Did You Move? Here’s How You Can Change Your Location on Tinder!

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If you are someone young you must have used an online dating application; Tinder to be more specific. Dating applications are popular among all age groups however, the era of online dating is mainly attractive to individuals under fifty years of age if we look at the age demographics. So, if you are still single and if you wish to find someone in your life; it can be serious or purely a love game! Tinder is the dating application that will be most suitable for you. Now you might think that you dating applications are completely off the hook and you might be someone who does not understand online dating at all. Imagine this scenario- You go to your local bar every Saturday and you sit on the bar trying to flirt with the bartender each day because you cannot simply find anyone else out there who is according to your taste. You do get approached by various men or women, however things just do not escalate for either of you. And so you simply give up on finding love. The problem is that many people whom you could date have shifted to internet dating already. Using Tinder has become more convenient for many of us already. Now you might think that because you travel a lot, Tinder cannot help you find love or a simple and casual hook up. But with Tinder your possibilities do not end just because you shift from place to place. If the application is not giving you a suitable match whenever you shift, that is because your location for Tinder is old. So in this article, you are going to learn how to change your location on Tinder to get your life in order!

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If you are not a regular Tinder user, you might not know this piece of information. When Tinder has to help you find suitable matches, this application takes your location and then searches the radius around it so that you can begin swiping. If you are a Tinder plus user, you can get four locations in total to choose your swipes from. You should subscribe to Tinder plus only if you live in a larger city or metropolitan area. You might also need to set four locations for yourself if you live in the middle of two cities or in the outskirts of your country area. However, if you are someone who travels from country to country or city to city, you need techniques to help you find matches everywhere you go. You might think that Tinder is largely for American locations only since Tinder is an American dating application. However, since Tinder became hugely successful the founders of this application were able to spread their operations across the globe. Now if you are travelling from America to France, you can get yourself some French nationals to date. And if you are travelling back from France to America, Tinder will still be working hard to find you potential dates.

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Before we begin, for first timers, we should clarify how Tinder works. We have already mentioned the rule of location according to Tinder. Now, Tinder makes profile cards for its users. Each user who is able to see a profile card can get relevant information and then choose to swipe right if they like your card. The other user gets a notification and then they are able to see your profile card as well with the option of picking the swipe right option or the swipe left option. If you choose to swipe right, that means you accept their match and since this algorithm is mutual, both of you are able to hit it off by chatting with each other. However, if any one of you swipes the other way (One swipes right and the other swipes left) then you will be unable to hit anything off.  And folks, that is the simple way Tinder works for everyone. Now, let’s move on with changing our location on Tinder. There are two main ways that you can use in order to change your location on Tinder and they will be mentioned in the following sections.

Change your location on Tinder using Tinder Plus:

We previously mentioned Tinder Plus, however we did not introduce what Tinder Plus actually is. This is the premium version of Tinder and when we say premium, we mean you have to make some payments to additional features that can bring ease to your Tinder experience. Now if you do not wish to get into a fuss regarding changing your location, this is your easiest and the most quick way to do so. The problem here is that it was cost you an approximate amount of $9.99 per month if you are someone who is under the age of thirty. However, if you are over the age of thirty, this upgrade will cost you about $19.99 each month. Your love is truly going to come to you with a price tag now!

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However, this upgraded version of Tinder allows you to change your location fairly easily. This is especially helpful when you are travelling or when you live closer to a city but not within the range of the city. Because you see, Tinder works at its best for finding you matches if you are living in a city where there are more people residing.
On Tinder plus then, you have an option called “Passport”. From this option, you can set as many locations as you want. However, at one time span it will only store approximately four locations. If at the same time, you will choose a fifth location, your first location will be removed to make some space for the additional one. And this cycle will continue as you travel from location to location. The good thing about this option is that whenever Tinder is able to notice that you have arrived at a new location, it gives you a noob boost. This significantly helps your visibility to others and you can immediately find a match as you arrive on a new land!

Change your location on Tinder: Just fake it!

Now many of us will probably be unable to afford Tinder Plus. If you wish to change your location on Tinder then, there is a longer way that you can take. In order to execute this hit or miss plan to change your location on Tinder, you must be on an Android mobile device. This way you will be able to manually spoof your location through your device’s GPS. The first thing you need to do now is open your Google Play store and in the search bar you will type “GPS Spoofer” and from here you will be able to find plenty of applications that will allow you to fake your GPS location. All you have to do here is install one of such applications. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed one, you will move on with the procedure.

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You need to open your Setting from your Android device’s menu. From the Settings, you are going to select the “About Device” option and click on the “Build Number” for approximately seven times. This way you will be able to access your device’s “Developer Mode”. From the Developer Mode’s menu, you need to find “Allow mock locations”. Once you have successfully executed this, you will set your fake GPS location application as your default application for this purpose. Now go back to your Settings and open “Location” from there.

From the Location tab you will select “Mode” and change its settings to device only. Lastly, you are going to launch Tinder and go to its Settings. From the settings menu of Tinder you will open Discovery. Simple change your Search Distance to something other than that and Tinder will be forced to acquire your location again. Well there you go then, you have successfully faked your location and you can now start swiping on people!

Now Tinder is aware of this trick and they are working on blocking people from using this way to divert their locations. If you wish to change your location on Tinder, you might be unable to do so through the latest version of Tinder. If you want then, you should download an older version of Tinder to help you out. On older versions of Tinder application this trick still works. With that you should also make sure that you do not set Tinder on automatic updates. Because without noticing then, your application will be upgraded and the magic of this trick will fade away.

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You can also use an application known as “Everywhere for Tinder”. You simply need to install this application in your device and follow similar steps to set this application as your default. This application simply helps you with using fake GPS locations to enable adding more locations on Tinder. This way, you can find Tinder matches from other nearby areas as well.

Oh the things you must do in order to find love or just casual hook ups for yourself! Good luck.

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