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File sharing is basically sharing files with each other through computer or electronic devices. The technology has advanced rapidly and so has the use of smart phones and smart devices. The sharing of files has become a necessity as most of the official work is done through these devices.

Sharing these files is important as these may be needed for other uses by other people. Millions of files ad documents are being shared by people all around the world. This world has become a digital platform.

Computers and digital technology has brought people closer and has made life easier. Internet has proven to be the most useful invention of the humans as people can do a lot through it while sitting at home.

There are multiple ways of sharing file between two computers. One of them is home sharing. Home sharing is made of two computers. These computers share a same network. This makes sharing files between these computers super easy.

This article will basically talk about sharing files and documents that takes place between two computers

Connecting Two Computers with the help of Cable

The traditional ad the most basic method of File Sharing that takes between two computers is through the use of a cable. The two computers are connected to each other, this makes a like between two computers. The cable being the mean to like creation. There are a few other methods that exist for the purpose of File Share between two computers such as the following:

  • Ethernet cable can also be used for file sharing
  • The use parallel peripheral cable can also be done
  • The Special-purpose USB cables can also be used to link the two computers
  1. Ethernet: the Ethernet is one of the methods that is used for the purpose of file sharing between two computers. This is reliable, convenient and easy to use. The chances of the connection breaking are low as the cable has a real presence. This does not require any high configurations
  2. Parallel:  The parallel cable is also another way of connecting two computers and sharing information on them. Cabling of this sort is called Direct Cable Connection (DCC) this offers low performance when it is being used o Microsoft Widows but has the same function that is of Ethernet.
  3. USB: USB is a portable device. These devices are a possession of everybody these days. These are super easy to carry. These are super easy to use and are fast and efficient way of sharing files ad documents between two computers. The USB done not connect the two computers directly but only are few files are shared through USB as it only transfers the files that the user desires and copies into the drive.

In order for these to work the computer must be working, the computer should be connected to internet connection.

Connecting Two Wireless computers For File Sharing

The computers can share files and documents wireless too! This is a proof of advanced technology. This removes the hassle of wires and finding ports.

Wireless connections are increasing day by day and the popularity of wireless networks is rapidly increasing. People are switching to wireless because of the convenience that they offer. The methods that provide wireless transfer of file between.

  • One of the option is Infrared
  • The most easily available way is Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi is the most used form of file transfer

Wi-Fi connections have a greater reach, this is why this option is preferred over all the other means of file transfer that is available between computers.

All the devices that are used these days are Wi-Fi enabled. Even the most basic cell hoes have Wi-Fi___33 feature in them. There hardly will be any person that we know who doesn’t know what Wi-Fi is and hasn’t used Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth technology was used all over when it was new. People used Bluetooth to share files, videos, pictures and images through it. The drawback of Bluetooth is that Bluetooth has a very low reach. Both the devices having Bluetooth should be in reach of each other.

Otherwise they won’t catch each other’s Bluetooth signal. The devices if not in each other’s vicinity won’t be able to share files. The speed of Bluetooth is reasonably high.

It is the easiest method for file sharing. Bluetooth is more widely used when sharing files on computer with a device like a cell phones. Most desktop and older computers do not possess Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth works best if both devices are in the same room or close to each other. Consider Bluetooth if you have interest in networking for file sharing.

Infrared networking is an outdated way. It existed on laptops only and it was used years before Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies came into existence and became popular. These connections only work between two computers, and other devise are to compatible with them.

Infrared is very easy to set up and is very convenient to use. The only drawback of infrared is that it does not support other devices and not on portable devices that people now a day’s use. The other factor that makes infra-red less accessible is that the computer should be already equipped with the technology in order for it to work.

Two Computers can connect with Cable using Central Infrastructure

Computer can be joined through a central network rather than joining two computers with network. This can be done with 2 network cables. Several types of fixtures exist for home networking:

  • Router
  • USB hubs
  • Phone line outlets

Written by Hina Akram

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