What is Bot Net?

Have you ever observed your computer all of a sudden slow down to a crawling speed for no obvious reason? Of course we all have at least been there once and it is not like there is a huge trouble with your PC but it could just be that your PC has other tasks on their hand and these other tasks include things like attacks on other PCs as a section of the Bot net which runs under the influence of hackers or the “bad guys” as we may say it.

Now you may wonder how this is possible even when your anti-virus is updated to the latest version. We will be telling you the right answer to this.

Bot Net is the software which gets installed on PCs by any user who get fooled into opening it. This software may very well present itself as a legal product such as an anti-virus software when all in all it is a malicious spyware which if infiltrates your device will provide access to your system to all the hackers and malware developers who will then silently install things like Bot Net-enabling software. This article will guide you all on what Bot Net is and how you can avoid it from infecting your computer or your PC.

Let’s look into what Bot Net is

The Bot Net intrusion software systematically configures your PC to get instructions from any master entity which operates under the control of a particular bot net owner who basically is a hacker or a malware cyber criminal who has successfully brought your PC from the person who infiltrated your device.

You read that absolutely right! Some people not only infect your PC but then earn money by simply selling off your device and its rights to any hacker who can use your device to set out attacks on other devices in the nearest vicinity. This can boggle one’s brains definitely! This is just like someone selling our your vehicle to another person while I was parked in some mall and then placing it back in its place so that you never find out what it was gone in the first place.

A traditional Bot Net comprises of multiple devices or computers in this case which are under the control of a central command and one control terminal. Hackers are fond of using bit nets because it lets you connect the computer power and the resources of the network of every computer under the control of a particular Bot Net to place attack on one target. Such attacks are knows as the distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Many of these hackers also have the ability to blackmail many targets forcing them to make a payment in exchange of stopping these attacks. Many businesses will end up making this payment or the blackmail money just to get their computers up and running till they can configure a more effective way to deal with the attacks.

How can these Bot Nets become so extensive?

Malware software developers who end up developing the Bot Net make their payments using the malware affiliate marketing programs to individuals who have agreed to complete the installation of their malware on devices of the victims of these hacks. They will end up paying even $250 or more for every 1000 “installations”. So if one enterprises these bad people then these people will end up using every method that it takes to fool the users into installing this bot nets. They will put spam links in the emails, post these links on web forums, set up faulty websites and would go to any extent to trick people into installing this crap.

How can we stop these hackers from victimizing our Computers?

Following are some of the common prevention strategies that you can use to prevent these hackers from infiltrating your computer.

  1. Invest in a Malware-Specific Scanner

The virus scanners is an amazing way at locating viruses but is not well equipped to locate the Scareware and such types of malware software. So it is important that you should invest in something like the Malwarebytes which is well equipped in locating the malware that infiltrates and evades the radar of the conventional virus scanners.

  1. Try using a “Second Opinion” Scanner

Just like we end up getting second opinions with our doctors we must do the same with our virus scanners for our PC so that the second option is able to catch anything that the first scanner may have overlooked. You will be shocked to see how much can one software overlook which others are capable of detecting.

  1. You must always beware of the Fake Anti-Virus Software that you may install

Now when you are searching for effective malware prevent6ion programs you may end up downloading something that is infected with malware which can happen a lot of times when you haven’t researched on the software properly. You must do an extensive research on the product to find any suspecting reports that claim that product to be fake or harmful so that you know what you are installing before you end up regretting it later on. You must avoid downloading any link that appears on a pop up window or is sent to you through an unknown email address. These are the mediums used by many hackers to deliver you the malicious software.

If you want to add the extra layer of caution to make sure that the malicious software infiltration is gone for good then you must create a complete back up of your PC, remove all the computer’s data to make sure that the malicious software is gone for good and then save everything again using the created back up.

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