Fix the Olympus Mirrorless Camera Error Messages!   


If you are someone who is annoyed by the constant Olympus Mirrorless Camera Error Messages with its interchangeable lens then you have ended up on the right place online. It is quite annoying to see any kind of error message on one’s expensive device however an error message at least gives some hint as to what the issue is. Use the following top tips to get rid of the Olympus Mirrorless Camera Error Messages for a smooth, fun-filled and professional snapshot experience with Olympus.

  • View the status of the lens: This message out of the other Olympus Mirrorless Camera Error Messages appears when the camera lens is improperly placed in its housing. You will have to remove the lens from its place and then attach it again. You must switch off the camera before you re-attach the lens in its place so that the error message can be removed. If you know that the lens is attached properly then the metal connections of the lens may be covered with dust particles so you should also clean up the metal connects.
  • Unable to edit the Image:If you are attempting to utilize the editing tools present on your   Olympus PEN camera and you see this message then you must work with the images present on the memory card inserted in the camera which were snapped using another camera because the Olympus PEN camera will only be able to edit the images which is taken by the camera itself instead of the shots taken from another device.
  • Too High Temperature of camera: This error message in the list of Olympus Mirrorless Camera Error Messages appears when the inside temperature of the camera exceeds the default safe limit because temperature may rise when you have constantly been taking images or making videos. Simply switch off your camera and give it some time to return to normal temperature limits.

  • Locked Lens:If you retract your lens and then need to extend it then it is possible that you may see this error message. Many Olympus PEN cameras zoomed version comes with a lock for the lens so that it holds in place when not being used hence if you need o get the lens extended then you have to manually rotate the zoom housing ring in the counter-clockwise direction.
  • Blinking of the Slow shutter speed number:If your speed setting for the shutter is constantly blinking on the camera’s screen and you have configured the setting to a slow speed for the shutter for instance if it is set at 1/60th of a second or even less and the thing you are trying to snap is not properly exposed then this error will appear and you will have to use a flash by setting the aperture at a small setting.
  • Blinking of the Fast shutter speed number:If you have configured the speed of the shutter to fast for instance at 1/250th of the second and your shutter speed keeps blinking then your subject of interest for capture is overly exposed hence you must lower down the sensitivity of ISO and enlarge the aperture.
  • Blinking of the Low aperture setting:If the number of aperture is constantly blinking when it is configured at a low setting for instance at F2.8, then your subject of interest is too dark. You can use a flash or enhance the sensitivity for ISO.
  • Blinking of the High aperture setting: If the number of aperture is constantly blinking when it is configured at a high setting for instance at F22, then your subject of interest that is being shit is overly exposed. You must use a rapid shutter speed setting or lower down the sensitivity of the ISO.

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