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Learn How to Block Unblock Kik with Ease

A lot of people wonder what Kik is. It sounds like a funny little word but the truth is this funny little word holds a lot of meaning in the tech world. Kik is a messenger app which at the time of its launch revolutionized the way people communicated with people they have met online. But now Kik is as much part of our daily lives as any other social media platform or messenger app.

You might be wondering what makes Kik so much more special than other messenger application and the answer to this is simple; because these other messenger applications usually require your number, your real name or basically some personal information about you. All Kik wants is what username you want for yourself and that the username should be unique; that is it!

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It is an accepted fact now that a lot of people meet people online. This might be purely for friendship, for support or for romantic interests. We cannot change this fact or pretend that this is not happening. So why not accept it and come up with ways people can do this safely instead of treating it as a non-problem. This where Kik comes in; it provides people a way to communicate with others without giving away private information about themselves. This is a great thing since you can never be too careful about people you have met online. This way you can get to know someone over an appropriate period of time online with Kik messenger and them provide them with private details about yourself when you think you are ready.

With Kik you can talk to people with only having to register a username and having theirs; that is all you need. And it is totally up to you whether you provide any other personal information about yourself. This way you can stop talking to them if things do not work out and they will not have your personal details and information which will keep things much more simple.

So where did Kik begin?

A lot of people do not really know the real story behind Kik. So basically Kik was developed by some students at the University of Waterloo who wanted to have a messenger application which was safe for people to use; essentially where people would not have to give their private information. This made them develop Kik messenger as a place where people could talk to one another through just the use of usernames. It was officially launched in 2010 and within a week had over 1 million users! Having one million users on any application is a huge feat but to do it within one week is phenomenal. A lot of people attributed Kik’s success to Twitter since this is where the application really took off and people started sharing it with one another as an easier way to talk to each other and get to know one another.

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The idea was a massive success and the user base for Kik just kept on growing from then onwards. In 2016 it was estimated that about 40% of teens in America still actively use Kik. But this has also caused severe backlash for the application since a lot of its users are young people who are underage. This brings up the question of child safety online. Since Kik does not have parental controls or any way to keep adults or people posing as children to contact someone underage they get a lot of heat. However the company says they are always working towards making Kik a safer user experience for everyone involved.

Even with the constant criticism the application has only grown and gotten more users. This is why Kik has needed to get financers on board so they would be able to sustain their growing user base and continue to provide a great service which did not have ads or anything which would hinder or diminish user experience. Thus in 2015, when Tencent, a Chinese global company offered Kik a great deal of money in order for them to become their parent company, Kik readily accepted the contract. This meant that Kik would have to work under Tencent but they were more than happy to do so because Tencent provided them not only capital but expertise since they owned WeChat as well. TenCent was ecstatic at this new development because according to them this now meant that they owned a company which they did not doubt would one day become the WeChat of the West. In fact they were very excited about this and made sure this fact got a lot of publicity.

Kik has since then not had a major problem in terms of securing finance. They are currently still focused on ways to make the Kik user experience great for everyone and are regularly addressing all the concerns people with their platform. It is at times hard to keep up with the complaints but Kik is a company which constantly tries to do so. This is probably the reason why the company is so successful even 7 years from when it started. In between there were certain points in time when people totally assumed and expected that Kik would shut down but the company survived and even thrived.

It is very important for Kik users to know everything there is to know about the application. This means they should know how to block unblock kik users, delete people and much more. For the content of this article however, we will specifically focus on how to block unblock kik users. Keep reading to know how you can do this.

There are a few shortcomings of this feature of blocking someone on Kik. While we will teach you how to block unblock Kik users we must still tell you that this might not be enough since on Kik you can only block a username and if the person makes another username they can totally message you again. And you will have to repeat the entire how to block unblock Kik process on them again on their new profile and username.

But thankfully the entire process of how to block unblock Kik users is very easy so even if you have to block dozens of usernames you will be able to do it with ease and should not run into any problems!

  1. Block Someone on Kik

Like we mentioned earlier in this article we will discuss both how to block unblock Kik users. So let us first talk about how to block someone on Kik. When you have a username which is annoying you on kik you are in every right to block them. If you do not want to interact with someone there is no reason you should have to hence you can block them in one swift motion.

Go to the profile of the user you intend to block. Select the option which says ‘more’ and then tap the block option. This will block the username. If you choose to unblock this article will talk about how to block unblock Kik so you will learn that in a little bit. But again we must stress that this will block the username not the person so they can fully come up with a different username in order to talk to you. But of course with your new found knowledge of how to block unblock Kik you can block them as well!

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  1. Unblock Someone on Kik

Someone out of spite we block some people or in a moment of anger. And if we already know how to block unblock Kik we might exercise this knowledge too frequently. So if you blocked someone hastily you always have the option to unblock them as well. Like we said in this post we will teach you both; how to block unblock Kik user.

So when you decide to unblock someone merely go to the gear symbol in your Kik app. Once you have entered this new page upon clicking the gear symbol, click on the option which says ‘Privacy’ and once you have done that tap on the option which says ‘Block List’. Now look for the user you want to unblock. Once you have found them you can click on ‘unblock username’ and then carry on your conversation with them as if nothing happened. Now you know how to how to block unblock Kik users! Yes it is that easy!

  1. Something to Remember

While having the knowledge of how to block unblock Kik users is very important it is also very important for you to know that this will not keep the person away from you forever because they might be making other accounts to get to you. Thus the best way to deal with this is by changing your own username and getting a new account. If learning how to block unblock Kik was not enough to get rid of the person it might benefit you to totally block them from your life by starting anew with your new Kik username.

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