The Top Camera Ring Lights!

Camera ring lights were invented for the people who belong to oral hygiene industry, to help dentists get better photos of their patients’ teeth. But afterwards it is started to use in many other area like for makeup tutorials and selfies. Camera Ring lights have all kinds of shapes and sizes and come in cheap and expensive version. Whether you’re trying to lift your photo and video quality to a professional level, or just want to take better selfies on a budget, we’ve found the best ring lights for cameras on the market today.

If you wish to channelize the professional photographer in you then read this article to know all about the Best Camera Ring Lights that you can invest in.

The List of the Best Camera Ring Lights

So if you cannot wait to spend your savings or at least a bit of those on the Camera Ring Lights than the following list would come in handy. It comprises of the best Camera Ring Lights models that you can buy and start using however read all the details thoroughly and then choose the appropriate one for yourself.

1.      UBeesize camera Ring Light

This camera ring light is best in smartphones category .If you’re just looking for an inexpensive ring light to use with your phone, this UBeesize model ticks all the right boxes

The shorter 14″ section of the stand has an adjustable smart phone holder at the end that fits most devices; while the longer 27″ part holds the ring light itself. Both pieces use an adjustable gooseneck design, and the phone holder also rotates to switch between portrait and landscape shooting.

Powered via USB from a laptop, portable battery, or wall socket, the 24-LED light has a small inline remote for selecting one of ten brightness levels and three color temperatures.

2.      Neewer LED Ring Light 14″

The Neewer LED Ring Light 14″ is best portable camera ring lights. It weighs around five pounds and extends to 61″, and has all of the same other accessories as its larger, sibling models, from color filters to Bluetooth remote.At 36W with 180 LEDs, the light output isn’t quite as high as the larger model, but is still very bright and more than enough for most situations. Again, there’s a sliding dimmer switch if you need it. The water-resistant carry case fits the lamp and accessories, with handles on top for ease of carrying. To avoid damaging the LEDs, the stand doesn’t fit inside the case but rather folds up to a compact, travel-friendly size

3.      Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

This camera ring lights provides best selfies on the go . The 36-LED ring light clips over the top of the phone—although it’s designed primarily for use with the front/selfie camera, it works equally well with most rear cameras, and can even attach to laptops, desktop monitors, or similar. The inside of the unit uses a soft, padded foam to ensure no marks or scratches are left on whatever you’re attaching it to

The non-removable battery lasts up to eight hours, and charges from the micro-USB cable that comes in the box or any other you have lying around. A button on the top switches between three light intensities and the highest setting is impressively bright for such a small device. It is a device, which take a best selfie at a cheap price.

4.      Best Budget Ring Flash for Nikon DSLRs: VILTROX JY670

This camera ring lights is best budget ring flash. It is best for macro shots that can works with your Nikon DSLR. It comes in a cheap price and its affordable non other like Viltrox offering inexpensive ring flash options. The JY670N’s flash unit attaches to the standard camera hot shoe, with a cable and dual-LED setup that connects to the front of the lens. Six adapter rings are included, ranging in size from 49 to 67mm, and there’s a soft bag to keep everything together.

Effective between approximately 8″ and 16′, the light output of each LED is separately controllable, with 80-degree coverage in either direction. There’s full i-TTL support, along with multi-flash and manual flash, all configurable via an LCD screen on the back.

5.      Best Budget Ring Flash for Canon DSLRs: YONGNUO YN-14EX

Canon DSLR also comes to affordable ring flash options and owner of them and has a extra features in a cheap price and of course tag like Canon is the best in the world. The Yongnuo YN-14EX looks and works very similarly to the Viltrox version, with the main unit attaching to the camera’s hot shoe adapter, connected to a circular dual-LED lighting setup mounted on the lens.

The flash has support for both PC Sync and through-the-lens (TTL) metering. Each LED can be configured separately via the large LCD screen on the back of the flash. Four adapter rings for 52-72mm lenses are included in the box, with a durable protective case rounding out the list of accessories.

Power is provided by four AA batteries, but if you’re planning on shooting all day, there’s support for an external battery pack as well.

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