DIY Tips for Fixing Stickers on Your Car without Making a Mess of It

One of the easiest ways of jazzing up your car is by fixing attractive stickers on it. You can either buy stickers of your preference from the catalogs of the sticker manufacturers, or you can design one by yourself and get it printed easily and affordably.

If you are a small business owner, you can even dress up your fleet of vehicles with vinyl wraps that can drive brand recognition and store footfalls. However, to get the most out of your stickers, not only do you need to get the design right but also apply them to the vehicle in the right manner. Some tips:

Determine the Location

The first step in fixing a sticker on your car right is to determine where it should be affixed. To decide, hold the sticker without peeling off the backing paper against the spot on the car you want to fix so that you can figure out if looks good there. If you want to step back to take a look from a distance to see how the sticker placement is, you can use a bit of masking tape to hold it in place on the car’s surface. A few attempts will be enough for you to figure out the ideal position of the car stickers.

Clean the Surface

Once you know where the sticker will be fixed, you need to clean the surface thoroughly to ensure that the sticker sticks properly. There should not be any debris underneath, that will not only make the sticker look unsightly, but also make it peel off before time. Dust the surface and then use a soapy solution and a soft cloth to clean the area. Dry the surface completely and then wipe with rubbing alcohol to ensure no oily residues remain. Repeat as necessary to ensure the surface is completely clean. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area with no open flames as, according to Apartmenttherapy, isopropyl alcohol is extremely inflammable.

Apply the Sticker 

Position the sticker on the car surface in the intended place and remove one-third of the backing paper. If the backing paper is difficult to peel off, use a hairdryer to warm it up to loosen the adhesive. Fix the exposed edge of the sticker on the surface of the car and gently peel away the rest of the backing paper while pressing down firmly to stick the sticker. Make sure you do not touch the back of the sticker while you are handling it. To ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped between the surface and the sticker, it is better to apply a soapy solution on the surface before applying the sticker. You can scrape the sticker with a plastic card to remove all the air bubbles. If need be, you can change the alignment of the sticker while the surface is still wet. Wipe the sticker dry with a cloth or a sponge and let it dry.


If you follow the correct procedure, fixing vinyl stickers on cars can be easy and quick. If applied properly, the stickers will remain in place for a long time without peeling off.

Written by Faraz Butt


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