the Best Pomodoro Apps goes by the name of Focus Keeper: Work & Study Timer which reaps off the benefits of your iOS touch screen system that has a timer which can easily be set using the swipe motion. Focus Keeper of course uses the technique of Pomodoro but has effectively replaced Pomodoros with their Focus Sessions. This app includes many custom tools with 10 ticking sounds and 14 different alarms, and you will be able to configure various sounds plus adjust their volume for your Focus Sessions, in between breaks whether short or long. What is even more helpful is that these sounds will still notify you even when the app for Focus Keeper is operating in the background.

The app offers you a 14-day and 30-day activity report option so that you can check your productivity progress over a period of time. You will also be able to set your aims and goals for the amount of f Focus Sessions you wish to finish every day, which is a highly beneficial tool. The only thing that is absent is to be able to name each of the Focus Sessions so that you can check the task you have to complete or are working on.

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