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Not all of us love using our social media to begin chatting and sending out instant messages to people in our friend list. Because not all of us the time or the energy to invest in a good conversation. You might be someone who likes having a discussion in your personal life instead of typing a lot. Because on social media, once you begin a chat or once someone else does, it can be hard to keep a track on everything. You might be in the middle of replying to someone’s first message and before you could notice, you have about ten more messages to reply to. Now if you are slow at using a keyboard for typing, you just might get annoyed. A lot of times people do not indulge in instant messaging or even texting with their friends and family that often because it gets hard to understand what the other person is suggesting without looking at their face. You might make a joke and instead of coming back with a sharp reply, they just might type an informal laughing noise and you will begin thinking maybe they got offended because you cannot really see their face right now. And once you are someone who is not into typing long messages and sending them out people just might begin to think you are rude when really you just cannot keep up. Even the emoji keyboard might not click right with you because even though these emoji icons help you share your feelings without having to type anything, you can get lost because the interpretations are different. For example, these days’ people sext using the emoji keyboard and you might not be able to decode anything and so instead of texting and sending chat messages, you might choose another way of staying active on social media, one that does not include sending so many messages. One such area is Twitter which only takes 140 characters to allow you to express yourself and your talents and that is really it. Now on Twitter you might run into people who do not appreciate your skills and instead they begin to spam you with rude comments and so on. So in this article we will tell you how you can block or unblock someone on Twitter in case you change your mind about blocking them too!

Twitter is an application that has been around us for quite some time too. This application was launched back in was launched in 2006. In about eleven years Twitter has taken on a storm and it has become one of the most popular social media applications out there. It has so many accounts and users that as of 2016, the net worth of Twitter increased to 2.52 billion US Dollars! With its headquarters in California, United States of America, Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. Twitter is actually quite different from your usual social media interactions. This application first began as a platform for sharing news and headlines. But this online news platform was also up for social networking and soon people on Twitter began using this application to post funny tweets (statuses) and messages for other people to read. Twitter has a precise rule and it seems to be very effective and liked by its users. On Twitter, you are given 140 characters to post something for people to read. When we say characters, that also includes the spaces and the commas, pauses and so on. But as of 2016, Twitter increased these characters to 280 and allow people to state what they wish to share without having to break their tweets into two or even three pieces. But Twitter in Japanese, Korean and Chinese remains to be using the 140 characters’ rule only because their linguistics are different than other languages. Speaking of languages, Twitter is such a huge platform that it became exclusively available in languages around the globe. You can tweet and use Twitter in English, Urdu, Spanish, French, German, Tagalog and so on. Twitter now allows its users to send instant messages as well and users can also tweet pictures, videos, URL links and so on. You have people using Twitter to share news, political discussions, religious discussions, funny and comical tweets, beauty tips, daily life updates and even running a business. Celebrities often use Twitter to share news about their upcoming movies, personal life, promoting their activities, charity and so on. You can even see many televisions show and their hosts using Twitter to attract their audience about their upcoming episodes and so on. Twitter world holds everything and you can never really get bored of all the fun things you get to read on it. You can even see all the Twitter drama happening and sit back on your couch with some popcorn to read through it. With that, Twitter has a lot of spam that might just piss you off. You have people who might copy your Tweets and people who share useless links on your Twitter feed. Then people tag you in scams and you get useless notifications. There are people on Twitter who might just begin to make you angry by using sexist and racist as well as misogynistic comments on you. For such reasons then, Twitter has the option of blocking and unblocking as well in case you change your mind about an old friend or relationship. So, how do you block or unblock someone on Twitter?

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When you consider to block or unblock someone on Twitter, it is mainly due to their idiocy that no one can stand and so you wish to minimize activity from them as much as you can. If you wish to block or unblock someone on Twitter, in the following sections we will first mention how to block someone and then how to unblock someone in case you have a change of heart.

How to block or unblock someone on Twitter: Block them!

  • If you have trolls on Twitter that you wish could just go away and you could just silence the noise forever, you will have to log in to your Twitter account first.
  • Once you are logged in to your account, you will see three dots if you are using the application and if you are using the website on your browser you will see an arrow. This is the More icon so proceed with clicking on it.
  • This icon will appear next to a tweet you wish to block so just click on it and select block. Then the tweet will be blocked.

If you wish to block a profile or a person on Twitter, it will include a few steps as well:

  • When you will click on the person’s name, their profile will open.
  • On their profile, at the top you will notice a gear icon. Click on it.
  • A drop down menu will appear and it will include a lot of options you can choose.
  • From this menu, you will select block (name of the person) option.
  • Twitter will ask you if you are sure, proceed with selecting block again and you will be done!

Now remember that when you block someone, you will be unable to read any tweets from them and they will be unable to read any tweets from you. You will not be able to tag them anywhere or share their tweets and you will be unable to visit their profile. There will be an invisible wall between the two of you and none of you can peek at each other. You will be unable to view their profile pictures and comment on their tweets as well. Similar terms apply to them as well. So, in case you wish to go back to being friends with them or in case you have blocked someone by mistake, you can unblock them.

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How to block or unblock someone on Twitter: Unblock them!

  • The process of blocking someone was easy and now unblocking them is easy too. If you are using an application, you will log in to your account first of all.
  • Then you will visit the profile page of the Twitter person that you have blocked.
  • You will notice the blocked button on their profile.
  • All you need to do is select unblock and click on yes when Twitter asks you to confirm. This way they will be unblocked and you can go back to being friends again!

If you wish to unblock someone using Twitter web, you will follow this:

  • You will open your browser and visit Twitter’s site. Then you will log in to your Twitter account.
  • After that you will visit your profile through the top menu
  • In this menu you will select Blocked from the left menu area and a list of all the people whom you have blocked will appear.
  • Select the block button next to their names and you will unblock them immediately.

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And so this is how you block or unblock someone on Twitter. Hope it helped!

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