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Social media is a great way to escape the real world and still be in touch with it. You get to sit down on your couch, open the application of your favorite social media account and begin scrolling through it. If you find any content you find interesting and attractive, you shift from one screen to another. Well, that’s the magic of social media, you can stay up all night scrolling through accounts and activities of various users and never get bored. Is your television not working? Are your movies not buffering due to slow internet? do not worry, you have enough entertaining content on your social media. Of course, not every content uploaded on social media is received well. Accounts that are popular have managed to set standards, examples and their signatures. Take the example of Simply Nailogical. Her account on YouTube was only about nail art and exploring various brands of nail paints. She had decent number of followers however, recently her “100 layers of nail paint” video went viral. Why? Because it was found to be quite intriguing and fun to watch by her viewers. Once that video received appreciation by everyone, it spread from YouTube to Facebook and from Facebook to Instagram. That is the power social media holds. And here in this article we will be talking about all the Instagram users who are categorized as the best Instagram accounts of 2018. Why? Because apparently their posts immediately get more likes, shares and views that you can imagine. Let’s begin with our list then, shall we?

Instagram is an application owned by Facebook, Inc. This application was launched back in 2010. While Instagram is fairly recent, it began to receive more and more accounts and instantly became a very crucial and popular social media application among people. Why? because while other social media applications focused on instant messaging and chatting for their users, Instagram came up with a new way of conversing for its users. Here on Instagram individuals simply share images and videos on their accounts. Much more like a pictorial ethnography, individuals describe themselves through their media content. Recent features and updates on Instagram have added the ability to send messages to those you are following and receive messages from accounts which are following you. In addition to that, you can now upload your stories which last for approximately 24 hours for viewership. Still, Instagram’s essence remains in it’s main purpose. There’s an unspoken but obvious rule on Instagram: The more followers you have, the more famous you get. There are various reasons as to why someone became famous on Instagram however, we can point out a rough key to Instagram success. Accounts which upload content regularly, have good photography, editorial and videography skills, more hashtags, and humorous content can make it big. Of course, we have to keep in mind being original. Still who becomes popular and who loses Instagram popularity really depends on the audience. So here in this article we will be mentioning some of the best Instagram accounts of 2018 according to the followers and popular vote!


You just might find it comical that Instagram itself is one of the best Instagram accounts of 2018. Instagram’s Instagram account has approximately 300 million followers. This account posts great photography content as well knowledge about all the Instagram contests. Instagram uses this account to allow other Instagram users to take part in their Instagram contests and get featured on Instagram’s Instagram account. Just imagine what would happen for you if your account and your picture is posted by Instagram itself? Say Hello to the door to opportunities right away!

Instagram also uses their own account to help anyone with their queries as well as help them find out about the latest features of Instagram along with how to use them. It makes perfect sense then, why so many Instagram users follow Instagram itself!


Yes, in recent years Selena Gomez, a former Disney star has rebranded herself. As she achieves more and more success in Hollywood, her Instagram grabs more and more followers. As of 2018 then, her account has approximately 113 Million followers. For those of you who do not know about her, she is a famous singer, actress, producer and director. You must have seen the latest show “13 Reasons Why”. This show which is based on a novel was directed and produced by Selena Gomez and the success has gotten her more fans than ever!


With about 101 Million followers on Instagram, Ariana Grande has also made it to one of the best Instagram accounts of 2018. This singer and actress was first a Nickelodeon star. However, as she began her singing career, her hit songs such as “Break Free”, “Problem”, “Bang Bang” and so on got her Instagram famous over night!


While Beyonce is known as one of the most popular singers in the music industry, her charm does not only last till there. This queen of music is also famous on Instagram which approximatel 98 Million followers. Beyonce’s fame in real life has diverted to her social media accounts as well. While her Instagram consists of pictures of herself, her children and her husband mostly, she is still followed by her army of fans from around the globe!


You must have heard of Kim Kardashian around you, we are sure! Yes, she is one of the most famous Kardashians on Instagram. Like Beyonce, Kim Karashian also has a follower base of about 98 Million Instagram users. While Kim Kardiashian is mainly a model and a television personality, her Instagram started to get more and more followers after she set the contouring and highlight trends in Makeup. She is also known for posting risqué pictures on Instagram as well as marketing her reality television show with her family.

While we have covered some of the best Instagram accounts of 2018, we have only mentioned the popular celebrities on Instagram. If they are popular in real life, chances are whatever they do on Instagram will get them fame as well. Of course, we should not undermine the glamorous and scandalous content they post. However, in order to continue the best Instagram accounts of 2018, we should mention some of the other Instagram accounts as well!


You should head over to Tommy Lenk’s Instagram right this moment. Why? Because Tommy is known for taking a comical turn on celebrity photos and mimicking other Instagram famous posts with his own twist. If you wish for giggles, here is where you should go!


Another one of the best Instagram accounts of 2018 includes Moshoodat Sanni. She is a 24 year old plus size model and make up artist. Her recent battle with breast cancer has made her an even stronger human being and you can see that reflect in her Instagram posts. If you are looking for some inspiration with glamour and creativity, follow her on Instagram!


Are you a coffee lover as well? You will love this creative artist who’s Instagram is filled with posts about his art on coffee cups. His skills will definitely make you wish you could drink your morning coffee while admiring some fun doodling.


Do you like getting photo shopped? Of course, we do not mean changing the way you look completely. If you love seeing a humorous twist on your most random pictures, you should head over to this artist’s channel. James Fridman receives requests from other Instagram users to use in Photoshop skills and turn them into literate pieces of art in no time!


If you are on Instagram exploring and ever wish you could travel around the world, head over to this travel blogger’s channel. Going through her inspirational travel posts will make you live your dream vicariously!


This channel is all about street fashion. Here you will find the latest trends from modest to suggestive. Follow photographer Phil O if you wish to get inspired regarding your street style. Trust us, with this one of the best Instagram accounts of 2018, you will be hooked!


Meet Gerardo, a true artist dealing with Depression. His inspirational channel includes him taking pictures of himself each day for every 30 days. This helps him explore the city, get out more and more and more inspirational, calming and beautiful pictures for his followers. His Instagram channel helps all those dealing with mental illness in their own way. If you head over to Instagram right now, you will find more and more accounts that support users with depression, stress, anxiety and so on.

These Instagram accounts are pure inspiration. They do not just offer you entertaining content but they make you believe that if you try hard enough and let your inner creative demon come out, you can too become the next best of Instagram in 2018. Till then, we should inform you that if these channels have become known as the best Instagram accounts of 2018, imagine all the wonders they could do when the new year begins. So, take our advice and do not miss the chance to follow these accounts. These are of course a gist of what Instagram has for you. Just start exploring and you will find your own list of best Instagram accounts of 2018!

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