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Download Facebook Live Video to Cherish the Memories Forever

One of these techniques is bound to work!

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Facebook is arguably the most popular social media application to exist on the market. Launched from a Harvard dorm room back in 2004, the website today has over 2 billion registered users! No other social media website could ever boast at having such a large user base.

Facebook now has huge operations and is constantly trying to improve upon the current website. The original ‘The Facebook’ which was launched in 2004 would barely be recognizable to people who know and love Facebook today. In the last 13 or so years the website has gone through some major changes. Where you could just send friend requests and write on peoples’ walls is now a website which allows people to market their products, add pictures and videos, live stream videos from their personal recording devices and much more. Facebook has transformed itself into one of the most recognizable companies around the globe as well as one of the most successful ones. It is no surprise that this happened however, because the people behind Facebook have been working hard to achieve the trust and love of their users. Their dedication to their work is what brought them these amazing results.

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With Facebook’s most popular feature as of late, which is called ‘Facebook Live’ people have started using the social media network for much more than just connection with old friends. With Facebook live people have the opportunity to stream events and connect with the rest of the world. From the comfort of your bed you can look at what is happening in another country. This has equipped people with a way to express themselves. Normal people use Facebook live as a way to show others what is happening around them, celebrities might use it as a way to connect with fans and others might have different ways to utilize this feature for their own purposes. One thing is for sure however, that Facebook live is a very popular feature and people have fully embraced it and appreciate it. However, there are some things which Facebook wants to make sure do not happen just because of their latest feature. They have thus outlined certain rules which cannot be broken with Facebook live videos.

Facebook Live Rules

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There are a few rules that Facebook has for when people go live on Facebook. Since there are community standards which users are asked to follow, these apply to Facebook Live as well. And if at times you go live on Facebook and later go back to check your video, you might discover that the video has been taken down by Facebook since it might have violated one of these rules we will outline below. This it might be a good idea for you to download Facebook live video as soon as you post it so even if Facebook deletes it, you will still have it with you. This is especially important if the Facebook live video is important.

  1. Profanity

If the video has a lot of profanity in it then Facebook might think the video is violating the community standards Facebook adheres to and remove the video. This might occur when people report a video and that they have a problem with it thus make sure you keep the video clean and do not use any language that someone might have any kind of an issue with.

  1. Vulgarity

Make sure there is no vulgarity in your Facebook Live stream. This includes nudity, profanity, harassment and much more. Make sure you do not stream something which might be objectionable. Remember that Facebook is used by all age groups so the video you post might be seen by a child and hence it might not be a good thing if it is posted and seen by them.

  1. Music

Facebook very seriously adheres to copyrights and if they find that you have violated a copyright then they will most definitely take your video down. Facebook has algorithms in place which analyze the sound of videos and if they notice that you have used music or an audio of any sort which requires licensing and you did not acquire it; they will most definitely take your video down.

  1. Violence

If your video portrays violence or gore then Facebook will most likely remove it or add a warning to it. But usually the result is that the video in these cases is removed. A very important conversation was sparked when a man’s death at the hands of a police officer was streamed live on Facebook by the man’s fiancé. When people have access to such technology, they will use it for whatever purposes they want and the people using that technology will then be exposed to this as well. Hence Facebook made serious amendments to what was to be done in cases such as these and what protocols should be in place to tackle such incidences which take place on Facebook Live.

How to Download Facebook Live Video

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Now that we have told you what exactly can get Facebook to delete your video or remove it you need to know how you can download Facebook live video and save it before they have the chance to delete it. Imagine going live at your daughter’s birthday party and the video later being deleted by Facebook because there was a song playing in the background which violated the copyright laws. You would surely be devastated since you never got to re-watch the video or have it with you forever hence you should know how to download Facebook live video before Facebook can pull a stunt like this.

One should remember before we dive into how you can download Facebook live video that you cannot download other peoples videos through some of these methods. And we are giving you options to use several methods so that you can choose which one works for you since not all of them might.

  1. Basic Save Video Option

The first thing you need to do is go to your Facebook profile and find the video you want to save on your Facebook timeline. Once you find it, click on the timestamp on the video to enlarge the screen, once you do this and the video is enlarged on your screen; on the right side of the screen you will see three dots on the top which are in a line. Click on these dots and you will get an option which says ‘Download’. Once you see this option, click on it and then you will be able to choose where you want to save this video in your system. Once you choose the location for the video to be saved you will be able to do so successfully.

  1. Edit the URL

This option is also fairly simple. To download Facebook live video, you first need to go to your Facebook profile and find the video on your timeline. Once you have done this, click on the video so you can see the video’s URL on Facebook. Change the ‘www’ from the URL to ‘m.’ and hit enter. This will reload the page so that it refreshed and comes back to the video and displays the screen in Facebook mobile form. Now you will right click on the video and see an option which says “Save As”, and once you see this option click it and choose the destination where you want the video saved.

  1. Another Helpful Technique

If none of the other ways are helping you to download Facebook live video, you can do this instead. This again requires you to go to your Facebook profile and locate the video in question. Once you have found the video, click on it so it enlarges. Once the video is displayed on a black screen in the background, look at the bottom of the video for an option which says ‘options’. Click on options and you will hopefully see an option which says ‘Download HD’ or ‘Download SD’; click on which ever is available and choose the location for the video to download in.

  1. Screen Recorder

If none of these ways are working and you are totally desperate to somehow download Facebook live video then this can be your last ditch effort. All you need to do is download an application on your phone or computer which lets you record whatever you do on your screen. Once you download this application, you can play the video and just record your screen. This way the video will be recorded and saved on your computer. This is a great way to download Facebook live video on your device if no other method we have mentioned above is working.

We hope these methods work for you and you are successfully able to download Facebook live video or any other video on Facebook for that matter through these easy methods. You might have to try all of them in hopes that one of them ends up working but we hope one of them is successful in the end and you can download Facebook live video on your device successfully.

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