The Top Diary Apps for iPhone

When it comes to healthy habits and relaxing oneself by pouring down one’s thoughts somewhere then maintaining a diary or a journal is the best way forward. No matter what you are feeling and if you feel like you have no one to talk to, all you have to do is whisper your thoughts into your diary. This not only will help organize your thoughts but would also put things in perspective for you.

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For centuries now people have kept their personal diaries and journals which have indeed helped humans learn a lot about history and past. However in a century influenced by technology and related advancements, you can easily keep your diary or a journal within your smart phone for effective thought management on a portable platform. There are a number of Diary Apps for iPhone available on the Apple App Store which you can download and use and simply whisper your thoughts onto them to reflect later on. Even though the charm and attraction of a paper diary has its own place but within the phone certainly makes the process more convenient.

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The Recommended Diary Apps for iPhone

1.     Momento

Out of the whole library of Diary Apps for iPhone that are available on the Apple App Store, one stands out the most and goes by the name of Momento. It is essentially a private portable diary app that lets you write anything you wish to and also makes an exquisite collection of your thoughts and then presents it to you in a beautiful manner with all events and occasions included from your social media accounts as well.

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The most imperative feature that any diary app must have is its ability to keep information private and for user eyes only. Journals and diaries are full of thoughts and feelings that one would never want to share with anyone or for it to become a public information at any point in time. However Momento has your back and lets you set a password to keep your journal safe that can only be accessed by you. Furthermore in case you delete any diary entry or the app by mistake, a backup of all your information will be made and saved onto iCloud.

2.     Diaro

Diaro definitely stands second in the list of Best Diary Apps for iPhone even though there are other apps that can take this spot however Diaro for sure wins the race. The app is amazingly designed which lets you enter your experiences, thoughts and feelings with a number of themes you can choose from to organize them. This app also offers extreme privacy and security just like Momento.

Other Honorable Mentions for Diary Apps for iPhone

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1.     Evernote

Evernote is that app in the list of Diary Apps for iPhone which is the most comprehensive in terms of its usage. This is because many of the other apps are only meant for journaling; Evernote serves many other purposes as well. There would be people who would prefer apps only for recording their diary but others may want an app that offers a little bit more than just journaling.

In extension to being a great diary app, Evernote also gives the option for organizing and producing amazing to do lists for your day and even lets you save things from online sources. It has the capability of syncing with multiple devices and utilizes many tools for sharing your feelings, thoughts and ideas.

2.     Day One

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Day One is also a famous name in the list of Diary Apps for iPhone and deserves its spot in the Honorable Mentions section. This app was launched years ago and has been upgraded a number of times only to become better at what it does. In addition to simple text entries, Day One has the capability of doing a lot more. You can add stuff like weather, visit locations, music, pictures etc to your entries that too with ease and convenience. This app definitely gives you the most control over your journal entries and allows you to customize them in multiple creative ways.

3.     Penzu

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Penzu is another popular name in the list of Diary Apps for iPhone and enjoys its rating of more than 1 million users. Penzu is a journal, diary and note taking app which does everything to ensure that all your private thoughts are kept safe under strictest security measures. You will be given the chance o secure your journal with a password or even encrypt your entries and you can even lock the whole app if you want that added layer of security.

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