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Facebook is a very popular application that has been with us since 2003. In the beginning, Facebook included the option of connecting with your long lost friends from childhood, middle school and so on. It also allowed us to connect and remain in touch with long distance relatives and friends as well. Soon, individuals also began to use Facebook to get in touch with immediate and local friends as well. After that, Facebook users also got the option of finding new friends online. Facebook gained more and more users and its functions, features and span expanded before we could stop our activities and notice. Facebook turned into a successful media hood that integrated other applications within it as well. Most of us have Facebook accounts and millions of us are using our account each day, every day. And, we can access Facebook desktop apps pretty easily. Over the period of its success, many of these applications were deleted and many disappeared as well. However, more and more applications come each day that are supported by Facebook’s network and you can sprinkle a lot of fun in your life with them.

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You can find a fine variety of Facebook applications that are available on Facebook’s browser page. These include games to image uploaders and then time savers as well. Many of these Facebook desktop apps will not ask for any costs to be paid to enable you to begin using them. If they are paid, they also come with free versions and they can work on your Windows 10 computer as well as MacOS Sierra. Each of these following Facebook desktop apps are tested before they have been shared and they should be working currently. So, if you are someone who uses Windows 10 or a MAC PC and you have a Facebook account that you regularly log in to, these applications will suit you best as Facebook desktop apps.

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Facebook Desktop Apps: Facebook

Now the first application that you can find for your desktop is Facebook itself. Previously if you wanted to access Facebook from your desktop it was not possible to execute that desire through an application. Instead you had to browse Facebook through your web browser using its website. Then you had to log in and use Facebook. While in the very beginning when Facebook was launched, initially individuals used Facebook through its website only. There was no application available for us to use because there were no smartphones in that time. Gradually, as smartphones were introduced, you had the option to use Facebook’s application. This application is even available on other type of cellphones now! So, many of us were hooked with the application on our phone only. However, Facebook has now released an application for itself that you can download on your desktop and use. All you need to do is search for this application through your Windows and Mac application store and download it. It will ask you to log in and after that, it will be pretty similar to using Facebook application on your mobile phone!

Facebook Desktop Apps: Current

Current is an application that is exclusively available for Apple desktop users only. And if you are a serious Facebook instant messaging user, this one is for you. This chat based application comes with a few sleek tricks and integrates itself with Facebook chat window. Along with that, Current will hide in the dock so you can access it quickly whereas it knows how to keep separate windows for each of your chats. You can hold many conversations at one and you will not lose the flow of each one of them. However, this application will cost you approximately $ 2.99, still it is inexpensive.

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Facebook Desktop Apps: Facebook Messenger

Now the second desktop Facebook application that you can avail on your computer is Facebook’s Messenger which we should be talking about before we move on with the other ones. This application is one of Facebook’s official desktop app that can work with Windows PC and Mac as well without a doubt. All you need to do is download the application from your app store and you will be good to go. You do not have to worry about the application getting stuck or anything because Facebook ensures you smooth functioning. Other than that, it will stay out of your way and will not disturb you will extra advertisements and so on. Whenever you need it, you can access it then. It will also tell you and inform you about everything that will go around when you are busy with work. With Facebook messenger you will be able to go deep in a communication without worrying about charging your phone and so on. If your phone is not functioning, you will have Messenger on your desktop and nothing will harm your Facebook chats. This desktop application also comes with stickers, emojis, the ability to share media, themes, making groups on Facebook chat and so on. This application is more readily available and works better with Windows 10. And do not worry, this application is completely free!

Facebook Desktop apps: Franz

While Facebook has an official instant messaging application that we previously discussed, you can also get access to Franz; an application that works best along with a couple of dozen other chat applications. Franz can work across platform too. You can use it on your Windows 10 PC and simultaneously, you can make use of it on MacOS as well. The application is quite simple according to its interface and its set up as well. It works in accordance with a wide range of other applications and so it works at its best to make online chatting with your friends and family a simple experience through your desktop application. Franz is not just integrated with Facebook. You will be surprised to hear that it can work best with WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Hangouts, KIK and so on. It comes with a very straightforward menu system that helps you with managing numerous accounts and chats all at once. Basically, Franz is a main hub where you can access your activities from various applications that you use, all at once. Franz will not track your chats or record any of your activity because well, it does not perform as a spy application. In today’s age where you can barely trust anything, this application’s features add to its very significant bonus. Plus, what is more is that this application is also free!

Facebook Desktop Apps: FMenu

This application is specifically for MacOs and Apple users because it helps bring Facebook desktop notifications to your desktop. Once you have this application on your PC, you can set it according to how you like it. You can allow it to show you all of your notifications or filter only the important notifications. FMenu will also show you all your posts on your Facebook wall, your Facebook calendar and comments on Facebook images among other things. This application is very simple but it is quite effective with an easy to function user interface. And so on this application you can easily navigate. When you minimize the application, it stays there and does not interrupt with your work.


Facebook Desktop App: Facedesk

This one is dedicated for those of you who are the biggest fans of Facebook. Now Facedesk makes use of Adobe Air and then works as an exclusive use browser that only works best with Facebook. This application works best at separating your Facebook life from your personal life. It can allow you to log in with different accounts such as accounts for work, personal accounts and so on.  However, behold because this application’s features only do that much. Aside from that, this application is completely free of any costs!

Facebook Desktop App: TweetDeck

While this application works best as a Twitter account manager, you can also make it friendly with your Facebook account. This application allows you to manage work accounts without wasting any time around. You will have to configure it so that you can use it with Facebook and then you will gain all your access to your Facebook notifications, chats and any other updates. If you click on someone’s name in this application, it will allow you to chat with them immediately. This makes it a fast, free and simple application that come with an easy and clean user interface. You can switch between chats, networks and pages very easily. You just have to get used to this application a little in the beginning. After that, nothing will come in your way to stop you from mastering a degree in Facebook. Once you get the hang of it and feel that it’s necessary, you can go ahead and use the premium version of TweetDeck which will allow you to access multiple accounts at once.

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Well folks, this is it. These are some of the best desktop applications that you can use to work faster with Facebook. Once you begin using these, you might just become a pro and make your own list of best Facebook Desktop apps!

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