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Snapchat is a very popular social media application that people love to use. Everyone you know has a Snapchat account even if they do not post anything they might send snaps to their friends or even just have a Snapchat account to look at other peoples’ Snapchat stories. Whatever you do with Snapchat one thing is for certain; it is one hell of an entertaining application.

Social media is meant to connect people to other people hence the world social in it. Snapchat has been key in promoting people and having their creativity come out. It is a great application to put your content on and not get comments or likes so you feel okay with it and not overwhelmed with engagement. This is one of the reasons why celebrities have taken to the app so much. They do not have to be bombarded with comments or messages from fans but can just post about their day or whatever they want to post and let their fans know what they are up to. Not to mention Snapchat is a great way for celebrities to stay on brand and keep their fans interested and invested in them; something which is very important.

There are so many celebrities who have whole heartedly embraced Snapchat and routinely post hilarious things on their Snapchat accounts. This list will tell you of all the various celebrity on Snapchats to follow so if you like being entertained then this is best list for you to see.

A lot of times we adore celebrities and want to have an insight into their lives so we can know how they truly live and Snapchat is a great way to have a look into their everyday life so enjoy this list of celebrity on Snapchats to follow and you never know some of these might just be your favorite!

Some celebrities really use Snapchat in a great way and make their viewers always laugh. Not just comedians but celebrities in general since they love their fans this is I  suppose in a way to keep their fans interested and to make them see the humble and down to earth side of the celebrities. A lot of the celebrities on this list are the young generation and it is not surprising since they are the ones who use social media the most especially an application such as Snapchat. This is a great list of Celebrity on Snapchats to Follow.

So enjoy our list of celebrity on Snapchats to follow and we hope you  find some great accounts to follow so you are entertained constantly.

  1. John Mayer (@JohnTheKangaroo)

If you were a teenager in the early 2000s then you were in love with John Mayer. This is a fact; this was the ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ era and everyone was pining after Mayer and his husky vocals. However, now the newer generation get to experience a middle aged John Mayer like never before. Not a lot of people know but Mayer has frequently dabbled in comedy and does very low key shows for a select audience but on his Snapchat you can view John Mayer’s funny bone in all its glory. The singer has incredibly funny snaps that will not fail to make your day. So if you like to laugh then you definitely need to follow John Mayer on Snapchat right now!

  1. Josh Peck (@JoshuaPeck)

Remember coming home from school and watching Drake and Josh on television while you ate some snacks. So you probably associate good times with both Drake and Josh. And keeping in line with brand of being a humorous guy; Josh Peck has a very hilarious Snapchat. He usually does characters which he has different accents and mannerisms for and will do them regularly and do segments with them. And even without the characters he is pretty funny when he is just being himself too.

  1. Jeffree Star (@JeffreeDahmer)

If you like make up and drama then you need to follow Jeffree Star right now! Jeffree rose to fame in the early 2000s when he was one of the most popular MySpace accounts with the most friends on the website. He then turned the MySpace fame into something more tangible by launching a music career and then finally venturing into the cosmetics industry by launching Jeffree Star Cosmetics which has now made him into a very rich man. And not to mention how he has made his YouTube channel into a success with over 6 million subscribers. His success has been monumental. On Jeffree’s Snapchat you will see his everyday life, a lot of drama that somehow follows him around, his pack of adorable dogs and his everyday life. Jeffree’s brand of sarcasm will have you on the floor laughing; make sure you follow his Snapchat. If you have to only one celebrity on Snapchats to follow then make it Jeffree!

  1. Kylie Jenner (@Kylizzlemynizzl)

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If you follow celebrity dramas closely you might be chuckling at the fact that we mention Kylie Jenner right after we talk about Jeffree Star and honestly this was totally intentional! If you cannot get enough of Kylie’s real life even with her reality television show then it is time you follow her on Snapchat for the real behind the scenes into her life. She posts make up products, food she is eating, who she is with, what she is doing and also there is a lot of drama. Kylie is known for calling out people on her Snapchat whether by name or by subtle references. So if you want a celebrity on Snapchats to follow, then make sure Kylie is one of them so you can keep up with her in more than one way!

  1. Miranda Kerr (@MirandaKerr)

If you already did not know then here is some news for you; Miranda Kerr is a supermodel who just happens to be married to the founder of Snapchat; Evan Spiegel. So make sure you follow Mrs. Snapchat! She posts a lot of pictures of herself on shoots, her daily life, pictures of her son, her travels and much more. With her Snapchat you get to look at the glamorous life of a supermodel and not so glamorous life of a mom. Miranda is truly a supportive wife and uses Snapchat very frequently. So if you want a celebrity on Snapchats to follow then make sure it’s the woman who happened to marry the guy who found the app itself!

  1. Ellen DeGeneres (@Ellen)

If you cannot get enough of the laughs that Ellen induces when she is hosting her show then you immediately need to follow her on Snapchat. This is because Ellen has a great Snapchat feed where usually the celebrities who are going to be featured on her show are the ones you will see on her Snapchat while they are in the green room and waiting to go on to the show. This is a great way to see your favorite celebrities behind the scenes goofing off so you really need to follow Ellen as one of the Celebrity on Snapchats to Follow.

  1. Gigi Hadid (@DoubleGiForce)

This supermodel really knows how to entertain her fans and followers. She is currently dating singer and all round hunk Zayn Malik and he is a regular feature on her Snapchat. So you get double the beauty on one Snapchat account. So make sure you follow her to see her travels, her shoots, her daily life and more. A lot of times models do not have much of a fan following and are only seen as faces and not personalities but Gigi has totally changed this with how she interacts with her fans and how she has become a total personality apart from her modeling career.

  1. Joe Jonas (@JoseAdam)

Remember when you loved the Jonas Brothers and used to fight your friends on which Jonas brother was yours. Well they might have broken up but the brothers are usually in the limelight because of something they are up to. Joe has kept his celebrity in place with his hilarious Snapchat account. If you want to have a good laugh then you really need to make Joe one of the celebrity on Snapchats to follow. His snaps usually feature himself or him with his friends and the result is always hilarious so do not forget to follow him!

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  1. Ariana Grande (@MoonlightBae)

While Ariana Grande is one of the best singers of her generation she also happens to be one of the seemingly most personable celebrities. Ariana is a self titled flower child and you can actually see that in the way she carries herself. She is all about promoting acceptance and self love so make sure you follow Ariana not just for inspiration and what not but also because of how she shares her personal life with her fans. From all of the celebrity on Snapchats to follow she has a feed which is incredibly mellow and filled with self love lessons.

We hope you enjoyed this compilation of Celebrity on Snapchats to Follow in a list and that you follow some of them soon!

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