Cool Username Ideas to Make Your Profile Attractive

Cool Username Ideas

If you could choose your own name in real life, what would it be? Would it be something conventional and boring? Or would you go crazy and come up with something unique that reflects who you are as a person? Your name is your identity, the first thing people know about you and the last thing they remember. But, it’s simply a string of letters joined together, without any real meaning behind them. Your name doesn’t reflect your personality, your interests or passions, or gives any indication of who you are. Now, usernames on the other hand do reflect all of that and more.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing a username. Why? Because your username is the first thing that people see when they visit your profile. The first thing that gives them an idea of your virtual self. Would you want to come across as someone too boring to come up with a good username? No, you would want everyone visiting your profile to be intrigued and pulled in to see who you are; that starts with having a cool username that invites them in. Now, coming up with a username can be difficult, but we’re here to help make the process easier? How? By giving you some cool username ideas you can try out.

How to Create a Cool Username

When we talk about cool username ideas, the first thing we have to talk about is how you can create your own instead of relying on other people. It’s easy to borrow or steal a username you like, maybe change it up a little to make it your own. However, it’s really hard to come up with something unique and creative from scratch. That is where we come in; we can provide you with some tips to help get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with cool new usernames all on your own.

  • First, try being completely random with your usernames. You can join together any and all words you like to make something silly and creative. Whether it’s a verb, a noun, an adjective, whatever comes to your mind, you can string it together with something else and have something unique. For instance, if you like alcohol and cats, your username could be “DrunkCat”. Like winters and hot drinks? “SweaterCocoa” could be your new username. So, think of things you like and create something new out of them.
  • You could use your sense of punny humor for some good. Let’s be honest, no matter what people say, puns can be funny and clever. Everyone loves a good pun, and a bad pun has its own appeal as well. You can center the puns around your interests so you can make the username unique to your own identity. So, if you like Harry Potter and you have a beard, your name could be “HairyPotter” or you could go a little dark and have “DeadSirius” as your username to reflect your serious personality. You get extra points if you can use a double entendre in your pun.

“HairyPotter” with beard


  • If you don’t want something completely random, and think coming up with a pun is too much of an effort, then you could use a rhyme instead. Again, you can use your own interests or things you like, or even your personality, to come up with rhyming words. A couple of examples can include “DoubleTrouble” if you like getting in trouble. Simply, think of a word that fits you and find a word that rhymes with it.
  • Okay, so rhyming and coming up with puns is not that easy. However, there is something easier that gives you some cool usernames unlike any other. Alliteration. What does that mean? Simply, words that start with the same letter. So, your name could be “CoolCat” or “ViciousVagabond”, again depending on your personality or something about your life.
  • If you want to go beyond a basic username, you could always have something according to the context of your profile or the platform it’s on. Or the circumstances under which the people will be reading it. You could even break the fourth wall and talk to your audience through your username. You could joke about your audience reading your username, such as “WhyAreYouReadingThis?” or “StopReadingMyUsername”. Or, if your username in on a specific forum, for example for a game, you can make your username specific to that forum’s audience.
  • The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. You want the username to reflect who you are and what you like. You can do that by centering your username around the things you like and are passionate about or on your own personality. So, make sure your username reflects your identity.

How to Differentiate Your Username from Others

Alright, so you thought of the perfect username, but turns out it’s already taken; some other lucky individual went through their own cool username ideas and got to the one you like before you. Well, worry not, there are some things you can do to get the username for yourself. You don’t have to sacrifice something your own idea in order to stand apart from the crowd. How? By following the simple tips given below:

  • You can change up the spellings. If you like the username “CoolCat” but it’s already taken, you could always play with the spellings and change it to “KoolKat”. You could come up with some new, creative ways to spell things.
  • Changing the spelling not working for you? Is the new username still taken? You could add a few numbers and some special characters to make something unique. The “KoolKat” could become “[email protected]” instead to make a little sillier than it is.
  • Well, if you don’t want to make the username too silly by adding random numbers and characters, how about adding just an underscore? “CoolCat” can be made into “Cool_Cat” with a simple underscore. It’s definitely easier to read than “[email protected]”.

The individual tips not working? How about you combine all three? You could change the spellings, add some new characters, and even add an underscore to create something completely unique. If it still doesn’t work, you could just find a new username for yourself.

Cool Username Ideas for Inspiration

So, not everyone has the time or the energy to come up with something on their own. Sometimes, you need to have a little inspiration to get started. Don’t worry, we have you covered. You can go through some of the cool username ideas given below to come up with something of your own:

  • BackStabbath – love death metal and want to show off your dark side? Then, turn Black Sabbath into Back Stabbath to give a shout out to all the snakes in your life.
  • WorldPeas – who needs World Peace when you can have World Peas? The tiny peas hold the power to saving all of worl’ds problems.
  • CaptainColada – give a Pina Colada to Captain America and you have yourself a Captain Colada.
  • VampireBob
  • SirLoin
  • LatteLove – show the world how much you love lattes by making it the first thing they see on your profile.

Coffee-Latte-love image


  • PickledPutin – wish there was some way to annoy Putin? Well, you may not be able to do it in reality but you can do it through your username.
  • FedoreTheExplora – replace Dora with a Fedora and you have an explorer that’s cool and unique.
  • GreatCatsby – imagine a Great Gatsby movie, but with cats. Could there be a greater movie? No. Neither can there be a greater username for you to show your love for cats.
  • PutYouInYourPlace
  • EeyoreForever
  • InfinitePenguins – if cats are not your first love, maybe penguins will be closer to your heart. Imagine infinite number of penguins, now use that happiness to make your username.
  • JuliusSneezer – Julius Ceasar may be one of the greatest heroes of the world, but he may have been defeated more easily if he had a constant fit of sneezes. Show your audience your unique style of humour and puns with a little flair from history.
  • DoctorEnigma
  • JuliusSeizure – another thing that could defeat Julius Ceasar? Seizures. Imagine Ceasar having a seizure during a battle and that could have been his greatest defeat, and your greatest triumph.

Now, use these cool username ideas and reinvent your own name to reflect your personality with something silly and unique.

What to Avoid When Creating a Username

Your username is an extension of yourself. You can use it to reflect your life, your personality, your interests and passions, and anything else you want to. In order to stay true to yourself, you need to be careful of the username you select. You also have to consider the audience who will be reading that username. In our day and age, this audience can be far and wide, from all walks of life; therefore, you have to be considerate of other people’s cultures and identities. So, make sure your username is not offensive to anyone. To do that, you must avoid any words or phrases that may be considered inappropriate or offensive, in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other factor.

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