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Today we have many social media applications that we can use easily. We have a variety and within the variety we have endless amount of options that we can use. You can set these applications according to categories now. You can categories that includes applications for gaming, applications for chatting, applications for studying, applications to store your data, applications for booking appointments, applications for connecting with your friends and family, applications to keep track of your fitness, applications that are for entertainment, applications that allow you to keep track of your events, applications that allow you to download music, applications that tell you time, applications that allow you to block people, applications that allow you to make free calls, applications that help you sketch and so on. We are breathless but we can keep on naming applications. But the point here is that social media is all around us and there are various applications out of these categories that are quite popular. They begin becoming popular at a local community level and then they grow from there on wards. Since everyone around the world begins using such applications, especially the ones for entertainment, you do not want to waste anytime before beginning your own account with such popular applications as well. One such application that comes under that category of entertainment is Snapchat. Now this application has made the top slot of our hottest applications of today’s era so far. When we discover that all our friends and family are using Snapchat, we might just hurry up and make our own accounts before we lose any more of that fun we can have. Now, when you are creating an account with any social media application, it will require for you to come up with an username that basically helps set your account separately from other users. It becomes your identifier and it only links to you. But the problem is; not all of us are creative geniuses during all hours of the day. Sometimes, you just want to get it over with. Your mind will not always work best to come up with usernames that you would normally use for yourself. And so, in this article you will find out whether or not you can change Snapchat username. And if you can, how can you change Snapchat username? Stay tuned even if you do not wish to change anything because you just might need to do that later in your life!

Back in 2014, we had millions of users on Snapchat that experienced the devastated consequences by hackers. Many of the accounts on Snapchat were leaked and that led many of Snapchat users to question whether they could come up with a better way to protect themselves and so they turned to deciding to change their usernames so they could get off the list of hackers. But the problem enraged Snapchat users when even after such an unfortunate event in the history of Snapchat application, the team concerned with Snapchat did not allow individuals to change Snapchat usernames. And so, no such update was made. However, this action was supported by Snapchat by their concern regarding security as well. Either way, if you find it necessary to change your username for a variety of reasons or no reason at all, there are options that you can apply to make it work.

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Before we move on there is one important thing that we would like to clarify because this aspect of Snapchat confuses a lot of people. Now if you are someone who has been trying really hard to find a way to change Snapchat username, you must have come across many websites on the internet that promise and guarantee to help you out with that. They provide you with directions and so on and then you get your hopes up. Now the issue here is that when they are teaching you how to change your Snapchat username, they are probably confusing your Snapchat username with your Snapchat display name. Now your Snapchat username is the title that you use to log in to your account on Snapchat. It is distinct and different for everyone. Whereas, your Snapchat display name is your name that appears on the screen. This can be similar for many people. For example, if your name is Laura Lee as a display name, you might find a friend on Snapchat with Laura Lee as her display name as well. This is the name people will notice and read when they are chatting with you over Snapchat. You should also note down that Snapchat allows users to set their display name and with that, it also allows user sot re-change their display name whenever they like. This is different from your Snapchat username which is officially not changeable. But in the following section now we will help you figure out how to change Snapchat username!

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There is one and only gruesome way that you can use to change Snapchat username. It includes the harsh decision to delete your Snapchat account. Remember that you must only take this step if you are really worried regarding your log in credentials and you think that you are at a risk of being hacked. You might want to change your username because it is simply not creative enough for you. You might think that your username does not set the tone of your account right. With that, like many usernames, your Snapchat username simply does not reflect your personality at all. These other reasons are minor for most people. Many of the readers here might just be concerned about securing their Snapchat account only. But, if you are someone who is being greatly disturbed by their Snapchat username, you should proceed with deleting your account as well. Now do not worry, once you delete your Snapchat username, you are not black listed from the Snapchat community. You have the option of coming back and joining the fun again. But you must remember that once you sign up again, you need to remember not to use the same username as your previous one. This is because Snapchat will simply not allow it to happen since your username has already been used by you previously. The second reason why you cannot use the same Snapchat username is because well, why would you want to go back to where you started from? Without any delay then, we are going to move on with teaching you how to delete your Snapchat account so that you can change Snapchat username.

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Now in order to begin with deleting your Snapchat account (Do not panic right now, everything will be fine!), you should note down that deleting your account will take away all your activity with it. You will not have friends on Snapchat anymore because you will have deleted your account. If you were following a celebrity on Snapchat, you have to say good bye to them too, for now. And if you had won any trophies on Snapchat you are going to lose them forever. With that, you should also save your Bitmoji so that you can use it again with your new Snapchat account because it will get deleted with your account. So before moving ahead, store all the important usernames for your friends and family.

Now you will open your Snapchat application. In the application from the main menu, swipe down to open the drop menu. In the corner, you will see the ghost icon. This will be on your left hand side. You have to tap on this icon and then from there on you can visit your settings. Your settings tab will be in the upper right side corner. From the settings you are going to tap on Support which you will find under the section of More Information in Settings. In this section, you will notice a search bar. In this search bar, you are going to type “Delete My Account” and hit enter. A message is going to appear as soon as you select this option. It will give you a link to your deletion page. You have to open this link to move ahead. In this page now, you are going to enter all your accurate username and then accept that you want to delete your account by clicking on Continue. Ensure that you wish to proceed and then your account will be deleted permanently and immediately. However, you will still have the chance to re-think everything because Snapchat gives you the option of thinking for thirty days regarding your choice.  Within the period of thirty days then, if you wish to go back to the same username, just log in with your previous username and password and save your account.

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Otherwise, you can just go ahead and create a new account with a new username using the sign up procedure. It will require a phone number, email address, password and your new username.

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