No need to Jailbreak to download videos from YouTube!

Can you now imagine your life without YouTube, a platform where you can catch up on all latest episodes of your favorite TV shows or the latest song video of your favorite artist or simply to watch news? No, right? YouTube as a platform has gained the position of second largest search engine for videos that are uploaded from all across the globe. According to research, every minute of every day there are more than 40 hours of videos being submitted on YouTube.


There are times when you watch a really cool video on YouTube of your favorite star from his/her latest album and just wish to download the YouTube video on your iPhone so that you don’t have to stream it every time you are craving to listen to that song.  There are ways you can accomplish this, however, there is a common notion going around that videos from YouTube cannot be downloaded without Jailbreaking and we don’t need to remind you of the horrors of jailbreaking!

Without a doubt YouTube has rightly earned its position of the best video platform used by millions of people from all over the planet however what sets it back is that YouTube doesn’t let you download these videos on your iPhone or iPad in fact on any device that you own. So if you wish to download a video to view it offline, then sadly that is not directly possible to do.

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What is even more sad is the fact that YouTube is not planning on bringing you the downloading tool any time soon however there is indeed a workaround or a hack available that can be used to bypass this frustration without even needing to go through the trouble of jailbreaking. It can be accomplished by the use of an app for file management app i.e. the Document 6 or through the downloader service tool. These apps will allow you to download and save all videos that you want to from any YouTube channel which will magically end up on your iDevice’s Video Roll!


Even if YouTube ranks on second next to Google, it is of no good to many people who find themselves restricted in terms of downloading videos. YouTube did announce a service under the name of YouTube Red which is essentially a subscription that is paid for and lets its users see YouTube videos free of the annoying advertisements and even lets you download videos for offline use later on. This may sound awesome but the thing is you need to make an investment for a premium account. To solve this, the following blog will show you in detail of the ways that you can adopt to download YouTube++ on your iPhone working on at least iOS 9 without having to jailbreak.

How can you download YouTube videos on your iPhone without jailbreaking?

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A man tries to get connected to the youtube web site with his tablet at a cafe in Istanbul March 27, 2014. The Turkish telecoms authority TIB said on Thursday it had taken an “administrative measure” against YouTube, a week after it blocked access to microblogging site Twitter. REUTERS/Osman Orsal (TURKEY – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY) – RTR3IUSP

This tutorial requires you to download and install the YouTube++ in your iOS devices which will then let you save your favorite YouTube videos without having to use the subscription based YouTube Red. If you don’t know about YouTube++ then all you need to know is that it is an official offer of the YouTube itself designed for iPhone without certain additional tools and features.

The Top Tools and Features of the famous YouTube++!

  1. YouTube++ allows you to download videos for offline use later on.
  2. It lets you save your favorite videos to your iPhone’s Camera Roll
  3. Background Playback, lets you listen to only audio version of a video in case you need to save your battery.
  4. You can even disable the age parameter on these videos.
  5. Get rid of those annoying as hell advertisements.
  6. You can Fast Forward, Rewind and Control the play speed of any video you are watching.

The listed above features and tools of YouTube++ are few of the many that the app has to offer and you will get to know more of them when you actually use this app. The installation step is quick and simple, access this link on your web browser Safari on your iDevice to get started with the installation process of the YouTube++. However, you must make sure that you are connected to a trustworthy internet access to support this process and your iPhone should be charged enough to allow the download to take place.

Then click on the button for “Install app” and you will see that a pop up window will be displayed on your screen. Once you click this button, the app will soon finish installing on you iDevice.

The YouTube++ version lets you get rid of advertisements however it is wise that you do not use this feature as it will not give any benefit to the creator of YouTube videos and all their hard work will essentially go without payment. Essentially all you are doing is snatching the hard earned money from the YouTube bloggers if you block these ads, which is legally and ethically wrong!  

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If you have indeed made use of this workaround, then please leave your honest feedback in the comments below and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Written by Cybil

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