What to do for FaceTime not working?

The video calling tool of Apple devices known as FaceTime calling is one of the signature features of iOS and Mac operating systems. Apple has revolutionized video calling by a single tap on the icon for FaceTime and instantly the receiver will pop up on your screen in a high definition video.

However just like the other tools FaceTime can also show hiccups in its services and you will experience the infamous “FaceTime not working” error. Let’s look into why FaceTime not working error appears!

Why is FaceTime Not Working?

Whatever the issue appears with FaceTime whether it is difficulty in placing calls or receiving calls, any of the following reasons could be the culprit here:

  1. FaceTime needs to be switched on: To be able to use FaceTime, the service must be activated in the first place on your device and this is something present by default however if FaceTime not working error appears then you need to check the app settings. Simply go to the Settings app and then click on FaceTime. Make sure the slider for FaceTime is toggled to on/green.
  2. The Phone Number or Email ID is missing:If you don’t have a service connection or a contact number, of course no one can get in touch with you. You must own a functional contact number or email ID to be able to use FaceTime. You set this up when you configure your device, however if this piece of information is missing or is unchecked then this can cause errors.

Access the section for Settings then go to FaceTime and make sure your contact number or email ID is added there. Also place a tick mark in front of You Can Be Reached by FaceTime At in case it is not there already.

  1. Get connected to a stable network: If your iDevice isn’t in connection with any internet access then you will not be able to use the service of FaceTime. See to it that your phone is not in Airplane Mode and that an internet connection is available.
  2. The receiver must have FaceTime as well: If you are contacting someone on an old model of iPhone or any other cell phone then they will not have the option for FaceTime. The receiver must have the service for FaceTime on their smart phone to be able to avail the perks of FaceTime video calling.
  3. Some users could be blocked: There is an option for blocking people so that they cannot call, text or FaceTime you hence if you cannot FaceTime someone or are unable to receive their calls then It is possible that they are blocked on your FaceTime or that they have blocked you. So access the section for Settings then go to FaceTime and finally to Blocked. A list of all the blocked contacts will appear and if the person you wish to contact is present there then you need to delete them from your blocked list.
  4. Your network service should support FaceTime:If you are attempting to place a cal on FaceTime using 4 G or 3 G then your network service should support the service for FaceTime. Hence you must check that your network connection offers support for FaceTime.
  5. FaceTime App is absent: If the app for FaceTime is not present on your device in the first place then it is possible that you may have accidentally switched off the app in the Content Restrictions section. To be able to see this go to the Settings section and then go to General, and finally click on Restrictions. If these Restrictions are switched on then you will be required to enter a passcode. Type this in and then search for the option for FaceTime or Camera

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