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On applications that include a set of instructions to help people connect with each other, you can create your own social network. You can become friends with previous friends, you can make new friends, you can connect with your acquaintances, long-distance relatives and your family members as well. Even if your brother, for example, is sitting in his room right across from yours, you will most likely use your social media to connect with them. Similarly, there are applications that include social networks that are a little less informal and more professional.  On such sites, the atmosphere is different. You are supposed to use these applications purely for business, finding work and making a circle that can help your career. However, regardless of how professional you are expected to behave in order to maintain a professional and rational image among others, there can be some people do indulge in a set of behaviors that are completely opposite. These individuals can become annoying and they begin to act completely unprofessional. Such individuals can be rude if they are not offered a position in a company or market they applied for. This behavior also covers businesses, markets and employers as well. You see, the internet has a lot of spam these days. You might get requests from companies to work for them say, internationally, however they might just be after your personal information only. If you have had such incidents on LinkedIn, a network for professionals, you should learn how to block someone on LinkedIn.

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On usual days, you should have a lot of positive experience on LinkedIn. You must have or you must be able to make an appropriate amount of business contacts, get the offers for freelance jobs if you are someone who wishes to pay the bills on time (We all do, anyway!) and you must have run into your old school friends from your childhood and see what they are doing with their life these days. However, if you have not had a negative experience yet, there have been numerous incidents with other people in LinkedIn and they do not report any pleasant interactions. Instead, their accounts bring in quite the opposite set of experiences that you would like to steer clear of. Individuals on LinkedIn can act idiotically and then they begin to market themselves or their companies incessantly. They can even send you quite inappropriate messages that you do not expect to read in your LinkedIn inbox at all. Because that is not what should come with a professional network. Nevertheless, fortunately you can block someone of LinkedIn quite easily and the process is very simple. We did not always have the ability to block someone on LinkedIn. However, this feature was introduced back in 2014 and that means now you can get yourself some peace of mind and a purely professional network to rely on.

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We have a list of types of behaviors and the type of people you can encounter on LinkedIn. These specifics are possible people you would want to get rid of:

  • You might meet your stalker on LinkedIn: If you find someone who will continuously send you weird messages and follow everything you do on LinkedIn while breeching the professional barriers, you need to block them.
  • You might need to block an old employee, boss or a business partner: Often times bad blood and jealousy can create bad terms between people. If they see that you are doing good in your life, they might let their grudges play out. This way, you can end up creating bad connection and experience a bad reputation on LinkedIn; one that is fake.
  • Oh, the exes are everywhere: There is a good chance that when you will be trying to create a professional network for yourself, you will run into an ex. Or they might just come to look for you. If it’s a jealous ex-partner, they can really try to harm your wellbeing.

Before you learn how to block someone on LinkedIn however, you should understand the consequences that come with it as well. Because, you yourself could also let personal bridges create a bias and block someone for that reason only. So the following is a list you should consider before we proceed with learning how to block someone on LinkedIn:

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  • When you block someone on LinkedIn, the both of you will be unable to gain any access to each other’s profile. That is right, it will create a virtual wall between the both of you. And no, it will not be a one or two sided mirror!
  • Do you know that if you block someone on LinkedIn or anywhere on social media, that means that you cannot send each other messages? This however, is the best part. Because if you are getting annoying messages and requests and spam requests as well in your inbox, blocking will take care of that.
  • When you block someone on LinkedIn, the both of you will be unable to get access to the content you share on your LinkedIn profile. You will be unable to view their pictures, their biography, any updates they post and so on.
  • When you block someone on LinkedIn, it will break your connection with each other. That means you will no longer be friends on LinkedIn and you can say goodbye to staying connected.
  • You should note this important point: When you block someone on LinkedIn this means that if they have made any recommendations for you or have conducted any endorsements for you, it will be removed. The same will happen to you. If you have created any endorsements or recommendations for them, they will go away. This is particularly good if you were played into conducting these actions for someone!
  • On LinkedIn, if you mentioned the person somewhere or anywhere, that will not be presented anymore. The same goes for you. If you were mentioned by them in comments and so on, it will be gone forever.

If you are sure about blocking someone on LinkedIn now, you can continue reading and find the actions required for removing someone from your LinkedIn page forever:

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  • The first thing you need to do is; you will go on their profile page on LinkedIn to begin with the procedure.
  • Then when you have opened their profile page, you will look for three dots. These three dotes, when clicked, will open a list of options for you. From this More Options section you will;
  • Select the report or block this person option out of the drop menu.
  • A pop up window will immediately open. This window will include their name and it will ask you to confirm your actions. If you are still sure about blocking them, you should click on “Block” again to end the process.

This will immediately block them and they will be stopped from contacting you again in life! However, there is a chance you blocked someone by mistake or due to the personal tensions between the both of you. If you have mended your relationship, then you can use a similar pathway to unblock them on LinkedIn:

  • On your profile page, there will be a “Me” Icon. You will click on it.
  • From this icon, there will be a button that says “Privacy and Settings”. You will click on it and from there on you will select Privacy.
  • Now you need to navigate to the Blocking section and from this section you will select “Change”.
  • You will find yourself a list of people you have blocked. Next to each name you have the unblock button. Find the name of the person you wish to unblock and click on the unblock option. This way you will be able to allow them back in your life once more!

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On LinkedIn, you might also require to remove a connection for any necessary reason. Because for many individuals, there is no limit to how much spam they can send around. So, things can quiet down If you just remove their connection. In order to do that, the following is a nice way of taking care of things:

  • You will visit your LinkedIn Feed page where you get all the updates from your connections.
  • From there you will click on the three dots on the right side of the name of the person you wish to remove.
  • From the menu, you will select Unfollow (Name) and then confirm this action. This will not block them but stop them from disturbing you.

Well folks, this is how you block and unblock someone on LinkedIn. We hope you found this tutorial easy. Even if you do not have someone to block on LinkedIn, you should keep the knowledge of how to with you just in case! It is always better to manage whom you connect with on LinkedIn so that you do not have to take extra time from your day to block them on LinkedIn because many times, people ignore doing so for plenty of other reasons!

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