Finstagram, the Newest Craze That Has Taken the Millennial World by Storm

The beauty of this world and its many amazing opportunities is that there a billion things that you can do and there will always be a billion more that are just waiting for you to be done. All you need to do as a person is to have the heart and the determination to actually go through with the new adventure. This world at the same time is filled with cruel people who want nothing better than to judge you on everything you do and then have an opinion about it.  In this article, brought to you by a fellow millennial, you will be explained how a Finstagram works and what benefits and advantages that you can and will be able to receive once you actually start using it. Goodbye judgmental world, hello self-confidence. (I know that was lame but I could think of anything else)

So, why should you go through with this article? Well, firstly, because this is an article that is willing to explain to you the craziest and the most menial thing with the most clarity and love. And by love, I mean the need for money because let’s be honest we all need money. You need for a different purpose and someone else needs it for something else and so this article will help make that person making money. Please be nice and read it whole.

What is a Finstagram?


Well, let’s get right down to business shall we, what is Finstagram and what does it do. Well, to put it simply it’s just like Instagram except that it is like a shadowy version of Instagram. What you need to do is to just know simply that if you have a Finstagram account you can post and do all the same things that you do on Instagram. The only difference is that it is extra private and its usually used by users to post silly, funny and sometimes ugly pictures. Pictures that they feel comfortable posting.

So, what does it do and what is the purpose of it. Imagine you have an Instagram account and you are very popular and have load and loads of followers. Then you take a picture that you find to be very funny but you also realize that if you post on Instagram for your thousands of followers they might judge you and might get very opinionated. Theis is where Finstagram comes in. it’s a private account for users for their close and personal friends and family.

How to Use Finstagram?


Finstagram, just like Instagram is a social media account that is presented by the social media giants for their many users so that they can share some videos and pictures in private amongst trusted friends and family. The easiest way to actually get a Finstagram account is as follows:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on Android or the Apple Store on the iPhone and then search for Finstagram.
  • Once you find it click on download.
  • Once it is downloaded open it and then get registered.
  • The way to register it is to provide a username that you would be using for your Finstagram account and password that only you know
  • For security reason, you will be asked to repeat it so that the privacy is set.
  • Once you do that set your privacy setting to private so only the people you want to let see will see you.
  • After doing that send your friend request to all of the family and trusted friends and only them.

This way you will now have an account where you can upload silly and goofy pictures and videos and not be afraid of judgment from the many followers you have because let’s be real this is a cruel world and everyone is a mean head behind a computer screen.

What Are the Problems You May Face Due to Using Finstagram?

anna parini finstagram

Now, this is the part of the article where I help explain some of the problems that you may face if you are a Finstagram user. Since this is not the real Instagram and is called the “Fake Instagram” the follower count can be different. Here the only followers you will be getting and the only appreciation you will be receiving is going to be strictly based on the opinion of your friends and family. And if they don’t like something they would be direct. So direct that it might hurt your ego. Just a little bit. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s going to hurt a lot?

Friends and family are the only two units of people close to you who have the honest opinion about something that you do and the honest opinion hurts most of the times but you know what, it comes from a place of love and they don’t really mean all the nasty things they say to you. (trust me they love you) so what you need to do is know that all the opinions and the comments from that place are true and honest opinions and not comments that are meant to bring you down or bring your self-esteem down. Also, you are the one choosing them and letting them in so if they get on your nerve. Block them.

What Can You Post on Finstagram?


Now, this is also a question that is mostly asked by users. What exactly can you post on Finstagram and what kind of filters can you use. Well, to put it simply all you need to do is post about what you desire and not at all think about what other peoples’ reaction is going to be. It’s a judgment-free app as the people you added also have the same liberty to post whatever they are comfortable with. You can post pictures of:

  • Your pets doing weird and crazy things or maybe even downright horrendous things but post them here and it won’t matter.
  • Post a picture of the food you ate that had something off about it that you didn’t want to post on Instagram because you didn’t want to offend the people who made it. Go right ahead. Safe space here.
  • Post a very weird and downright ugly or unflattering picture of yourself and then proceed to get comments on it from people closest to you because they also post the same things and you don’t need to worry about it leaking because you have a blackmail list on them if they do any such thing.
  • Pictures of your family members’ and surprising them with a tag or a mention. This could start a small harmless banter but if you see yourself and your family member going to war over it abort the mission and delete the picture. Trust me. I just saved you a whole lotta drama.
  • Post a picture or make a video of your vacation place or a new place or an old place you visited and saw something that you shouldn’t have or want to talk about something that is forbidden. This is the place to post it and have a friendly discussion.

These are just some of the many things that you can do on Finstagram and post on this app.

Who Is Finstagram Targeted At?

teens social media

Now, this is an interesting question. This app was basically designed for Instagram users and the majority of the population that uses Instagram is the young generation which includes Millennials and everyone under their age range. Though this demographic is the one that is being targeted the other age group that has sort of risen from the ashes, so to speak, is the generation x or the “old people” as we like to call them.

They are just figuring out technology and are interested. The technological advances in the past two to three decades have been so vast that it took the generation above us and all to get some time to get used to it. All you need to do is to just relax and give them some time. The only thing holding these seniors back is the fact that they sometimes forget how to use the said app and you need to explain it to them again but once they get a hang of it all they want to do is just be on it and post selfies of themselves and their significant others and children.

So, through this entire article the one thing that has been abundantly clear is the fact that Finstagram is the Fake Instagram that everyone needs because it not only gives you a break from being an egotistical maniac with a hint of narcissistic tendencies but also a person who has a goofy side and want to enjoy life without feeling the judgemental eyes of everyone on them constantly. All you need to do now is to go on your app store and download this app and trust this article when we say that this will be the best decision you make because it will give you a sense of security and protection that you thought you lacked. Good luck with it my friend and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Written by Emma

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