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These Funny Kik Usernames are Bound to Impress All Your Contacts!

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Kik is a great way to get in touch with people and a great messenger to use. These days we live in a totally digital world and we must realize the significance of the internet on our lives. There are still a lot of people who are resisting change but we must accept that the internet is now a part of our lives and it is here to stay.

A lot of people are afraid of meeting people online and this concern is totally warranted and justified. We all hear horror stories of people meeting online and the meeting ending very badly and even in some cases leading to harming of one of the parties. So it goes without saying that we must always ensure that our safety is our first priority. A lot of people especially experts warn against giving people you meet online too many details about your life especially personal details such as your number, your address, your full name and more. But then again, we cannot totally block out the internet from our lives and never connect with anyone we meet online such as on Twitter or another forum where we interact with someone who catches our interest. It is a good idea to be wary at first and once you build your trust you can slowly make your way forward and give the person those details if you have found that you can trust them.

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But then this raises the question of how we get to know them well enough to actually go ahead and give them our number and what not. This is where the Kik messenger comes in. This is a great way to know someone without giving away any information about yourself except your Kik username which you have set for your profile.

So what exactly is Kik?

Kik was started in 2010 by students at the University of Waterloo because they wanted an application which would help people communicate with one another. In the first week alone the application had 1 million downloads and users because everyone loved the idea of what the messenger was trying to do; make it easier for people to connect with one another. It was seen that Twitter was the reason behind the applications immense and immediate success.

The people behind Kik wanted to give people a safe way to communicate with those they met online without having to reveal too much private information about themselves except for their username. Kik became an instant success because of this since it was a messenger without the risk of revealing too much about yourself and hence was the perfect way to get to know someone you had just met online.

And apparently the idea was successful and people definitely liked it. Even today it is estimated that about 40% of the teenagers in the United States of America use Kik as a messenger application and regularly use it as such. However, there has been criticism of the application because it does not have any parental control thus people claim that the application is dangerous for the use of kids since they might contact people who they should not be talking to and might even be preyed upon. This is always a concern for parents so it is best to make sure if you have a child that they do not have unmonitored access to applications like these which allow them to talk to anyone they please across the globe. This can be potentially very dangerous for the child.

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As time went on Kik needed funding considering they do not have advertisements on their platform and thus needed some way to sustain themselves so they could provide their customers with a service without inconveniencing them with advertisements. This is when they sought venture capital funding and subsequently in 2015 accepted an offer by Tencent, a Chinese mega-company. Kik received a heavy amount of funding from this offer and Tencent was very happy with the deal stating that they hoped with their help Kik would become the WeChat of the Western states.

Kik has since then been working very hard to live up to everyone’s expectations and make sure they do not mess up. It is a huge burden on their shoulders but they persist nonetheless. Their success is helping them as well and encourages them to keep on doing well.

Generate Funny Kik Usernames

The only issue with Kik is the fact that you need to have a unique username to sign up for the application. The username serves as the way people will search for your name and then add you and subsequently start a conversation with you. While Kik is one of the very few messenger apps which does not ask for your number, it is necessary for you to come up with a unique username.

And since there are millions of users on Kik already you are hard pressed to find a name. Chances are the first few funny Kik usernames you try will already be taken. But do not worry and do not give up since we are here to help you come up with some great and funny Kik usernames. Keep reading to find out how you can come up with some funny Kik usernames which are not taken.

  1. Personalize It

If you have a certain funny nickname given to you by friends or family it might be a good idea to try it and see whether it is taken or not. A good nickname as your funny kik usernames is a great idea since this will be easy for you to remember as well and can be a great way to start a conversation and break the ice. If you have a nickname you wish people called you that would work too. In fact this way people might even start referring to you as your funny kik usernames which is what you might have always wanted!

  1. Keep it Simple

Make sure you do not have a very long username which even you will have a hard time remembering. Just because you are in search of funny kik usernames does not mean that you need to have an entire joke and a punch line in the username or even a one liner. Keep it simple; if  the funny kik usernames you can think of are one word long then that’s great. The shorter your username; the easier it will be for you to remember it.

  1. Inside Joke

If you are looking for funny kik usernames and have one which is something from an inside joke you have with someone then go for it! Not only will this make for a unique username but it will also give you the ability to have an ice breaker for when you start a conversation with someone since everyone wants to be in on the joke and people will definitely want to talk to you if you have a funny story behind your funny kik usernames.

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  1. Use of Special Characters

It is not really a great idea to use special characters in your funny kik usernames since people tend to have a harder time remembering usernames that have numbers or other special characters in them. Make the funny kik usernames you pick something which is easy to remember and is a word which will stick in people’s mind.

  1. Shows Who You Are

Maybe the best funny kik usernames for you might be the ones which describe your personality and give the other person an idea of what you are like. If you are funny, weird, cute or whatever you think best describes you try to incorporate that into the kik username you choose so that people who talk to you can have an idea of what kind of a person you are. This will help them talk to you about things they think you might be interested in.

  1. Iconic Characters

If you are still having a hard time coming up with funny kik usernames then take a minute and think of all the iconic fictional characters that you love and whether their names can be your username on kik. When you think of people you like and try their names on Kik there is a chance you will get the name since a lot of people do not use this approach. And a bonus point of doing this will be you will be able to spot a fellow fan of the person you have chosen as your kik username and hence can happily discuss them with the person and have something to talk to them about!

All of these tips can help you come up with some really great funny kik usernames. If you still have a hard time coming up with a funny kik usernames then you might want to take random online test you might find which help you come up with names for your alter ego. This might be a fun way to get yourself one of those funny kik usernames. Good luck!

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