Everything You Should Know When Preparing for Certbolt Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

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Do you want to reinforce your career as a solutions architect? If you have at least one year of background in handling AWS systems, then you can be a candidate for the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification. Know more about this stellar accreditation from AWS and become a coveted professional in no time.

Relevant Information about the Certification

AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate is a certificate targeted to professionals with experience in building fault-tolerant, cost-efficient, and scalable AWS systems. It further enhances your capabilities so you can efficiently architect and deploy top-tier apps to be used on different AWS technologies. Likewise, it focuses on your aptitude in outlining a solution that is associated with both architectural design protocols and customer requirements. And lastly, it provides you with the latest skillset in working with the implementation guidance according to standard principles and practices set by the organization.

Suggested Knowledge and Work Experience

The certification is specifically created for those with an in-depth familiarity with the AWS features and functionalities. That’s why you must evaluate your professional background first before you dive into the exam preparation. The main prerequisite includes knowledge in AWS networking, database, storage, deployment, and management. It’s also practical to have a solid understanding of the technical requirements and best practices needed in creating a dependable and fortified AWS-based app. More so, you should already be adept with the AWS global setup, its related network technologies, and security attributes. For more visit

Key Details about the Exam

If you possess all the prerequisites set by AWS, you’re off to the exam training. The certification is accomplished by completing SAA-C02, a 130-minute test that encompasses a combination of multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. The exam fee is $150, with two delivery options, either online proctored or in the testing center. For the languages, you can choose from the following: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Major Domains Covered in the Exam

AWS Certbolt SAA-C02 is divided into four main areas. To better understand what awaits you, let’s have a blow-by-blow discussion of the key sections below.


  • Creating resilient architectures

The first subject matter listed in the official outline requires you to develop skills in designing different architecture solutions such as multi-tier, highly available, and fault-tolerant. It’s also vital to learn the crucial processes on how to effectively design various decoupling mechanisms via AWS services and how to pick the right resilient storage.

  • Building high-performing architectures

In this domain, you will be introduced to the significance of scalable and elastic compute solutions that are relevant in workloads. Take time to understand the specifics of the high-performing solutions, particularly storage, database, and networking.

  • Designing secure architectures and apps

This section embraces the security features of Certbolt AWS. It presents you with the steps in creating secure resource access as well as a secure app tier. Choosing the appropriate data security option is part of the coverage too.

  • Generating cost-optimized architecture

The last domain centers on cost-optimized architectures. You also have to cultivate your knowledge of cost-effective storage features, along with database, network, and compute services.


Earning the AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification is surely a great boost in your career. So, weigh your options accordingly and get started with exam preparation as soon as possible. This first-rate accreditation not just highlights your skills but also unlocks a plethora of professional opportunities.

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