Copy and Paste Options without a Mouse!  

Many windows that you end up accessing on your PC may not be compatible with the menu that pops up with the right click. What this essentially means is that when your right-click this window, no menu will show and you will have to struggle to figure out how to copy and taste any text or picture.

However the good news is that many programs are in fact compatible to shortcuts used from keyboard to copy and paste options so that this can be done without having to see an actual on screen menu. The best thing is that almost all the programs come equipped with all these shortcuts embedded in them hence you don’t have to worry about getting acquainted with these options with every new program thats you install.

The short cuts from keyboards not only copy and paste options but can also delete the texts or image in just one tap of the keys.

How to Copy and Paste Options with the Ctrl/Command Key?

  • If you need to copy something do this:Hit Ctrl + C on a Windows PC or hit  Command + C on Mac
  • And if you have to paste somethingHit Ctrl + Von your Windows keyboard or press Command + V on Mac
  • If you wish to cut any text or image:Press Ctrl + X on Windows or hit Command + X on your Mac computer

For further assistance, you must follow the following guidelines for quick copy and paste options:

  1. Simply select and highlight anything that you wish to copy and paste somewhere.
  • If the program you are using doesn’t allow you to use your mouse then simply hit Ctrl + Afrom your keyboard to get the whole text highlighted or press Command + A if you are a Mac user.
  1. Now hit the Ctrlkey and keep holding it for a while. During that, press the key for C just one time and then stop pressing the key for Ctrl. After this you will have successfully copied your selected contents on to your clipboard.
  2. Then to paste the selected content, hit Ctrlor Command key according to your PC and simply hit on the alphabet V key one time. Essentially Ctrl + V and Command + V is what you do to paste any selected content without having to use a mouse.

Some Tips to Copy and Paste Options

The steps described above are highly beneficial when you wish to keep the original text intact and simply copy it somewhere else. For instance, if you wish to copy an email ID from a web page and paste it somewhere in a document, all the above steps can prove to be really handy.

However there is an entirely different method when you wish to copy and paste options somewhere while deleting the original text from its original location, this process is known as cutting. This technique is beneficial under conditions when you have to arrange paragraphs on an email and wish to delete any text to paste it in another location.

If you have to cut a text, all you have to do is press Ctrl + X as shortcut keys from your Windows keyboard or hit the Command + X keys on your Mac device. When you do this, the selected content will vanish from the original location and will be saved on to clipboard. Now to paste the cut text somewhere simply use the short cut described above for pasting.

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