Choosing Instagram Names is Like Choosing Baby Names, Stressful, Let me Help with that

So, were all millennials, here right? If you’re not then Sir, Ma’am, this article might help you more than the rest. Social Media for you and me is like what gossiping was for old people and the older generation. Social media is not only the single most amazing thing that we made and discovered for this generation but also the single most communicable thing too. I know I know, everyone keeps telling you to get off your phone and talk to real and actual people but seriously, who has the time?

I get why people say that though because they want us millennials to be social and talk and get to know each other but can I get everyone to agree here that the real person and his/her/their personality REALLY comes out when they are on the internet. To support you and this argument it would be safe to say that people are deceptive on face value but on the internet, it gets real man, really quick.

So, in this article you will get a bit of humor, sarcasm and most simple and quick understanding of the situation and what you can do to actually get a great Instagram name.

Why Do You Need a Good Instagram Name?

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Well, why not! We live in the world of social media and a world where if you want to get in contact with anyone and if you want to know about someone all you need to do is go on their social media profile and you will find stuff about their past, likes, exes (though recommended not do that) and what they do in their spare time, as in, are they murderers or if they have a Pokémon collection. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but one must know.

Instagram, is the second fastest social media app and I will not tell you which one is the first because I am loyal to Instagram right now and I want favors, kidding! Moving on, it is essential that you have a great name on this account because people will search you on this name and then they will see your name and get a first impression. These are the following things that will happen:

  • You need a good name so that you can make great first impressions.
  • The reason why you need to make great impressions is that you are going to make lifelong friends with this.
  • These friends that you make will probably bond with you over similar likes and fangirl over your favorite movies, actors, and genres.
  • If you don’t have a catchy name someone very important may overlook you and that cant happen because this is 2017 and you can do better than that girl! (when I say, girl, I say it in a gender-neutral way).
  • You can bond with people with similar interests like, if you are a fan of Harry Potter then it is more likely that you would like to follow someone with a Harry Potter associated name. it would spark your interest and make you want to make a connection.

We all know and you know that as it’s 2017 and the world is going downhill the only thing keeping you sane is your friends and social media. If it weren’t for Instagram what would you do if you didn’t get 24/7 update about all the people all over the world?

What Will This Article Do for You?

Instagram Wallpaper

What an excellent question. It’s a free country and you have every right to know that why should you bother spending your time reading this article if its no use for you. Well, this is why this article is good for you:

  • This article will provide you full disclosure as to what constitutes a good Instagram name and what doesn’t.
  • This article will also provide you a safe space to think over and send names and ideas that you may think are important because this is the modern age and we hear like to value our client’s opinion.
  • This will also increase your chances of joining a random group and so, you will be receiving recommendations for fandom words too.
  • Although this article is not focusing on bashing anyone who doesn’t understand social media if you are someone who hates social media and are reading this article then all I can say to you is that it’s a judgment-free world and I am here to provide judgment-free help so please don’t judge my friend!

How to Choose a Good Instagram Name

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So, this is the part of the article that has you waiting, isn’t it? How does one just choose an Instagram name? it the most difficult decision to make. Do you go for your own name only, but would not that get too personal? Should you then add numbers but then that just becomes too high school and you know you don’t want to revisit those memories. So, it needs to be something that is you but not you but also hides you from potential family hawks. Great, so all the hard work is supposed to be done by me and all you need to do is sit and read this article? Cool, cool, cool, cool.

So, these are the things you need to look for when getting and trying to figure out a name for your Instagram Account:

  • Make sure that the name you choose is something that you can give out in public. Don’t keep names that are, funny in private and friends, but if you need to give it to someone else then it causes embarrassment.
  • Also, pick a name that is funny but not stupid. Like its goofy but also doesn’t show that you are immature and are child-like. Unless you are a child in which case get of Instagram and go to school.
  • Come up with a name that is catchy and people remember. If your name is boring or super complicated then it will be very hard for you make friends and for them to actually remember the name.
  • Again, it’s 2017, no one rights down names because of it uncool so your name needs to be short and easy to understand and remember so that it is memorable and funny and not at all forgetful.

Problems You May Face and How to Fix Them

instagram crashes after login

Some of the many problems that you may face when trying to get a new name for your account is the following things:

  • Instagram is the 2nd most used social website in the whole world. It has over 500 million users and so the chances that a creative name that you came up with on the spit is already taken and then you will have to go through the disappointment and you will need to get another name.
  • Try adding a few extra characters in the beginning or in the end to make it unique but not so unique that you yourself forget your username.
  • Go to google, write down Instagram names and press on the google generator. This will then randomly pop out names that you can manipulate and make personal so that it can help you get an awesome name.
  • And then, the old grammar comes to power. Try adding the noun and verb together to make a weird two-word half sentence and completely own the boss name changing game.

Some of the Best Instagram Names

  • ElfishPresley
  • ITellAllMySecrets
  • ItWasntMe
  • AdolfCriter
  • Sir-Loin
  • HotUSernameHere
  • ISaidNo
  • IWantFood

What to do If You Get Stuck?


The answer to this question is simple and plain. If you get a mind blocking when trying to think about and for a name, all you need to do is take a break. I would say take a KitKat but since they aren’t sponsoring me I will not say it. (but I love KitKat). Go to the kitchen, make a sandwich, your own sandwich an no one else’s, then go back, sit on a couch, put your legs up on the coffee table knowing that you will want to hear the end of it but whatever. Then just sit there and drink coffee and just relax.

Sometimes, when you put your mind through a lot of stress it stops working and all you hear and see then is the same thing over and over again. You then need to detach yourself from all that so you can relax and not worry.


In conclusion, this article was written to help you understand what you do to get an actual great and awesome Instagram name because you never know, your crush might fall in love with your insta name first and then you. You got to be prepared man!

Hope this article helped to understand what you need to do to stay relevant and what you need to avoid so that you don’t make social media blunders because it’s a known fact. What happens on the internet stays on the internet for days and days and years. Ciao!

Written by Emma

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