Content Manager: Editorial and Digital Management of my Company

The Content Manager is a profile that is both editorial and digital. Its mission is to create and animate digital content (texts but also images, videos, etc.) for a company, a brand, an institution, a product or a personality.

Different from the community manager, the content manager no longer thinks of the creation, management and distribution of digital content only in terms of visibility and productivity, but also in terms of consistency with the brand image and of course of constructive input for the one to whom it is addressed.

Halfway between the function of Community Manager and that of Editorial Manager, he has several skills, both technical and theoretical, which will enable him to analyze consumer behavior and then to offer information, while respecting the strategy. communication validated by the company.

Its main missions are as follows: 

– Adapt the communication envisaged to the type of medium to which it must be applied, as well as to the target while being careful that the different types of communication used are consistent 

– Develop e-reputation and e-influence strategies that must be implemented on the various social networks 

– Ensure that the communication techniques used and the content disseminated are consistent with the image and strategy of the brand, institution or company represented.

Digital has its place in your branding, give it its role to better manage your business / personality!

Written by Casim Khalid

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