How to get rid of the “” error?

Are you also someone who is annoyed by any of these errors? Either the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” or “ has stopped unexpectedly” errors? If yes then you should know both of these indicate to a common issue which can be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps and this article will guide you how to do so.

1. Restart your phone

This may sound bogus and you might even be rolling your eyes reading this but restarting your device should always be the first troubleshooting step under any issue.

  • Simply press and keep holding the power button at side for some time and the restart option will appear on your screen.

2. Remove the app cache

If you have observed that the error message shows up when you are attempting to use a specific app then it is quite likely that the app is the culprit for the “” message.

  1. Access the section for Settings then navigate to Appswhere you must locate the app in question.
  2. Click on the app and then go to the section for Storagewhere click on the button that says Clear cacheThis might fix your problem.
  3. If this isn’t the solution then you can simply clear the app data however this means that you will lose any progress or chat history etc that you have in the app so it is advised that you create a back up.
  4. You can locate the button for Clear dataright above the option for Clear cache.

3. Remove the Google Services Framework data

This troubleshooting fix for the error will delete all your preferences and configurations in the Google Play Services however they can be configured again in no time and you will not even realize that anything has changed.

  1. Access the section for Settings and navigate to Apps
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the upper right hand of the page and tap on Show system
  3. Keep scrolling down the Apps and choose Google Services Framework
  4. Right on the App infosection, click on the button for Storage and then tap on Clear cache.

4. Reset the App Preferences

If none of the above fixes work then you can try this, access the section for Settings > Apps > All and here you can reset the preferences for the app.

This will simply put all your apps settings back to default however none of the app data will be deleted and all of your progress will remain safe.

5. Turn off the automatic application updates

This issue sometimes arises when an app has been recently updated so you will have to consider switching off the option for automatic updates inside the Google Play Store however you must manually update all your apps to their latest updated versions whenever you find time.

  • In order to switch off automatic updates, access the settings for Google Play Store app and simply disable the automatic updates.

6. Reboot the Download Manager

At time the error message of “ has stopped” is linked to the Download Manager. Follow the steps below to check if this is the reason for

  • Access the section for Settings
  • Then navigate to the section for Apps
  • Here you must find the section for Download Managerand click on App Info
  • Toggle the button to Disablehere and then re-enable it again to see if the error disappears/

7. Perform a factory reset

If you are still facing any troubles even after applying all the troubleshooting steps above then you have no option left but to factory reset your device. This is a huge step and the consequences are severe because you will lose your entire phone’s data hence it is imperative that you create a backup before opting for this option.

When you have backed up your device’s data then do the factory reset.

  1. Access the section for Settings and click on the section for Backup & reset.
  2. Here you need to see that the toggle button for Back up my datais at ON position. l
  3. Click on the button for Back up accountto choose where you wish to save your data’s backup. You must have access to this account as well.
  4. Then go to the menu for Backup & resetand click on the button for Factory data reset present at the bottom.

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