Block On Twitter: How To Stop Yourself From Being Bothered!

Block On Twitter

Social media is one of those safe places where people get the opportunity to say anything they wish to. There are no restraints except of course some that come with the laws of each particular country. Then there’s the question of being deviant on social media. Of course, people get to talk about and share any thought, theory or experience they wish to, but often times, they manage to pass that unspoken line of social deviancy. While some of us manage to ignore it, others allow people to practice their “freedom of speech”. But then there are people who find such thoughts, pictures, and/or experiences shared on social media by others, disturbing. It is of course understood that any words shared on social media that stands against common decency or humanity is considered offensive content. For them, we now have an option that allows them to block on twitter and then, they never have to receive or read such disturbing tweets.

Block On Twitter

Social media is a sub-division of mainstream media. Unlike mainstream media, social media is that area where you as a member of a country can share information, pictures, thoughts, theories, knowledge, local news, anecdotes and so on. This facility simply let’s you be in charge of your version of media.

Part of social media is millions of social networking websites. These websites allow you to connect to your “long-lost” friends, your family and friends around the word, your favorite media personalities or groups that believe in something you do. You can now use these social networking sites to run your own business and turn yourself into a media personality and enjoy that popularity as well. YouTube is one of that media platform that has given birth to “YouTube stars”. Similarly, we have Twitter.

Block On Twitter

Twitter has been around for about 11 years now. Managed by Jack Dorsey, Twitter is a social media platform that shares news online, posts, messages and so on. Twitter is then also a social networking site. Although in the beginning, Twitter was not famous or used a lot by people. However, today Twitter is one of the most frequently used social networking platform. The messages shared on Twitter as called “tweets” and must be under 160 characters. These tweets, especially those by celebrities, politicians, and those which are received well by Twitter users are famous even beyond Twitter. You do not have to have a Twitter account to read tweets by anyone you like or wish to read from. However, you do need a Twitter account to re-tweet, send messages, like and share your own tweets.

Twitter has become a famous platform where the intellects share their brief thoughts on anything that they’ve discovered or find fascinating. You will also see a lot of debates going on on Twitter between various Twitter users, while the topics of the debates vary from “what is the best place to eat at” or “Who should be the next president?” and so on. On Twitter, you will also note tweet wars which basically includes who’s tweets get the most likes or re-tweets. Then, on Twitter we have something called “twitter beefs” which translates to two or more Twitter users having a conflict and this conflict is obvious through their other-directed tweets.

Block On Twitter

Anything that happens on Twitter becomes source of news or gossip in seconds. Tweets now are more than just everyday thoughts. They stand for a lot more. Take the example of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Mean Tweets” for example. That particular segment of his show includes celebrities reading all the mean tweets that have been tweeted about them. One of Twitter’s features allows Twitter users to tag someone and then type a message directed at them.

While all of this might sound like fun, Twitter also consists of tweets which can often be disturbing to many Twitter users. Often times, you get to read tweets even from those accounts that you do not follow. But disturbing tweets can be by those people who you follow on Twitter as well. Either way, when we read something that is completely against our beliefs we might hesitate in replying to that message at first. But soon, disbelief turns to reality and you wish to slap back with a “proper” reply. Other times, you simply keep quiet and try your best to mind your own business.  Say, someone in your Twitter feed tweeted saying that “There is no wage gap between men and women. Women earn just as much as men. And if they do not, that means they are not working as hard as men.” Such as tweet would disturb you a lot, especially if you are a feminist and believe in equality among both men and women. However, if you believe in say, patriarchy you just might endorse it.

Block On Twitter

When you have to deal with a plethora of tweets that you do not wish to read or come across on Twitter and you fail at ignoring them, that might just ruin your Twitter experience. In turn, you might start tweeting less, sharing less tweets on your Twitter page, liking less tweets and so on. Such a case might just divert you to use some other social networking site from scratch.

But, instead of re-starting your social media life you have the best option right there on Twitter. You can simply block anyone who posts or shares anything that is against what you belief, harmful towards you or anyone else, and is disturbing you on a higher extent.

What do we mean by block on Twitter then? When we say you can block a profile on Twitter that basically means that you will be unable to view any post, re-tweet, messages, likes and so on from that particular profile. Similarly, they will be unable to access your profile. Think of it as a key to vanishing someone’s existence from your own cyber world. This way, they can go on about their life, practice their beliefs and you can go on about your life. In turn, when you have the option to block on Twitter, your Twitter use will not be disturbed and you can tweet about your thoughts, experiences, popular trends and so on. However, now that you are aware of the ability to block on Twitter. This option goes both ways! If you can block someone on Twitter, someone can block you on Twitter too.

Block On Twitter

But on a light note, it is very easy to block on Twitter. Once you log in to your Twitter account, you will go to that specific individual’s profile. On it, you will locate a setting’s button that will look like a “gear” to be precise. Clicking on it will open a small window on that same page. On that small window you will have certain options. But, you’re only there to block them from your Twitter. So, select “Block or report” this person and click on it. Viola! As you click, you might be asked “if you are sure you want to block this person”. You will also be told what blocking this specific profile will do. If you are second guessing yourself, you can always click on “cancel” and refrain yourself from blocking them.

Block On Twitter

However, Twitter lets your reverse your actions. If you have blocked someone on Twitter, say due to personal reasons. And, you have reconciled after a week or a time period of your choosing, you might wish you did not block them on Twitter. But do not worry, If Twitter let’s you block a profile on Twitter, it also allows you to unblock them.

What do we mean by unblocking on Twitter?  It’s simple. Remember how blocking allowed you to restrain your access to their profile and their Twitter activity? Unblocking on Twitter simply allows you to reverse that and you can go back to accessing their profile. And they can access your profile in return. Remember how we said when you block on Twitter, it is a “two-edged” sword? Similarly, if you have the option of unblocking someone, Twitter allows others to unlock your profile as well!

In the end then, Twitter is a social networking website that allows Twitter users to share their messages or “tweets”, re-tweet the tweets they like, send messages to their followers or those who follow them and now it allows you to block profiles on Twitter as well. Blocking a profile on Twitter basically stands for blocking or refraining their access to your Twitter profile and tweets. It also means that you will no longer have to read tweets from them. When you block on Twitter, the action does not require “following”. You might be able to see a tweet of a profile you simply do not follow. However, you still have the option of blocking them. Reasons for blocking people on Twitter can vary from person to person. Say, you do not support a political body and their tweets stand against your beliefs. While they have to right to use their platform to say anything that feels right to them, you just might think otherwise.

Block On Twitter

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