Tired of KIK? Here’s How You Can Delete Your KIK Account!

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The internet is a convenience that you cannot get over. Each day you wake up and even before you can rub your eyes, you look at your phone to check your recent notifications. Because well, if you are late to whatever is happening on the internet, you might just miss out on a lot! So, you are constantly on your mobile devices to check what is new and what is old. Say, you are an active applications user and you have a minimum of about five social media applications that you are active on. On these applications, you post a lot and you talk to a lot of people. So, each time you hit the bed and wake up in the morning, you have about 20 notifications from each application separately and most of them are simply replies from your friends. This can be frustrating because this takes up a lot of space and memory of your phone and then it slows down your phone as well. Then during your day, you just run out of battery because your social media applications are always active. While many of your friends and you might use different applications to communicate with each other, would it not be ideal if all your friends and family were easily accessible in one place and application? At the same time, would it not be nice if you could use the same application across various platforms? While the idea is nice, it can hardly happen or last for longer. Say, for the sake of reducing your increasing numbers of cross platform notifications, you made a KIK messenger account. While you advertised your account to your friends and your family, it just did not happen. Your friends and family were simply unable to hit it off with their KIK messenger. In such cases then, you might end up failing and you will most likely go back to your old social media accounts. Then, the KIK messenger will simply sit back in your mobile phone and take up the remainder of the space that you have left. Well then, its time you delete your KIK account and go along with your life. But, how are you suppose to delete your KIK account? We have that part covered for you!

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KIK messenger is commonly known by its shortened name; KIK. This application was launched back in 2010. This freeware application is based in Canada; a product of a company called KIK Interactive. You can avail KIK free of any charges whether you are an iOS user or an Android device user! In about seven years, KIK messenger was able to reach about 300 million users who registered for KIK Messenger whereas about forty percent of these users were American nationals. KIK messenger is different than other instant messaging applications that you might use. This application allows you to make calls, send out instant messages, receive messages, send videos, self-made sketches, use an emoji keyboard and so on. You can do all of this just by using your mobile phone’s wireless connection or your sim card’s data plan. KIK messenger mainly became popular due to its registration process. Unlike various other applications, you need to enter your phone number in order to register and get a confirmation message. However, for KIK messenger you can avail the benefit of added anonymity. Yes, in order to register for KIK you do not need to provide any telephone number, you can simply register with an email address, password and a username. The application’s team simply uses your IP address to track down your geographical location.  Is that not amazing? You can stop your number from leaking this way!

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However, in recent years this anonymity factor has been turned against KIK messenger’s progress.  The team of KIK messenger found itself in a pickle when it became part of a rising controversy that involved the reporting of numerous incidents that involved child exploitation. The public then criticized the application for its anonymity features that made is absolutely hard for the public and the victims to track down the culprits. At the same time, this feature that was the high light of KIK Messenger was also criticized for the weakening on parental control. Parents could simply not track whether or not their child was using KIK messenger to help keep them away from such troubles. While KIK messenger is an amazing invention by students who came from University of Waterloo, it has met a lot of downfalls as well.

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Now for the purpose of the above mentioned controversy, we will teach you how to delete your KIK account and how you can also delete your child’s KIK account if they are under the category of minor in age. You can simply do this to protect your child from any harms that might be coming their way. Similarly, you might just want to delete your KIK account because the messenger does not do anything for you- You are bored or you can simply not connect with your friends on it anymore. So let’s begin learning how to delete your KIK account!

Alright, the first thing you can do in order to delete your KIK account is learning how it will affect you. Remember that when you decide you permanently delete your KIK account you will not have any access to your private chats, media files and so on. So, if you wish to store anything you must do so before deleting it. Otherwise, you can just leave your KIK account as it is and do not worry about anything. You should also note down, if you are going to proceed with deleting your account, that once you remove your account and you wish to register again; you cannot use the same username as you did previously. While, you can use the same email address of course.

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Now, let’s move on with removing your KIK account. First thing’s first, you need to launch the KIK messenger application on your mobile device. Once you launch it, if you have logged out of your account you do not need to log back in. However, if you are still logged in to your account you must log out from your KIK account. Once you log out, you will enter your email address in the bar that is specially for that. Once done, you will then receive an email from KIK Messenger’s team. Within the link, you will have the option of deactivating your KIK Messenger account. If you are sure, you can click on “Go” and deactivate your KIK Messenger’s account.

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If you are unable to locate this email or the deactivation button, you can simply go to KIK messenger’s website on your computer or phone’s browser. In the search bar, you can simply type “KIK Deactivation Page”. Once the page pops up, you will enter your email address there and follow up with the deactivation process. You should remember that when you deactivate your account, it is not deleted. You will have the time period of 30 days to decide whether or not you really wish to delete your KIK account. However, if you decide against it, you can simply go on with your life and forget it ever existing. Reviving your deactivated within the 30 days period is easy on the other hand. You simply need to reinstall KIK messenger on your phone and enter your username and password. Once done, you will simply get your KIK Messenger account back!

Moving on, its time to learn how you can delete your child’s KIK Messenger account without yelling at them, grounding them and taking away their phones. You do not have to be harsh about it. Because there is a simpler solution for your query down here:

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Because you are a responsible parent, you wish to save your child from making the biggest mistakes of their lives. So, if this involves stopping your child from interacting with anyone on KIK Messenger, you can simply request the KIK Messenger’s team to deactivate their account. All you must know however, is the email address of your child and this will work perfectly for you. So, now that you have the email address with you, all you have to do is send an email at  [email protected] and the email’s subject should be “Parent Inquiry”. Then the email will include your child’s email address, their username and then their age as well. Send the email and soon KIK Messenger’s customer service team will contact you to fill a form. When you complete filling the form you will email it back to submit it. This will result in deletion of your child’s KIK Messenger account.

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Well, hopefully now you can remove KIK account along with the KIK Messenger application from your phone successfully. While the application is fun and easy to use, it takes a lot of space in your phone. So, if you have deactivated your account, you should simply remove the application as well. Because, even removing the in stored cache does not help with bringing down its storage space!

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