What Does the Fruit on Snapchat Stories Mean?

This new game on Snapchat can get confusing but we have the solution key!


It was in 2011 that Snapchat was officially launched. Well to be accurate Snapchat was launched twice in the span of a few months of the year 2011. And the thing is the first time Snapchat was launched was when it was still name Picaboo. Yes, that is right. This is where the Snapchat ghost logo comes from. So why the two launches with different names? The story is actually very interesting. According to official sources, Reggie Brown came to his buddy Evan Spiegel with the idea of making an application through which people could send images that would disappear in a few seconds. Evan apparently loved the idea and together the two of them approached Bobby Murphy; a coder, to help them with developing the application so that it could be launched and take the market by storm.

However after they launched the application which was at the time called Picaboo, Evan and Bobby colluded with one another and decided to push Reggie out of the circle and launch the idea under another banner called Snapchat. Reggie was in the dark about all of this and when he found out what the two were up to he emailed Evan asking him to renegotiate Reggie’s share so that they could all work together amicably. However Evan and Bobby refused and claimed that Snapchat was not at all Reggie’s idea and it was their own. In the meanwhile, they launced Snapchat in late 2011 and the application was an instant success. People started using it immediately and it was clear to everyone around that Snapchat would be the next big thing. The legal battle however was still continuing but the three men settled their dispute out of court with Reggie getting a big sum of the money out of Snapchat’s evaluation and getting credit for being one of the original founders of the application.

But even with the extensive legal drama that surrounded Snapchat, the application was doing incredibly well. Fast forward seven years and you can see just how popular the application is yourself. If you asked a group of people preferably under the age of 25 years old if they were on Snapchat, there is a chance that most if not all of them would say yes. This goes to show just how popular Snapchat is especially amongst the millennial crowd.

Thus it is no surprise that Snapchat has over 166 million active daily users. Even though Snapchat is fairly newer to the application and social media application game they have caught up very well and are doing great in terms of their daily users and much more. According to Evan Spiegel, the reason behind Snapchat’s success is that people do not have to be forced to take artistic or great pictures for the medium. Unlike other social media it does not keep the image there forever since your Snapchat story expires in 24 hours and the images or videos you send to people last as long as you choose for it to last. Thus the pressure of taking good pictures because they are going to last online forever is not present in Snapchat and hence according to Evan, this is what compels people to use Snapchat so much. And with Snapchat you capture the daily nitty gritty details of your life. None of this has to be pretty but one can easily share it without the pressure of making it perfect.

snapchat filters

With Snapchat you can send and receive images and videos. With the use of Snapchat, people are able to keep up with their friends, family and even certain celebrities they follow. Basically Snapchat tends to make sure that people can view stories and keep up with others through a visual medium. If you choose to post a story then you can do so otherwise you can send private Snapchats to people as well. Now you can even make video calls on Snapchat as well as sending text messages through the application; there is nothing you cannot do on Snapchat.

The reason why Snapchat has remained in the limelight and has ensured that people do not lose interest is because they are constantly introducing new features and functionalities within the application. Almost every single day there is a new filter for you to try on Snapchat, there are Geofilters, you can draw on your Snaps and so much more. Now they have even given magazines and other platforms an opportunity to be a part of Snapchat and thus they have successfully monetized their company.

In fact the Snapchat model is so successful that giants such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp decided to copy it. All three of these applications now have Snapchat like story features on their interface. A lot of people cried foul when this happened but as always the outrage slowly died down and soon people were okay with this. One thing is for sure though, that Snapchat did not lose its user base or popularity because other mediums had also introduced a feature which was like their application.

This is because people feel a loyalty towards Snapchat since most of Snapchat’s users have grown up with the application. From the time when being on Snapchat just meant being able to send and post pictures to now when you can use real world or facial filters, change your voice and edit pictures and videos amongst other things. Basically Snapchat has changed a great deal.

A lot of people wonder why anyone would use Snapchat. The answer is simple; these days everyone is busy. We do not have time to individually keep up with all our friends and family but we still like to know everyone is fine. With applications like Snapchat you can look at their stories and exchange pictures and videos with the regularly and in a way feel like you are part of their life and can feel at ease that you are now missing out.

Fruit on Snapchat Stories Mean

In a similar vein users of Snapchat came up with a very interesting game which was telling of their relationship status. So it is a good idea to know what Fruit on Snapchat Stories Mean so that you can know what your loved ones romantic life looks like. Or with the knowledge of what certain Fruit on Snapchat Stories Mean, you can know what your crush’s romantic life situation is looking like. So carefully look at what each Fruit on Snapchat Stories Mean so that you can know what your friend means when they post a blueberry on Snapchat. But remember, this is just a silly game and all of it is meant to be taken in jest.

  • Blueberry

A seemingly small and innocuous fruit; putting up a blueberry on your Snapchat story means that you are single.

  • Pineapple

This sweet fruit that everyone adores except on pizza express the sentiment of the fact that you are in a romantic situation which is complicated to explain.

  • Raspberry

A lot of people wonder what fruit on Snapchat stories mean, so if you see a raspberry on someone’s Snapchat you will know they are not looking to commit to a monogamous relationship.

  • Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But this fruit on Snapchat stories mean that the person who has posted this is engaged.

  • Cherry

Cherries have always been considered a somewhat sensual fruit so a cherry fruit on Snapchat stories means a person is in a relationship

  • Bananas

Everyone loves bananas; you will be hard pressed to find someone who does not. So this fruit on Snapchat stories means the person who has posted this is married.

  • Avocado

A lot of people call this the fruit for the millennial generation since it is supposedly very popular with them. Using this fruit on Snapchat stories mean that you are the better half of the relationship you are in.

  • Strawberry

This sweet little fruit on Snapchat stories means that you cannot find the right romantic partner. If your crush has this on their story well then you are in luck!

  • Lemon

This fruit is just not sour in taste but also when it appears on someone’s Snapchat story it is not a good sign since this signifies that one is currently in a relationship but wants to be single.

  • Raisin

The old and wrinkly raisin just might represent how you want to get old and wrinkly with your current partner since a raisin fruit on Snapchat stories mean that you want to marry your current romantic partner.

timing in seconds on snapchat

All these games and symbols which signify something else can be very confusing but with the right tools you can guess almost any situation there is. If you spot a fruit on Snapchat stories and we have not featured the fruit on our list, then it might be a good idea to ask the person themselves what they mean by this fruit. And if you find out, please let us know as well since we would love to know about more fruits being used as symbols for other peoples relationship statuses.

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