How To Find Friends on KIK Easily?

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Now if it is your day off from work or school and you are sitting at your home all alone and probably bored to death because your friends cannot hang out with you this weekend due to prior engagements, you might just look for a way to escape the agony and connect with them. Do you want to talk to them or just chat with them? You can make use of KIK messenger for anything because this instant messaging application is readily available to help you connect with old friends and it is most definitely the best way to connect with new people as well if your friends are busy with their prior engagements. Other social networking accounts that you might have mainly include allowing you to connect with pre-existing friends and family through a share network. These applications mainly help you in taking your social circle from real life and turning it into a virtual circle. So, say you add someone on Facebook with whom you have not had the chance to meet in real life. Chances are that they will ask you who you are or simply decline your request. But KIK messenger is different and one of its identifiers is that it can help you find new friends as well. So, how will you find friends on KIK messenger if you are someone who has recently joined KIK messenger for some fun. Well, in this article we will simply show you how to find friends on KIK so stay tuned!

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Before we move on with how to find friend on KIk, there are a few things you should take care of first before we get started with the main course; this includes learning how to set up KIK:

  • So, in order to set up KIK messenger on your phone, the first thing you need to understand is that KIK messenger is limited. That means it is exclusively available on Android devices and on iOS supporting device. So, if your smartphone supports any of these two, you are good to go.
  • The first thing you need to do then is download KIK messenger on your phone. If you are using Android, you will go to Play store and search for KIK messenger over there. If you have an Apple phone, you need to go to Apple app store and find KIK messenger over there. This application should be free on your devices and you should not have to pay anything extra to get access.
  • Once it is downloaded, you will launch KIK messenger on your device. It will ask you to add your cell phone number. Please use the right cell phone number otherwise KIK messenger will not work and you will not gain access.
  • Now you have set up your KIK messenger account with your username and a password that you can remember. You will be welcomed to KIK messenger by KIK team.
  • After you have entered the KIK messenger community, you will go to Settings and Privacy. From this area you are supposed to allow Address Book Matching. This instruction will work best with iPhone and Android as well.
  • This will allow you to get connected with all your main friends right away and you can spread your KIK account by sending them a request.
  • Once they accept your request, you can instantly begin a chat with each of your friend and begin to connect.
  • Now if you are unable to find friends on KIK messenger, simply because your friends do not have a KIK account or that they have not used their numbers to register, you can use the option that allow you to Tell Friends About KIK from the Settings Menu. This will send your buddies a link through your KIK account and invite them to join you on KIK. You can share this KIK messenger link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other social networking sites!

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While the previously mentioned way is the standard way to find friends on KIK, we also have a best possible way that you can use to find friends on KIK and this includes making use of KIK Cards. KIK cards are basically profile cards that are included in the application and they allow people from KIK messenger to share details throughout the globe very easily and conveniently. This is a good possible way to meet new individuals on KIK messenger without leaving the KIK messenger application because this is a roof under which you will find strangers, friends and enemies as well! So, in order to use this technique to find friends on KIK, follow these steps:

  • The first thing you must do in order to find friends on KIK is you will go to your Settings menu on KIK and from there you will be selecting an option that allows you to Share Your Profile.
  • From here then, you are going to select all the social networks that you are on, according to your choice and then share your KIK profile with them.
  • After this you will close the Settings window and move towards your conversation window on KIK messenger.
  • In this new window you will notice a tiny globe icon and then you will use the search term to look for a chat. You use search terms like football, chat and so on depending on what you will try to find from the ongoing public chats which will be themed according to particular subjects. So, just type a topic that interests you and then begin engaging in a public chat room so that you can gain some more friends on KIK messenger.
  • You also have the option to make use of public groups and make friends on KIK messenger. These public KIK groups will give you the option of having fifty members and they become an ideal and best way to meet different people and have a talk about subjects that interest the both of you.

If you are looking to find a public group on KIK to make friends on KIK, you can use this technique:

  • Launch your KIK messenger to navigate through and find your main chat list. From the top of the list, you will notice a plus icon. You will click on this icon and then select Public Groups.
  • You can use the popular search banners or you have the option of going for performing a search through a subject you are interested in and is unique.
  • You will then tap on a public group that will appear through search and find out more about that group.
  • Then if you like this group, you are going to select Join Public Group and simply become part of the discussion right away!

Now if you still have been unable to find friends on KIK and make new friends on KIK messenger, you can make use of some additional websites that make the best KIK friend finders:

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  • You can use KIK Contacts. This is one of the least disturbing KIK friend finder out there which simply shows you users that are online and then it allows you to look through each user by making use of category based searched. You can also perform user matching by basing it on gender, interests, location, age and so on. The user age base through these websites is usually between thirteen years of age and twenty years of age. But you can still find other age groups with lesser number of people in those dynamics.
  • Then you can use KIK Friends Finder. This does the same thing but it just has a wider range of age for its user and you can also use this website to create new KIK usernames, meet girls and boys, flirt, chat, search for things and so on. This is actually a very fast site and it will not disturb you with pop ups of advertisements. It just makes it easy for you to meet new people and chat them on the website or through your KIK messenger.
  • Then you have KIK Friends, a website that is also simple to use. You can select people according to their gender or simply find people who are online. You can also refine your research through images, interest and so on. It has very minimal user interface which is easy to interact with.
  • The last website from our list that you can use is KUserfinder. This site has pop ups but aside from such advertisements it can work pretty well. This site is a little more fun for people who wish to indulge in some sexting and so it has a younger age group dynamic. But that is not the identifier of this website. You can find people according to countries, interest and so on. And have chats that are PG13!

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Hopefully, you will be able to make a lot of friends on KIK messenger that will belong to various age groups, genders, orientations, they might have similar interests as you or they just might be complete opposites. The point is, you will not get bored on KIK messenger if you use our techniques!

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