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If you are an avid user of the slang texting, you might understand what we are going to talk about. In case you find yourself frowning at our page, we request you to keep reading. So, maybe you popped yourcolleague some billion dollar question, and get ‘IDTS’ as a response. Wait what? What is that supposed to mean? Left in an utter state of confusion you might want to know what sort of an eveil does it stand for (jk!). Allow us to help you understand what does the acronym stand for.

If you have landed on this page in an utter state of confusion regarding the IDTS Meaning then this article will clarify all your doubts.

What is the Full Form for IDTS?

It is time that we reveal to you the full exact form of IDTS which basically stands for I Don’t Think So. Of course if one knows the meaning or the full form of any acronym that is in play they can judge easily in what contexts the acronym can potentially be used in should you feel the need to use it.

We say this sentence out loud all the time, but online, this acronym looks strangely unfamiliar and even taking a wild guess at it seems like a daunting task.

The details on IDTS Meaning!

Just like your usual everyday conversation, IDS is understood as a uncertain No. The person using IDTS might not be sure as to if saying a blunt no would be appropriate after they have carefully evaluated all theoptions. There can still be a little hint of uncertainity therefore IDTS can be of a better fit than a blunt no.

You must be accquainted with IDTS other slang brothers, like IDK (i dont think so/ i dont know). You might see varistion in some mainstream letters here and there but their menaings most often stands as the same.

How can IDTS potentially be used?

IDTS is typically used as a reply to a yes or no type of question. When the receiver has settled as NO as their response but are not really sure, they may use the acronym IDTS.

IDTS can also be used in a sarcastic way to make fun of a situation or to mock a friend. It is a lot more difficult to recognize sarcasm in plain text message language on a computer or even on a smart phone screen than it is by witnessing someone be sarcastic in person, but it’s not always impossible, smart people can identify sarcasm anywhere.

Some Real Life Examples of how IDTS is used in a conversation!

To give you a better perspective on how this rare type of acronym is used or can be used following are the two real life examples of conversation between two people who have used IDTS as the acronym in their conversation.

Example 1

Mr. X: “Hey listen, has Mr. Scotch mentioned anything about extending the deadline for essay?”

Mr.Y: “IDTS!, he was kinda in a bad mood, you maybe we should be expectingmore piled of work”sounds like he’ll only give us longer to work on it if we go to him for reviews before the submission.”

In the first example above, Mr. X has apparently asked a very straight forward question to Mr.Y. Mr. Y’s usage of idts shows that he is not sure but he has some idea about it. This is a way of confirming an understanding, mor elike putting logic into their lack of knowledge to undertsand the situaion better.

Example 2

Lily: “Omg No way!! I can’t believe Cheryl tried setting you up with her ex brother in law!!”

Medusa: “YES! i know right? i am equally shocked! I mean, really! Me and Harvey? Ummm…. IDTS but thanks for trying I guess!!!”

In this example, there was a clear drop of sarcasm, with a definite negative expression. Their mutual friend Cheryl’s matchmaking is not welcomed and also shows u that this might never happen again.

When should one use the acronym IDTS?

If you’re thinking of using the acronym IDTS tin your text messaging language or wish to add it on your online vocabulary, make sure you use it appropriately and only in situations which demand it and must avoid using it unnecessarily. Following are some of the situations where you can use it:

  • When you are in middle of a very casual conversation with your friend or partner.
  • When people you’re texting or chatting with also are in a habit if using acronyms like these and hence would understand it
  • When you are not concerned about maintaining an extremely good reputation such on professional terms or when you do not wish to appear intelligent such as with colleagues or bosses.

Given that IDTS is one of those types of acronyms that are rarely seen in any conversation so you might be better off just typing out “I don’t think so” word for word rather than using the confusing acronym which can make people run for dictionaries or the GOOGLE searches. Don’t expect everyone to be able to interpret it right away in fact even those who seem to be pretty much mingled up in the wonderful world of online acronyms and text messaging language might have a hard time understanding its meaning and in this case it is sad to say that even the wildest of guesses can go wrong.

Written by Hina Akram


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