Forgot iPhone Password? Here is what you need to do!

Technology and gadgets nowadays have been such an important thing in our lives these days that no matter where we go, we make sure that we take our phones with us. Even if we are traveling or what, our mobile phones are always with us.

And to make sure that they are safe, we use various pass codes as well as fingerprint lock to ensure that no one else unlocks it. Some of us even use face detection sensors that will help.

Today, our mobile phones is known to be the best gadget to save all our personal information at one place.

We save our pictures, videos and text messages, etc. in our phones so we can quickly access them anytime we want. Personal phones are personal territory for us. People spends huge amount of money to get a phone that can be used for a longer period of time.

Similarly, when spending a handsome amount of money, we also get conscious and particular about the thing we spent it on. We know that robbery and theft is extremely common these days and your personal gadgets that you carry with you every time you go somewhere are always at risk.

For this reason, people make sure to keep their devices locked so in case they get robbed, the robber still won’t be able to easily access their personal data.

iPhone’s pass code is the only way to keep your personal data safe. But the problem arises when we say think what will happen if you forget your iPhone’s password. All the iPhone or Apple users here know that if they enter the wrong password maximum six time their phone will automatically get disabled.

And if you are facing the same problem i.e. you have forgotten about your password and you are wondering how you can get rid of it then follow the instructions mentioned below. We assure you that they will easily solve your problem. But make sure you follow them as they are mentioned below.

The only fix is to erase your iPhone

Resetting your mobile phone’s password in case you have forgot it can be a little hectic. For this purpose, many people say that resetting your phone can do a great job. However, that can be a little problematic for most of you because this way all your mobile data will be deleted.

So when we talk about forgetting a password, the only solution here is to reset your phone. Once you have reset it, it will erase your old password and this way a person will be able to easily make a new password.

When it comes to resetting your mobile phone, keep in mind that all your data will be removed. In order to always keep your data safe and secure make sure you make a proper backup for this. So in case you have to reset your phone, you can restore your data later.

And if you haven’t made a proper backup and have also forgotten your password then there’s nothing else you can do about it.


People not creating a proper backup will lose all of their data because that would not sync your account data with your iCloud or even iTunes whenever you try restoring it. So a backup is very important in case you want your data to be secured.

Now let’s come to the problem that you are facing. You have forgotten your password and the only way left is to reset you account. This can be done in three simple ways.

At first, try to remember your phone’s password and in case you don’t, simple remove your password and give a new start or else you can use the Recovery mode option too.


What should you do after you have erased or reset your iPhone?

Doesn’t matter what option you go for, you will end up having a new phone, just like the one that you first bought. Now you have three options that can be done at your next step. We have described them below.

  • Setting up your phone from scratch:

In case you don’t want your data to be restored you will go for this option. This way you will be able to set up your phone just from the start..

  • Restoring backup in order to get your data back:

If you have a proper backup set on your phone, then this will be the best way to restore your data in order to easily access your previous personal information. This is good for those who extremely particular about their data and never want to lose it. All a person will have to do is simply log in to his iCloud or iTunes and he will be able to easily access it back.

  • Re-downloading your content:

A person who lost his entire data, can still restore his iTunes and applications, etc. from their store even if he didn’t have a proper backup earlier.


The End Line

iPhone’s passwords are great for people who are conscious about their personal information and data. Although forgetting completely about your password can be sad because this way you will lose all your personal information that was saved in your gadget and I am sure none of us will ever want that. But never let a forgotten password stop you from using your device in future.

To prevent your data loss or this situation, always make sure to make a password that you will always remember because this will eliminate the entire effort and tension you went through this time.

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