The Best Sexting Apps!  

Sexting is a famous term that combines sex and texting together which involves sharing of nude images and not safe for work messages in between consenting adult individuals especially in between those who are in a long distance relationship.

Even though sexting can spice a lot of thing in a relationship over the phone however what isn’t pretty is when you receive a text in front of your boss or family or if it somehow ends up online over the internet. Hence it is prudent that you restrict sexting to your personal life by using apps that take care of your confidentiality and privacy in fact even prevents screenshots.

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You must know that even the encrypted texts are vulnerable to screenshots once they have ended up on someone’s phone hence always keep your device locked with a face recognition password if available or a difficult pass code or fingerprint lock so that your personal information is kept safe.

One perk of encrypted messages is that the messaging service will not be able to open your chat history and hence will not be able to disclose any kind of information to advertising companies, law enforcement agencies or any other entity. This article intends to discuss in detail the Top Three Best Sexting Apps that you can use to keep your private life safe from prying eyes and other intruders.

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1.     Signal- The Best Sexting App for Private Chats

Signal is the private texting platform created by Edward Snowden and offers tools like end-to-end encryption on your messaging. End-to-end Encryption refers to a phenomenon where the texting company itself such as the Open Whisper Systems, the creators of Signal, will also not be able to access your messages or keep a record of your calls. Also Signal can easily be downloaded on desktop, Android and Mac operating systems.

Best Sexting App for Private Chats

The Perks

  • App can easily and safely be used for private chats and calls
  • It is an open source app and always remains updated with added security tools
  • Keep only a tiny bit of data on their users

The Drawbacks

  • You will have to ask the recipients to also download this app for communication to happen
  • The features are very less as compared to other apps who use the same technology as Signal

2. c- Another name in the Best Sexting Apps List

Wickr Me is the next app in the list of Best Sexting Apps which is quiet as same as Signal and also offers the feature of end-to-end encryption and is compatible with desktops, Android and Mac devices in fact it also operates on Linux and you can easily continue your chats from where you left off last time even on other device. It also doesn’t let you perform a password reset and you will not be required to enter any detailed personal information for instance your contact number or email ID hence your privacy remains intact.

Best Sexting App for Private Chats

On Android devices, the screenshots are blocked by a default setting and if you switch on the screenshots you will get a notification along with the picture. However the Apple OS doesn’t stop screenshots even though the app can be downloaded on both platforms.

The Perks

  • You can set a time limit on how long your sent texts will remain visible to the recipient
  • Compatible over cross platforms
  • Has alerts for screenshots
  • The servers of Wickr Me don’t store any data

The Drawbacks

  • The iOS version of this app doesn’t block the screenshots
  • If others know your username the screenshots will leak your identity

3. Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations Tool

The Facebook’s Messenger app which almost everyone has installed on their phones has a tool known as Secret Conversations which if used has the ability to keep your chats safe using the end-to-end encryption just like on Signal app. You will be able to make any chat safe and private given that the person on the other end has also switched on the tool for Secret Conversations. The Secret Conversation tool cannot be used on the desktop app of Facebook or even on the messenger.com. Facebook Secret Conversations can be used on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Conversations Tool
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The Perks

  • You can communicate in a private conversation with any of your added friends on Facebook
  • Has the feature for end-to-end encryption
  • You can set an expiry date or time for your sent texts

The Drawbacks

  • You will have to convince your recipient to switch on the feature of Secret Conversations

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