Don’t Want Anyone to Find Out? Learn How to Permanently Delete Search History in Instagram!

Don't Want Anyone to Find Out? Learn How to Permanently Delete Search History in Instagram!

While we use our social media to post pictures, share videos and things that are going on in our mind or life, we also use social media to follow others around us. Be it your friends, family, relatives, favorite celebrities or just random Instagram users, you like to explore and see what is happening in their lives. Of course, social media is a peak into someone else’s life. You yourself use this platform to with your friends or followers about what you like, how do you view a certain social situation, how you would like the world around you to be, whom do you dislike and whom you are fond of. Your social networking sites and applications are a reflection of you and just like it is a reflection of most people who use them. Say you are in high school and you have a new class mate. You and your friends begin to notice that person because they appear to be shady and different. What do you do? You simple search their name or email address on your social media applications and begin to find out all about them- who they are, where are they from, what do they talk about, what do they like sharing on their website and so on. From their social media you might find out that this specific person sells drugs. If so, you can choose to use this as evidence and share it with concerned authorities. However, if you are scared you just might choose the other direction. It’s always better to be safe yourself first. If you wish to hide some activity that you have indulged in on Instagram, you might think that the only way you can get out of a potential mess is by deleting your account. However, that is really not the case. Here in this article we will be teaching you about how you can permanently delete search history in Instagram and why or what might cause you to consider this. Do not worry, we have enough scenarios that will make you wish you could permanently delete search history in Instagram. So, stay with us then!

First of all, what is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that began its operations in 2010. Ever since it was introduced Instagram became famous among social media users. Why? Because on Instagram you typically share your pictures, videos and stories and if your content is liked you gain Instagram followers. These followers can like, share and comment on your content and make you Insta-famous in no time! Instagram accounts keep on increasing day by day because now we have Instagram stars- individuals who maintained and worked hard to gain fame through their creativity. You must have some Instagram famous individuals in your community. Globally also, you will find a lot of famous Instagram users. This application is also popular because it allows you to access into the lives of celebrities with their pictures and announcements. Instagram also supports online businesses. You can use this application to start your own Graphics design pictures, sell DIY products, decorations, your own beauty products and so on. this application is readily available for Android, Windows and iPhone users. The application can be downloaded on your mobile phone, tablet and through their website you can open it in your web browser. All you need to do is make an account and you can reach the sky like all others around you!

Of course, Instagram helps you follow those you wish to follow. Like you follow accounts, your account is also followed by other people. Instagram has the option of searching for people in the search bar. On the application, you will locate a magnifying glass sign. All you have to do is click on it and you will be able to search anyone or any account just by typing their name. However, you should know that while you are busy searching for Instagram accounts, your search is being stored as search history. This way, the next time you search for the same name or account, you can simply click on the suggestion that will be given to you. Still, you might get concerned about individuals finding out about whom you have searched for. Of course, we are all scared of being judged even a little bit. And such information when revealed can also be used against you. Individuals who find out your search history on Instagram might just take screenshots and spread it around. There’s also a fear of someone whom you have searched for, might just find out and you might end up feeling guilty. In this age, we have something known as one touch sign in. You choose not to type the same password and username over and over again. Which is why you might just leave it logged in. This is risky when you are around your friends, strangers and even your parents. If you have searched for some profiles on Instagram that consist of adult content, you just might wish to permanently delete search history in Instagram before your parents ground you. Because when you are grounded for days, weeks and even months chances are your access to the Internet will be blocked and you will be demanded to come home straight from your school business. If you cannot live without your social media accounts then, you just might consider scrolling down and finishing this article. Because here is where you will find all the necessary help!

You may also consider to permanently delete search history in Instagram if of course, you stalked someone. Yes, we know you stalked and it’s okay. A little knowledge about someone you like or know has not hurt anyone. Of course, there is a stalking line that you must not cross while you are at it. If you are not a stalker who wishes to stalk Instagram profile of someone and find out their address to go pay them an unwelcomed visit, you are good to go! Imagine you have a best friend and they recently started dating. Their recent date has begun to give them mixed signals. They respond to their texts and calls occasionally and other times they are a ghost. You are of course, protective of your best friend. So, you take this opportunity to stalk their date on Instagram and you begin to find nothing suspicious. All you find is a busy person with a lot that is going on their life and an account that is occasionally updated. When things begin to go just fine with your friend, you might wish to hide the fact that you went to that length. In this case, you just might wish the Internet gods to help you permanently delete search history in Instagram. Well in that case then, we are right here to tell you that you do not need to pray for this to happen. All you have to do is explore the application for yourself to find out that your wish was always true. In the following section then, we will tell you how to permanently delete search history in Instagram so bare with us a little longer and hide your tracks in seconds!

I need to know right this second! How do I permanently delete search history in Instagram please?

Well your guide has finally arrived. You no longer have to wait because we will now be revealing how you can permanently delete search history in Instagram. Follow these easy instructions:

  1. Firstly, you will open your application and in case fear has made you taken the best of you and you have logged out, you need to first log in.
  2. Now that you have logged in to your account you will go to your Instagram search profile and there on the top corner you will see three dots.
  3. Tap on those three dots and you will open a list of options. When you scroll down you will notice Clear Search History button.
  4. In order to permanently delete search history in Instagram you are moments away from selecting this option and confirming your action. Instagram will ask you if you are sure about this action. Well, of course you are! So click on Yes, I’m sure and you are good to go.

Well, we hope your fight or flight reaction can calm down now. Because the monster you were scared off has been permanently deleted off the face of this Earth and of course Instagram. Now that you have learned how to permanently delete search history in Instagram, you can easily go back to searching for any username, email address and Instagram account you want to. In the end, you should not forget to take care of tracks. However, we hope your stalking skills remain till social media only! That’s rule number one of keeping yourself secure from any social embarrassment. We wish you good luck with whatever the reason is behind using Instagram search and hope our guide has been enough to walk you through the task!


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