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Cyber attacks today, is known to be one of serious issues raised by people. Although cyber attacks may differ in various forms but people facing this, always complain that their personal information has been compromised and their computers were controlled by someone. In this scenario, the attackers, in order to release control, get paid in the form of crypto currency. This has become really common since it is really hard to find or spot the person behind it.

We know that cyber attacks has become a very sensitive issue these days and in order to provide you with everything you need to know about it, we made a detailed article that will summarize it for you.


Why do Cyber Attacks even occur?

Cyber attacks are combination of semantic tactics which are used syntactically. In other words we would explain it as an attempt or try to change a computer’s behavior. This is done by various shady tactics. They can change the most secretive and personal information you have which can also result in leaking it too which is why you need to know every detail about it.

How can you easily recognize cyber attacks?

In order to trap a person, the first thing they do is leave a message that will represent themselves as it is sent from a bank or any other company related to you. In the email or message you will see the height of urgency that they have created. In the end it will also include a link that you will be asked to click.

Now all you need to do is move your cursor over the link give but make sure you don’t click on it. Once you have moved your cursor over there, you will see a web address that will automatically show up. This can been either above or bottom of your computer screen. In the email, you will be able to easily see the flaws it has. It will be easily recognizable as it is written by someone who’s speaks or writes English as his second language.

The problem here is that the infected sites you see will often look valid and professional just like other websites which makes it very difficult for a person to see if that will infect his computer or not.


Understanding the nature of Cyber threats or attacks

Cyber attacks has advanced so much today that even the latest and strongest security platforms are unable to protect you. For this reason, this is really important for you to know the details of cyber threats and how you can easily spot it and protect yourself. To give you a better and detailed insight about it, we explained the two types of cyber attacks separately which will make it easy for you to understand.

  • Syntactic Cyber Attacks

The Syntactic type of cyber attack is a type that will directly attack your computer using various websites or channels. This type of cyber attack always have a high danger level. One needs to be very conscious about it.

  • Semantic Cyber Attacks

However a Semantic cyber attack is the type the will change the behavior of the person or the company or organization that is being attacked.


Some of the few tips that will help you protect yourself from Cyber Attacks

In order to protect yourself from cyber attacks, we made a list of things that might help you from facing this problem. Make sure to follow these set of instructions properly.

The first and foremost thing required for this purpose is to install a good antivirus or firewall. This itself will help you not become a victim of it.

  1. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should always maintain your privacy and never let anyone know about your secrets. Your personal information is always confidential and it should always be kept as a secret especially when it comes to putting your details online on any website unless you are sure that the website you’re using is entirely safe. But if you’re unsure about it, the first thing you should do is note down the bank or company name and search it directly on Google. This will easily help you know how true the email and company is.
  2. Make sure to always keep your system update. People who have outdate systems with less security updates, have higher chances to face cyber attacks because hackers are always looking for devices or computers that can be easily hacked. They have various sources to gain access to your systems and if you have not installed any security patches or updates, you have high chances to get your system hacked. It is always better to allow your computer to automatically install updates because this will keep your computer’s security up to date.
  3. Backup is best option in all type of scenarios. Any person facing any sort of problems will be able to easily access his history with the help of a simple backup. Make sure to always have a proper backup set for all your devices. This will help you get your data back to normal in no time. Keep in mind that the backup you make should always be somewhere separate than your own device because if in case your device gets hacked, the backup you stored will be of no use. Cloud drives or other removable hard drives can do a great job when it comes to backing up your data.

We hope that the list of things mentioned above will help you and we also ensure that the tips mentioned above will take the chances of your device getting hacked to very low.


Written by Hina Akram

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