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    Content Manager: Editorial and Digital Management of my Company

    The Content Manager is a profile that is both editorial and digital. Its mission is to create and animate digital content (texts but also images, videos, etc.) for a company, a brand, an institution, a product or a personality. Different from the community manager, the content manager no longer thinks of the creation, management and distribution […] More

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    Here Are 9 Content Writing Ideas For Your Business

    If you are a small business owner or starting a business soon, publishing guest posts, articles, blog posts, and creating forums is the best way to make your business visible and give your brand a name by sharing your expertise and knowledge. According to a survey, small businesses with blogs make 128% more sales than […] More

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    Use Twitter for Business and Make Your Brand Grow

    What do you use Twitter for or believe other people use it for? Is it simply to send out your thoughts into the world, whatever they may be? For social movements started with simple hashtags? Or the many feuds and spats you see between famous people? Maybe you simply use it to follow the lives […] More

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    The Top 2 Tools to find email addresses!

    In today’s word of social networking, we can easily locate anyone’s Facebook profile, Snapchat ID, Instagram Page, Twitter feeds and even LinkedIn profiles however there aren’t many tools to find email addresses for the same people whose social media accounts you can find in seconds! People usually keep their email addresses safe for many reasons […] More